Another “Woe Is Me” Jason Goodman Guest, “Targeted Individual” Michael Barden: An Illustration of the Dangers of Reframing Reality Through Social Media Videos

When thou goest with thine adversary to the magistrate, as thou art in the way, give diligence that thou mayest be delivered from him; lest he hale thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the officer, and the officer cast thee into prison. I tell thee, thou shalt not depart thence, till thou hast paid the very last mite.   Luke 12:58-59

I don’t know where Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth picks up some of his guests…maybe the Jail House Blues Club on Pan Handler’s Lane…I don’t know…but his September 27, 2018 video called Michael Barden Targeted Individual-Psychological Assault and Weaponized Mental Health Evaluation, has an interesting exchange at the 47.08 mark which reminded me of the scriptural warning in Luke 12:58-59.

Michael Barden,  silently reflecting on the prospect of  his next criminal court meeting.

Jason Goodman:  … of course you’ll have had your settlement meeting which is strange.  They’re settling it, I’m concerned about this notion of you taking a plea deal, I, I think somebody has told me, if you’re innocent you should never do that.

Michael Barden:  Yeah, as a TI,  judging from repetition in the past, getting screwed over on pretty much everything, it’s really tough to take that risk.

Jason Goodman:  But the question is, is it a bigger risk to take the plea deal? I don’t know…

The foundational reality on  whether or not to take a plea bargain hinges on Actual Innocence.  And therein lies the problem for many YouTubers who roam the streets looking for trouble with other citizens and law enforcement, filming their conspiracy complaints about the long lines at the grocery store, asking for a dollar from the honest working man, because THEIR precious free time is spent on their endless cause of photographing their endless rambling complaints….

Michael Barden has labeled himself as a TI, a Targeted Individual, who has been singled out by organized gang stalkers, presumably with connections to the government.

Meet 43-year-old Michael Barden, who has labeled himself as a Targeted Individual, a descriptor which is repeatedly driven into his viewer’s mind through both words and images.

While claiming to be documenting  the reality of his own life as a victim of gang stalking since youth, it would appear that he is also establishing a narrative to justify himself as the innocent victim in all of his real life dealings with others.

The Michael Barden YouTube channel states, “My channel is dedicated to ending Cult Ritual Abuse and Organized Stalking and Harassment.  I have been a Targeted Individual for years now, and fighting the illegal use of FISA to target innocent individuals around the world. The videos I make take up a lot of my time and my finances have been drained through targeting and legal fees.  Any donation you can give even if it’s a dollar would be very helpful in our fight.  I am an Air Force veteran of 15 years and have no retirement.  You can send money via PayPal.”

I had to look up FISA to see what this acronym represents, and after reading this brief introductory sentence on the Wikipedia page, I have to wonder why Michael Barden is paranoid about the purposes of this agency. As a former Air Force employee, why would he be personally interested in surveillance warrants against foreign spies inside the U. S.? Notice in this Google search of Michael Barden videos, the repeated attachment of the label Targeted Individual with his name.

Here is a screenshot of the titles which were chosen by Jason Goodman to headline his interviews of Michael Barden. The overuse of the phrase Targeted Individual is beginning to suggest that someone is creating an alibi,  writing a false legal narrative to explain the rewriting of a personal history….

Will the mere mention by this blog, of the fact that Michael Barden is referenced in a court filing in the D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman RICO lawsuit, be offered as “proof” that Barden is in fact a targeted individual?  Has Jason Goodman even broken this bad news to his new friend?

On October 1, 2018,  in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, docket entry #32 was added, representing Plaintiff’s Eighth Request for Judicial Notice [RJN].  The three public artifacts which have been entered into the court record can be viewed here:   sweigert RJN 8 10 01 2018.

Public Artifact One displays the current criminal charges against Michael Barden, for which Jason Goodman had been pondering the plea deal question. Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Disorderly Conduct with a Weapon are serious charges. Jason Goodman and Michael Barden are both non attorneys, facing potential legal judgments in two different arenas.  Whereas Barden is facing criminal prosecution for  aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and disorderly conduct with a weapon in the State of Arizona, Goodman is representing himself in two federal civil lawsuits involving defamation and RICO complaints.  Both men are looking for the perfect alibi to get out from under these complaints.

Let’s ask this simple question:  how foolish is it for Michael Barden to publicly weigh his legal options with Jason Goodman and his “Crowdsource the Truth” viewers?  

I am not an attorney, so perhaps a brief look at another story which has nothing to do with Goodman’s or Barden’s legal situations, might provide us with some cautionary advice before we attempt to override the legal counsel of a person facing a criminal conviction.

The story of Shawn Stuller who believed the advice of his friends over his attorney

The January 8, 2016 Santa Rosa Press Gazette at presented a short news story headlined Stuller sentenced to 20 years for drug trafficking, burglary.

