Rudy Davis and Mike Parsons Eye A New Proselyte for their Line Up of “American Political Prisoners”

…for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.  Matthew 23: 15b

I was listening to a recorded jailhouse phone call from felon Mike Parsons to Rudy Davis published October 6, 2018 at Lonestar 1776 under the caption, Mike Parsons Informs us about Michael Taylor WilsonRudy was preparing to give a speech at a church about his prison ministry, and at the 5.21 mark he explains,  “Let me just quickly say this Mike, the, I think we’re going into like a civil war, you know, issue where you have the state worshippers and the police supporters and you have the people who recognize the state for what it is, which is a tyranny and I got example after example after example that I’m gonna put in my speech…”.

Davis has only 10 minutes to give his speech…so what are the highlights of his prison ministry?

It was the next day, Sunday October 7, 2018, that Rudy Davis visited Fair Park Bible Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas at the invitation of Senior Pastor Stephen E. Broden, to explain his prison ministry to the congregation.  (A longer sixteen minute version of this speech may be heard on Davis’ Lonestar 1776 You Tube channel, called What is Year of Jubile. com Prison Ministries?)

Although Rudy Davis’ prison ministry uses the Gideon Army motif, here he employs the painting of David cutting off the head of Goliath by Michaelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, to illustrate his prison ministry objectives.

Stephen Broden

In the past, Rudy Davis has referred to Senior Pastor Stephen Broden as his pastor.   Broden’s credentials can be found at this Wikipedia link, but of interest to us is one facet of his life, and that relates back to 2010, when he ran as the Republican candidate for the U. S. House in Texas’ 30th Congressional District.  Although defeated in that election, Broden remains outspoken and advocates “a return to Constitutional principles in government”.  According to the Wikipedia report, in 2010 Stephen Broken had been “accused of saying that the current federal government was tyrannical”, suggesting that “violent overthrow could not be ruled out if there was not a change in leadership….”.  So it appears that Rudy Davis and Senior Pastor Broden share the common belief that our federal government is a tyranny.

Rudy Davis began his testimony at this church saying,  “Peace and blessings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Thank you for this time today and a sincere thanks to Pastor Broden who has been an advocate for political prisoners. I encourage you to ask questions and reach out if you want to discuss anything further as my wife and I love to make noise and shine light about the prison industrial complex.  It is what God has called us to do.”  But then Davis launches into the core of his ministry objectives, which at heart, are political rather than Christian, asserting that “In December 2010, LTC Terry Lakin was sent to Fort Leavenworth prison for 6 months for questioning Obama’s eligibility.”

In just four words, Rudy Davis has misrepresented the facts in the Lakin case

According to a December 16, 2010 report by Huma Khan, headlined,  ‘Birther’ Dismissed from Army for Refusing Deployment, Sentenced to Six Months in Prison, Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, was sentenced by a military jury for refusing to obey orders.   He was not imprisoned for questioning Obama’s eligibility. The report stated,  “During the trial, the Colorado native acknowledged that he should have followed orders despite his concerns about Obama’s citizenship.”  Huma Khan also explained in this news story that “Prosecutors came down hard on Lakin, saying that he knew what he was doing and had ‘invited and earned’ the sentence.”

Davis continues in his speech, “In May of 2012, prominent speakers all across the nation met here in this church to discuss the eligibility of Obama to be President.  As far as I know, this is the only church in America that was brave enough to hold an event to discuss that topic. Pastor Broden was also a critical voice of support for Dr. Kent Hovind before others jumped on the bandwagon.  Dr. Hovind won his freedom in a federal courtroom in Florida.  Only 2% of federal cases result in victory for the defendant.  Dr. Hovind’s ministry is responsible for many of the signs and posters you see in the hallways in this church debunking the lies of evolution.”

Statistics which ignore the data base from which they are derived

Rudy Davis follows his statement about Hovind winning freedom in a Florida federal court by saying that “only 2% of federal cases result in victory for the defendant” without further explanation. Hovind did not have a victory in a federal courtroom until he was almost done with his original ten-year sentence, and was facing another separate legal issue, which turned in his favor.  The basic reason that statistically few defendants prevail in a federal trial, is that most persons who are charged plead guilty, preferring a plea deal rather than a trial by jury. 