Shawn Stuller was one of Rudy Davis’ featured  “American political” prisoners on his LoneStar 1776 YouTube until recently, when there was a falling out between the two men.

Like Michael Barden, Shawn Stuller was looking for the perfect alibi to escape the consequences of his own actions.

Let’s pick up Shawn’s story from an October 7, 2016 article on Robert Baty’s website, ‘Kent Hovind’s False Legal Narrative Challenged!” (I have added bolding to highlight points of interest).

Under a post headlined, Another Hovind False Narrative-The Shawn Stuller Case, Robert Baty writes:

“I and others have been following Shawn Stuller’s case because of its association with Kent Hovind and his convicted co-conspirator Paul John Hansen and their sovereign citizen theology.

Shawn met Kent and Paul while they were all in county jail together.  Shawn has a long rap sheet and things were starting to get serious with his latest criminal activity.

Kent and Paul convinced Shawn to try their sovereign citizen antics instead of making a deal as he had always done before and which typically put him back out on the street without any serious jail time.

So Shawn tried that and, of course, it got him nowhere.  Because of Shawn’s problems with lawyers, private and public, he is the one who caused his case to drag on and ultimately get scheduled for trial after a number of delays.

The judge was not of a mind to allow any further delays and Shawn was not properly prepared to try his case (i.e., still had lawyer problems and couldn’t seem to get any witnesses, or even his mother, to show up for the trial/sentencing).

The judge was not pleased with Shawn’s further attempt at delay and was going to proceed to trial.  Shawn decided to do what he had always done before, plead out.  In this case it was a blind plea and he would be at the mercy of the court as to sentencing.

Because of Shawn’s antics, the State introduced his criminal history which resulted in him being classified as an “habitual felony offender”.

Kent didn’t mention that the crimes in this case not only included illegally entering a residence, but also stealing controlled drugs [enough of them to qualify as him as a “trafficker”), defecating in the kitchen sink, and stealing some other small item(s)].

Shawn had a change of heart, still playing games, and decided to try to withdraw his plea before being sentenced.  Shawn claimed some unnamed criminals who were in the courthouse when he was sent for trial threatened him into making the plea.

The judge didn’t buy it, and when Shawn came back for sentencing he got the 20 years; all thanks to the influence of Kent Hovind himself and his co-conspirator Paul John Hansen whose sovereign citizen antics not only failed but put Shawn in a worse case scenario instead of allowing him to plead and get a sentence that could have resulted in him being free today, October 7, 2016.

Shawn recently filed his appeal brief, through a private attorney whom Kent’s visitor Barbara may have helped to significantly finance.  The State’s reply is due soon.”

According to an update by Robert Baty, a transcript of court proceedings on September 20, 2018 reveals that Shawn Stuller was granted considerable mercy by the court in allowing his charges to be reinstated using the original plea deal which had been withdrawn. The link to the 35 page transcript is here.

Here is an excerpt beginning on page 6 of a few of the questions asked Shawn Stuller:

Q. At some point in time, did Assistant Public Defender Nash-Early convey a plea offer of five years in prison to you to resolve the case?

A.  Yes.

Q.  Did she explain to you that the maximum sentence that you were facing, if you chose not to–did she explain to you the maximum sentence you were facing if you chose not to accept the five-year plea offer?

A. Yes.

Q.  At some point in time did she tell you that the plea offer of five years was no longer available?

A. Yes.

Q.  Now, after you found out that the plea offer of five years was no longer available, did you at some point become aware that you were now subject to an enhanced habitual offender–you were now subject to an enhanced habitual offender sentencing?

A.  Yes.

Q.  And that you were now facing a maximum of life in prison?

A.  Yes.

Q.  Had you known that you were subject to an enhanced sentence of life in prison as an habitual offender at the time of the five-year plea offer was on the table, would you have accepted the five-year plea?

A.  Yes.

When questioned, the asst. public defender who had formerly represented Stuller,  recalled explaining the habitual felony offender sentencing to him, but added, “I do recall that he didn’t believe me because he had never been to prison before.”

Back in 2016, Robert Baty had wondered, “More important from the aspect of my coverage is that failure of Kent Hovind, Paul John Hansen, Rudy Davis (LoneStar1776), and Erin Davis to accept responsibility for the roles they played in putting Shawn away for 20 years, barring a successful appeal and subsequent developments. If Shawn gets a do-over, his prospects might be greatly improved if he could get Kent and Paul to admit to their responsibility as to how it all played out and the three of them would admit to just how silly and frivolous their sovereign citizen antics were.”  Thus in the recent 2018 appeal, we observe that  Shawn Stuller was very fortunate in his circumstances to be granted a merciful return to the original sentencing proposition of the five-year plea deal.