The true orientation of Rudy Davis’s “American political prisoner” ministry 

Rudy Davis claims that he and his wife Erin associate with “prisoners whom the state identifies as domestic terrorists“.  What this means when one examines the prisoners associated with his ministry, is that he has exclusively chosen felons who have adopted a Sovereign Citizen “I am above the law” legal ideology.  Thus Davis’ Year of Jubile/Lonestar 1776 prison ministry is not structured after the normal Independent Fundamental Baptist Church approach to prison ministry which regards the welfare of all prisoners, without partiality.  The average Christian prison ministry visits jails within close proximity to their local church, so that face to face Bible studies and worship services will in fact be offered to ANY incarcerated person, without prejudice.

Rudy Davis’ roster of unrepentant, self-designated “American political” prisoners are scattered across the United States, thus making it highly unlikely that he ever has face to face contact with a prisoner inside prison walls. In the random selection of videos I have watched at his Lonestar1776 YouTube channel,  Rudy Davis is a Yes Man, with a man pleasing, rather than God pleasing demeanor who serves as a personal secretary for his prisoners, recording their phone conversations and putting them on YouTube, and sending and receiving various documents through the mail that affect them.  He does not attempt to correct a prisoner’s slanders, false conclusions or unrepentant attitude,  but joins in with these felons to revile anyone who attempts to address the true evidence in these cases.

Since Davis acknowledges that his ministry is aimed at assisting those whose actions fall under the “domestic terrorism” guidelines of the FBI, it is small wonder that his thousands of videos on YouTube displaying antigovernment rants have resulted in personal visits to his home by the Secret Service and the FBI.  He claims that the IRS has targeted them, as well.

The Sticky Pendulum: Extremism No Matter What

Rudy Davis said in his speech at Broden’s church, “For the majority of my life I had an extremely harsh and extremely stupid view on crime and criminals.  It was not uncommon for me to say, “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.”  Or “Lock them up and throw away the key.”  Or “I support our law enforcement NO MATTER WHAT!”  I now repent for those stupid things and pray that God continues to show me the error of my ways.  Our criminal system is satanic and I now see it for what it is.  It is a for-profit business that deals in human trafficking.  Prosecutors are not motivated by truth and justice but they are motivated in advancing their own careers and winning a conviction at all costs.  America has only 5% of the world’s population and 25% of the world’s prison population.”

Without understanding

Apparently Rudy Davis is unable to attempt even a rudimentary analysis of  an organization in an effort to comprehend how and why things work as they do.  Most “problem solvers” such as auditors or investigative reporters, etc., understand that real life problems have many facets: and when things don’t work as they should, the reasons might not be attributable to corruption, greed, ambition, and other self-serving causes. 

By Rudy Davis’s own confession, his mind works like a pendulum stuck in time as first  he believes 100% one way, but when his argument is dislodged, he swings  100% to the other side. That is not the behavior of a thinking, reasonable person who is attempting to sort out evidence and facts.  It is the sign of a dogmatic fool. Such persons often observe that the Bible describes sound doctrine by sorting out truth and falsehood into two distinct and separate categories, and they conclude that they can dispense with the obligation to be an impartial judge when viewing actual human behavior.

Davis continues to offer statistics that are tainted by a prejudicial interpretation.  In Rudy Davis’ attempt to prove that America is a tyranny, he refuses to acknowledge the fact    that other nations, particularly Communist or Fascist style dictatorships,  do not publish trustworthy statistics in regard to their own prison populations. It is a statistical falsehood to compare these different data bases.  I can recall that when I was young, that Soviet Union propaganda declared that they had no crime whatsoever! So how reliable are their statistics?

Rudy Davis explains, “That is why we built our website to gather the real facts about these prisoners so people can know the truth. Jack Ryan, a FBI special agent, stated on camera that the primary function of the FBI is to stop political dissent.  Erin and I have seen a pattern that they are targeting Christian dissidents for torture and death by prison.  We don’t have time today to cover the many horrific prison abuse stories we hear about inside these death camps.  Isaiah 59:14 says, And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off:  for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.”

So who is it that actually is guilty of turning judgment backward?  Let’s take a look at Mike Parsons and Rudy Davis as they consider a potential proselyte for their “domestic terrorist”, oops, “American political prisoner” ministry.

The October 6, 2018  Lonestar 1776 YouTube video, Mike Parsons Informs us about Michael Taylor Wilson, moves from a discussion of Rudy Davis’ speech on his ministry objectives to a felon named Taylor Michael Wilson who had been accused of a serious criminal incident on an Amtrak passenger train. Davis has posted the name incorrectly on his Lonestar 1776 channel, even after he claimed he saw numerous articles written on the internet about Wilson’s illegal stopping of an Amtrak train.

An October 5, 2018 article by Lori Pilger of the Lincoln Journal Star summarized the facts of the Wilson criminal sentencing in her headline: Prosecutor:  Missouri man who stopped Amtrak Train in Nebraska ‘presents a very real and present danger’. In addition to the primary criminal act,  Assistant U. S. Attorney Lesly Woods is quoted as telling the judge during the Taylor Michael Wilson sentencing hearing, that “An attack on African-Americans is an attack on Americans, period.”  This remark was in reference to Wilson’s argumentative behavior towards a black passenger on October 21, 2017, a day before “breaking into a secured compartment of the train where an engine was located, disabling it and trying to pull a gun from his waistband as a black conductor wrestled him to the ground.”  The effect on fellow train riders was that “some of the passengers panicked in the dark, trying to break out windows in fear after learning the train had been breached.”

During the LoneStar1776 video we are considering, Rudy goes into a rant about how cops are never held accountable.  So Mike Parsons chimes in at the 6.04 mark, saying, “Right, it’s rare that you’ll ever have a grand jury indict a cop and that’s by design because they’re just doing their job, and you know they had on the news today that this guy that was riding a train, oh, I can’t remember the guy’s name now, I don’t have his information right in front of me, but he’s just sentenced in federal prison to 14 years.  That’s, that’s insane.”

“What this guy’s accused of doing is they have claimed, they accused him of trying to derail a train.  He’s a paid passenger, okay, he’s visiting relatives, he’s got a weapons permit, he legally has a gun that he carries with a weapons permit, he’s lives in Missouri, going from California back to Missouri–is an emergency situation, otherwise he wouldn’t be riding a train.  And so he’s wandering around this train because it takes a long time as anybody who’s ever rode a train knows, so he walks in from one car into another.  Well this last car he walks into turns out to be an engine.”

“There’s a bunch of engines attached to this train and this one is unlocked.  Well, that’s not his fault that the door’s unlocked.  He didn’t jimmy and pry, rig it, didn’t do anything to be able to breach security.  He just walked in and there he said they’re looking at this engine compartment and like most young men nowadays, they, you know, have the mind of a 14-year-old when they’re looking at such as that and so he’s checking it out like you know any 14-year-old might be enthused about trains and trucks and airplanes and stuff.  He’s looking at it and he bumps into this lever which turns out to be a brake that slows the train down.  So they stopped the train and they go and they arrest him and they put him off the train.”

“Well, the guy hasn’t done anything illegal.  He’s been doing what he would normally do, which is walk around a train.  If they not had the door unlocked, then he wouldn’t have been in there so that’s their mistake.  But they come and put this crime because Monte Czaplewski, FBI special agent in charge of Grand Island, Nebraska in middle of nowhere America who’s trained in you know looking for terrorists, so behind every cornstalk is a terrorist.”

Rudy Davis:  “Yes.”

Mike Parsons:  “And it’s just a matter of finding them, so he creates terrorists.”

Rudy Davis:  “Amen. Amen.  That’s exactly right.”

Mike Parsons:  “He creates a crime.  Then he solves a crime so he accuses this guy of, well they arrest him, they released him on a bond, and before he can get back to his home, the FBI has gone through all his stuff and they find a business card for some I guess, there’s a company that advertises preparedness stuff, but they were also involved in sponsoring, I guess, some type of white nationalist rally or something like that.”

“Well he had nothing to do with that-he just, you know, shops on the internet so he goes to these various sites where they sell survival gear, you know, various things.  And all of a sudden, all of a sudden this guy’s accused of some kind of a masterminding some plot to derail the train because he is a white nationalist and he supposedly hates black people.  Well, funny thing there were only 2 black people on this whole train of 150 something so you know, it wasn’t exactly the Soul Train.”