In this recent update on Shawn Stuller, there was a falling out between Stuller and one of his friendly advisors, Rudy Davis, who has a prison ministry for self-proclaimed “Innocent” American Political Prisoners on his YouTube Channel, Lonestar 1776.

from Robert Baty’s website

I suppose it is not for me to say who Jason Goodman should feature on his CSTT show.  But given his past troubles with some of his former guests, he might want to start selling T-shirts with a line from Alexander Pope’s An Essay on CriticismFor fools rush in, where angels fear to tread.

Update 10/6/2018Prepper Kitty has provided this link to Didn’t Do It Bail Bonds in connection with Michael Barden.

Update 11/25/2018

Yesterday Michael Barden posted a link to the above article on his Facebook page. Comments which were made, have obliged me to respond.   Other than the two Facebook groups I am a member of, I rarely post comments to other Facebook pages.I have never commented on YouTube or Twitter.  As shown below, comments were made attributing the authorship of this blog to Dave Sweigert, thus denying the true author of the Tracking the Leopard Meroz blog as being Jacquelyn Weaver, who is identified in the copyright notice.

Numerous persons who know me personally can attest that this blog represents my writings.  WordPress has the unique identifying features which authenticate my authorship of this blog.  Thus I felt compelled to correct the record on Barden’s FB page, and have screenshot several comments to document that fact.

Near the end of the comments, the following was asked and this Update comprises my answer. So let’s begin at the beginning….

To begin with, Michael Barden rhetorically asks who wrote this article which he claims discredits good people.  He calls it is a huge article about him, in spite of the fact that half of the article concerns an incarcerated felon named Shawn Stuller who made the mistake of listening to the advice of a couple of men with Sovereign Citizen beliefs.  When he rejected a 5 year plea deal on the table, Stuller was given a sentence four times longer for his crimes.  Fortunately for him, the Court later had mercy on him and allowed him to accept the original plea deal.

This blog is a Christian commentary, thus this article is tied together with a Scripture quote which serves as a sound warning to those involved in legal matters.  I transition what I wrote on Mike Barden’s situation in early October to the Stuller story, by stating that cautionary advice was necessary BEFORE “we attempt to override the legal counsel of a person facing a criminal conviction”.  In this case, Mike Barden was discussing legal options in a YouTube video with Jason Goodman, who is not an attorney.

I displayed verifiable public documentation on Barden’s aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and disorderly conduct with a weapon charge, and I gave the opinion that these were serious charges. I also displayed some screenshots to reflect that both Jason Goodman and Mike Barden repeatedly play the theme of his claim to be a Targeted Individual, which implies that his troubles are the fault of others.  I quote from a Jason Goodman interview of Barden, where the interviewer is asking whether it is a bigger risk to take the plea deal.  The title of this article emphasizes that this cautionary piece involves the dangers of reframing reality through social media videos.

As I understand it, after this article was written, Mike Barden pleaded guilty, and now desires to reverse that and try a different approach to his case. He is not helping himself in that effort when he videotapes himself in his everyday life, or when he discusses his case in detail on the Jason Goodman show. “Evidence” relevant to his case is something that needs to be examined in accordance with the established rules of evidence and in a court setting which is under oath.  This cannot be properly done in videos, where the viewer cannot prove the soundness of the testimony of witnesses, and hard facts and evidence.

Immediately after Mike Barden posted my article on his Facebook page, the Facebook Administrator for Crowdsource the Truth (CSTT), Casey Whalin claims without any evidence,  that Dave Sweigert wrote the article.  He says he can tell by the way the words are put together.


I write a blog which is presently being read by 3 categories of persons: those interested in the Christian Alternative Media; those following the Port of Charleston dirty bomb incident which is now referenced in 2 federal civil lawsuits; and those who are interested in antigovernment/sovereign citizen/ tax protestor issues.  The article I posted involving Michael Barden addresses two of those general categories of interest.

I state in my blog under “history and foundation” that I write a commentary to encourage readers to think critically about what they read and hear so that they are not deceived by deceivers. I also state that I use information found in the public domain which anyone can access, and my point in doing this exclusively is to demonstrate that reasoned judgments can be made by analyzing the face of a topic, without knowing all the hidden details. I am not a professional investigative journalist, although I came from a family that published a weekly newspaper for over 50 years. My blog/commentary is free and does not ask for donations. A professional investigative journalist seeks out original sourced material, which requires both time and expense. I have never claimed to be a professional investigative journalist, but rather someone who writes a Christian commentary, which is a different standard of writing. However, I do document everything I comment on, from video transcriptions, screen shots, links to the written works of other authors, etc. Thus Mike Barden has lied about the substance of the article involving him.