October 9, 2018 Huffington Post article titled, “Neo-Nazi Convicted of Domestic Terrorism Was Among ‘Very Fine People’ At Unite the Right”

Rudy Davis:  “How old is this guy?  How old is this guy?”

Mike Parsons:  “Like 25.”

Rudy Davis:  “Wow.  Wow. 14 years-that’s upsetting.”

Mike Parsons:  “I’ve met the guy for three hours.  I sat there and listened to this guy and heard the whole story and he’s not into nothing.  He’s just a guy who’s traveling across country and they’re trying to make him out to be some huge villain.  Well now he’s sentenced to 14 years in the federal prison which means doing 85% of that-what? 12 years?”

Rudy Davis:  “Oh my God…yeah.”

Mike Parsons:  “This is destroying this young man’s life.”

Rudy DavisThis sounds like another candidate for our website, Man!”   (10.16)

Some testimony from the Criminal Complaint Affidavit filed by Special Agent Czapleski

Taylor Michael Wilson’s criminal case # 4:18-cr-03005-JMG-crz-1 in the U. S. District Court, District of Nebraska (4 Lincoln) was filed on January 17, 2018 and terminated on October 9, 2018.  Because of a plea deal, Wilson plead guilty to count 1 involving 18:1992(a), (10) and (b)(1) Terrorism Attacks and Other Violence Against Railroad Carriers and Against Mass Transportation Systems and count 2 was dismissed. The result is that Wilson was committed to the custody of the Bureau of Prisons for 168 months…and later will be given 5 years supervised release, and will owe a $100 Special Assessment, and $9,350 in restitution.

Monte R. Czaplewski, Special Agent, FBI investigated this case and provided an affidavit dated December 22, 2017, in support of a Criminal Complaint and Arrest Warrant for Taylor Michael Wilson, age 26, who lived in St. Charles, Missouri.

As Background, the FBI report  stated in part, that on Monday October 23, 2017, FBI Omaha received a report that the day prior at about 2 AM, that the Furnas County, Nebraska Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) in Beaver City, Nebraska received a 911 call from an Amtrak Conductor. “An Amtrak train traveling through Furnas County near Oxford, Nebraska, was delayed by a passenger who breached a secure area of the train and triggered an emergency stop control panel, applying the emergency brakes and causing the train to stop in an expedited (emergency) fashion.”

The train engineer and other Amtrak personnel detained the passenger outside the train for about an hour, waiting for the closest Deputy from FSCO to arrive on the scene.  The deputy located a fully loaded speedloader with .38 bullets  and a fully loaded 38 caliber handgun in Wilson’s front waistband.  Passengers on the train identified a backpack belonging to Wilson which contained three additional loaded speed loaders, a box of .38 ammunition, a hammer, a fixed blade knife, tin snips, scissors, a tape measure and a respirator-style mask.

Upon booking at the FSCO 2 business cards were found; one for the National Socialist Movement in Detroit, Michigan, and the other for the Covenant Nation Church in Alabama.  William Davidson of this latter group was later interviewed by the FBI and he explained that his church is a “Christian Identity” church which believe that “White people are part of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel”.

When interviewed, Wilson’s parents stated that their son had been on “a trip to California to attend a college visit on October 17, 2017, but the meeting was postponed due to California wildfires.”  Wilson was traveling with his cousin who shares a single family dwelling with him which is in the name of Wilson’s parents, although initially the parents claimed to the FBI that they did not know his exact address.  Wilson had been released on bond  December 11, 2017.

During the train incident with Taylor Michael Wilson, the Conductor on duty stated he and others “located Wilson at the controls of the engine.”  Wilson was “lucid then would start saying crazy things about going to the moon.”  The FBI interview of the Conductor stated that after Wilson was removed from the engineer’s chair, Wilson continually repeated, “What are you going to do, shoot me?” and after he was subdued goaded the Amtrak staff with “I’m the conductor, bitch”.

Wilson’s cousin told the FBI that Wilson had shown him between twenty and twenty-five guns that he owns, including an AK47, AR-15’s and an M-4 rifle and approximately ten rifles and ten handguns, at his residence.

On December 13, 2017 FBI St. Louis obtained a Federal Search Warrant from the Eastern District of Missouri for Wilson’s residence.  Agents located a hidden compartment behind the refrigerator which was camouflaged to hide “a tactical vest, 11 AR-15’s (rifle), ammunition magazines with approximately 190 rounds of .223 ammunition, one drum-style ammunition magazine for a rifle, firearms tactical accessories (lights), 100 rounds of 9 mm ammunition, approximately 840 rounds of 5.45×39 rifle ammunition, white supremacy documents and paperwork, several additional handgun and rifle magazines, gunpowder, ammunition reloading supplies, and a pressure plate5.  This pressure plate5 was examined by Bomb Technicians who said that a pressure plate is a common device used in the construction of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s).  Two of the firearms included a fully automatic rifle and a CZ Scorpion Evo3 converted to a short rifle, which were possible violations of federal firearms laws.

The FBI affidavit noted that during the execution of the search warrant, Wilson’s father had  arrived, and when it became evident that he knew of both the existence and location of his son’s firearms, the father consulted with his attorney, and later that afternoon provided agents with the firearms.

Several controversial publications were found on Wilson’s phone; however, I would like to note that one of them called 100 Deadly Skills, was a series of individual PDF files, “each with a skill related to killing people”.

Is Rudy Davis’ prison ministry conducted in accordance with the Scriptures?

I Timothy 5:20-22 says, Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear.  I charge thee before the Lord Jesus Christ, and the elect angels, that thou observe these things without preferring one before another, doing nothing by partiality.  Lay hands suddenly on no man, neither be partaker of other men’s sins:  keep thyself pure.

We have already noted how Rudy and Erin Davis’s prison ministry differs from the average Christian ministry. The Davis’ are anti-government and have stated that they hate the FBI and want it abolished. There is no empathy for those victimized by lawbreakers. One of the very odd aspects of Rudy Davis is that while claiming to have Pastor Broden as his pastor, at the same time he desires to gain a new proselyte to his prison ministry, who is a White Nationalist who participated in a Unite the Right violent protest.

Huffington Post reporter, Andy Campbell wrote in his October 9, 2018 article, Neo-Nazi Convicted of Domestic Terrorism Was Among ‘Very Fine People’ At Unite the Right,  U.S. District Judge Gerrard told Wilson at his sentencing on Friday, that “ You now have a choice to make.  You can either renounce the white supremacist nonsense that you’ve been fed and go back to the way you were raised as a young man. Or you can coddle up to plenty of other white nationalists that you will find incarcerated.”

Perhaps Rudy Davis ought to reconsider his own choices, as well.















5 thoughts on “Rudy Davis and Mike Parsons Eye A New Proselyte for their Line Up of “American Political Prisoners”

  1. Seems you were able to dig up much more on Wilson than I, and another fine article Ms. Weaver, you truly are a gifted journalist. Naturally both Davis and Parsons like this guy, both are conspiracy nut jobs who hate the government and are both racists, without a doubt I think Davis will be in contact with Wilson, enabling his delusions as he does his other convicts. As to Davis’ claims that he used to be about punishing criminals and supporting law enforcement, this is one thing out of his mouth that I can believe without additional proof.

    Davis’ first wife was what is called by law enforcement an unattended death, which was at his home, cancer if memory serves, and despite the tragic loss law enforcement are suspicious of such a death. As painful as it is for the family member, police will ask very hard, very insensitive questions, almost accusing them of causing the death, as much as a heartless person it makes the officer seem like, they would much rather be perceived as that, rather than 10 years later discover they let a killer go free and they have killed again. This would be where Davis’ pendulum, as you so eloquently put it, swung the other way, and his mind, in all likelihood leaning to conspiracies, snapped. Later instead of finding another love interest who could heal his fractured psyche and usher him back to reality, he instead marries a woman who enables and encourages his insanity.

    Parsons on the other hand, seems to have never had a grounding in reality, recently he wanted Davis to send him all my emails to LoneDummy as proof of the vast conspiracy against him, since I am a government agent who has the task of farming him…or something. I offered to Davis to resend all my emails to him in one bulk mailing, to make the task easier, he has yet to respond. To Parsons, Wilson is proof that the Furnas county sheriff department and the FBI had no business arresting him, that he was targeted for being and upstanding christian and falsely labeled a domestic terrorist, when in reality it was for fleeing felony prosecution and later being a felon in possession of a firearm.

    Something that Parsons should pay attention to is the last paragraph of your article, where the judge mentions to Wilson that he will me many white supremacists while in prison, this should worry Parsons, who claims to be 3/4 Cherokee, which he obviously is not. The white nationalist gangs will not take well to a white person disowning his “white heritage”, also many crimes on Native American reservations fall under the jurisdiction of federal courts, so inside he’ll find real Native Americans, who will not take kindly to his claim. He will also find himself locked up with a lot of drug dealers, and not street level ones necessarily, but king pins, so it would be best for him to keep his drug interdiction activities with the DEA and sheriff’s departments on the down low. I informed Davis of these facts, but knowing Parsons, he’ll again ignore good advice, since he is the smartest person in any room, and be on the receiving end of a beat down.

    As a side note Ms. Weaver, it seems that I have reached your level of infamy with Parsons and he now even refused to refer to me by the silly nickname of “Traitor”, instead he’s referred to me as: “That mentally ill guy in Georgia who gets off screwing with innocent people’s lives”, I am proud to be in your august company. I also love how upset Davis’ wife, who is even more ignorant than he is and that’s saying something, gets at the mention of me, yet she fails to realize what you pointed out to me one day. Before I took an interest in emailing Davis about the Parsons affair and he took it upon himself to send printouts to Parsons, the voice of Parsons sounded broken and defeated, but with me he defiant and energized, he has an adversary that he perceives that he can win against.

    The judicial system is a juggernaut that has constantly crushed his foolish acts with pitiless abandon, law enforcement doesn’t buy into his false narratives, but yet with me he thinks he can win, truth is he’s already lost. He mocks and ridicules my service to my country, but he never had the courage to do the same, and even claims to not be a US citizen, which to me is the ultimate disgrace. I am ignorant of the law, yet I have zero felony convictions, not to mention 5, nor do I have an active state prison sentence, looking forward to a federal prison sentence, or got my wife a 5 year stay in club fed. Instead over the next several years I’ll enjoy several activities that he won’t be able or ever able to do, I’ll be working on multimillion dollar jet aircraft and paying my taxes so the government put criminals like him behind bars. I’ll be eating steak 3 times a week, I’ll be target shooting at the range with coworkers, buying things for my entertainment, drinking with friends. That is where my victory already is, I’ll be living my life, he’ll be raging against the dying of the light in a prison cell.

  2. Dear Mrs. Weaver,

    When you wrote,,,

    What this means when one examines the prisoners associated with his ministry, is that he has exclusively chosen felons who have adopted a Sovereign Citizen “I am above the law” legal ideology.

    You are a damn liar Mrs. Weaver! Revelations 21:8 says that all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

    …. exclusively chosen felons who adopted a Sovereign Citizen “I am above the law” legal ideology!!!!!!!! …………

    Wow!!!! Why don’t you do reach out to the following prisoners whom my wife and I have spent our time, energy, money and resources encouraging and helping?

    Barbara Holders with
    Charles Dyer
    Jeffrey Weinhaus
    Bryce Cuellar
    Free Lazor
    Richard Taus
    Jacob Scott Goodwin
    Montgomery Carl Akers
    Khalifa Ali Al-Akili
    Terry Beydler
    Daniel Borden
    Gregory P Burleson
    Robert S Davis
    Jerry Delemus
    Michael Ray Emry
    Richard M. Franklin
    Shawn Stuller
    Waylon D. Ganey
    Michael F. Griffin
    David Hamilton
    Dennis Morgan Hicks
    James Wesley Howell
    Brian Kennedy
    Leonard Korets
    Thomas Lane
    Courtney James Lindsey
    Clint Lorance
    Christopher James Moltz
    Keith L Orr
    Juan Ortiz
    Joseph Alex Pedrin
    Robert Ratliff
    Darlie Routier
    Damion Smith
    Jesse Smith
    Ross Ulbricht

    Why don’t you contact those prisoners and ask them if they identify as Sovereign Citizen? Why don’t you ask them if we have (and encouraged others) wrote emails to them, sent them a book, sent them an encouraging letter or put a few bucks on their phone or commissary? But no, you think your time and energy is spent SPEWING LIES about me and the prison ministry. There will come a time Mrs. Weaver when you will stand before our creator and you will be held accountable for your accusations and lies against the brethren. It’s coming sooner than you think. Your pharisee attitude is repugnant and God’s sees your wicked black heart. I will shed no tears when your wicked heart is laid bare for all to see. Your uncaring and unsympathetic views to those suffering in prison is despicable. Why don’t you contact others who have written to prisoners because we brought attention to the unjustly incarcerated instead of spewing outright lies about the focus of our ministry? You are one of the most despicable people. May God have mercy on your if you are whoring out your soul and if you are receiving financial gain from this evil government for your postings here. If it is ever found out that you are receiving financial gain for spewing propaganda, then there will be no hotter spot in hell than for those who whored out their soul to accuse the brethren falsely.

    Our ministry does not get paid by the government and we simply do the best we can with the resources we have but we certainly do not “exclusively” focus on the prisoner type you have identified. May the Lord vomit you out of his mouth because you refuse to call out the wickedness in our criminal justice system and prison industrial complex and instead you want to demonize my little prison ministry. How petty can you be? Do you feel better about yourself now that you have written your little propaganda piece?

    Revelation 21:8 King James Version (KJV) But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

    Revelation 6:10 King James Version (KJV) And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?

    • Why should Ms. Weaver have to contact any of the fiends you mention Davis? As a rule, they lie at every turn even to you their personal sycophant, she however brings up bible verses that show you for the charlatan you are, a person who features these fools to make a living. That’s right, you speak ill of Ms. Weaver if she monetizes her blog, but yet you fail to mention your own, that you spread the false narratives of the scumbags you support to get paypal donations on your site, and to get them in your google group.

      That’s right, I have informants in your group, and they tell me about how you used bots back in your Hovind days to to up views on your vids, and how you solicit subs to your channel. Your “ministry” is nothing more than a business for you, a way to pay the bills since you have been unemployed for 2 years now, and are unemployable due to your nutty beliefs. It is refreshing to see that you finally summoned the courage to make a comment on Ms. weaver’s blog, instead of a vid comment that you could scrub as soon as you falsehoods get pointed out. If your god exists when Ms. Weaver stand before him she’ll be declared righteous, you however will be unclean, and will find yourself in the “lake of fire” you have wished upon so many others.

      Yet despite all the vitriol you have ever spouted to me, you have yet to have the courage to come to my channel, where I don’t block or censor comments, unlike you, and defend your current prize convict, Mike Parsons. There you will not control the false narrative like you do at your channel, there you will find that my subs and I have facts to dispute the lies you will post. There we would eat you up like a school of piranha, so come Mr. Davis, come into our parlor, but you won’t, you are coward, always have been and always will be.

  3. Thank you for the fine article on Rudy Davis. As a member of the Fogbow forum and host of an ant-Birther radio show and blog I have followed Rudy’s escapades for many years. I am glad you mentioned the Lakin court martial.

    The Birthers like Davis have lied from the very beginning that Lakin was convicted for asking to see a copy of President Obama’s birth certificate before he deployed to Afghanistan. He was convicted because he disobeyed legal orders to deploy. Lakin admitted he knew the orders were legal and did so by pleading guilty on three counts. Lakin pleaded not guilty to missing a movement by design and was found guilty on that count at a court martial.

    I was fortunate to have as guests on my show during the Lakin court martial in December 2010 COL Dwight Sullivan and CMDR Phil Cave who are both experts on the UCMJ and the practice of military law. They attended the pretrial motion hearings and all three days of the court martial trial (along with Rudy Davis). I had them my show to recap each day of the court martial trial. The shows are still in the archive:–lakin-court-martial-day-1–lakin-court-martial-day-2

    There was also extensive coverage of the court martial by COL Sullivan from start to finish at the CAAFlog blog:

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