It is readily apparent from the Facebook comments displayed above, that the content of this article was not addressed by Michael Barden, nor Casey Whalin.  Rather, the main focus of Mike Barden and Casey Whalin and Jason Goodman was to use this article as an opportunity to create a false accusation against Dave Sweigert.  I routinely post the public domain court documents of the lawsuit which Sweigert has filed against Goodman, as a courtesy to my readers that follow that case.  I also did the same in the Robert David Steele defamation lawsuit.   Dave Sweigert has never written anything on this blog, and from what I have observed, when he desires to publicly comment, it is through his own YouTube channel, or through commenting on a social media site.

It is wrong for anyone to attribute the writings of this blog to anyone other than the real author, and these men are fools to promote falsehoods which can be easily overturned in any court room.





10 thoughts on “Another “Woe Is Me” Jason Goodman Guest, “Targeted Individual” Michael Barden: An Illustration of the Dangers of Reframing Reality Through Social Media Videos

  1. Wow. Well done. I wonder, too…where does Jason find these people? I tried to find out *why* this guy was targeted and found no reason. I searched to make sure I never do whatever he did…sadly, it seems this guy and his family are all consumed. And the police’s involvement in their day to day lives seems ever present. Next up – Jason Showman takes a rage walk and talk.

    • Love know-nothing, know-it-alls like the author and first commentor speaking from a self-admitted platform of gross ignorance. I worked for the National Security Agency for almost 30 years. I found that the Department of Homeland Security has auspices over the FBI created Fusion Centers in each state. They were created after 9/11 so that Feds and local Leos would share info and another 9/11 would not happen. But there were not at all enough real “terrorists” among us to justify their enormous budgets and reach. So they created terrorists… from you and me. The criteria for declaring someone a potential terrorist was lowered to LESS than probable cause. So essentially with a wink and a nod, you can put someone on the terrorist watch list for secret accusations they never know about and cannot defend against. An order for a falsified dossier of crimes is ordered up at the main Fusion Center, then it is sent to the victim’s nearest Fusion Center. See recent Info Wars interview with Bernhoft from . Then Fusion Centers “target” them for surveillance. Well, “surveillance” is not surveillance, it is organized “Zersetzung” style vicious and intended lethal harassment. Civilian volunteers join “Infragard” to help protect “das Vaterland”… but they are actually paid with your tax money laundered through Lockheed Martin (shill: William Patrick Cox home business). You can even be targeted for your bumper sticker… like “Deut 27: 24-25” or “2 Chor 7:14”. Hmmm. Or “Support the Constitution”. That makes you a domestic terrorist. Starting to “get it”? The MORE of US on the Watch List, the bigger THEIR budgets and the greater the power of these local potentates. Once SECRETLY declared a terrorist, you can be SECRETLY sold into a contract to test lethal war grade poisons, gasses, and oh, yeah, the very same weapons being used on American diplomats in Cuba and China that gave them brain damage, vision damage, etc. DEWs. Microwave, electromagnetic, heterodyning, etc. Those are not metely “sonic weapons”, they are mobile Directed Energy Weapons, DEW. Non-lethal weapons gven out like toys to local police are DEWs and can indeed kill. (Did I mention I worked for 10 years in the NSA Weapons & Space Directorate? So unlike you, I actually know what I am talking about). Look up the story of NSA agent Mike Beck, he was attacked with DEW in the 1990’s. But NSA has betrayed him and refuses to acknowledge his injuries nor provide him disability support because that would require them admitting these weapons exist. And NSA uses them too but not in a legal or sanctioned way… because they are invisible and they can get away with it. (Ironically, some well-connected criminal gangs now have them to from working with intel as their murderous domestic proxies.) The great weapons race now is DEW. Big ones can wipe out entire cities, buildings, battle ships, burn up states… hmmm. Small ones can be used to pinpoint assassinate people the government finds “inconvenient”. But OUR government would not do that, right? No, of course not? Our gvernment would not choose to load innocent people onto a “Watch List” to have a roster of people to declare terrorists then strip of their Constitutional, human, and civil rights in order to propagate the “sky is falling” false terrorist narrative to take away all of our rights, eh? They would not create hundreds of thousands of scapegoats to deny their rights and humanity to in order to have a false enemy in perpetuity, right? Police, judges, bankers, business people, neighbors, etc. are lied to by Fusion Center goons with badges to either butt out or help them viciously harass the fake terrorists. Many are ganged up on, attacked, then sent to prison or mental institutions so that they can be further violated and experimented on for grotesque purpose that would shock even Orwell. Mike did nothing but defend himself, this is not “the consequences of his own actions”. This is the Antichrist machine infiktrating and enveloping our country and our government and we are falling for it just like the Germans sucked up Naziism in the 1930’s and 1940’s, as unquestioning, ignorant sycophants and partook in some of the worst crimes against humanity the world had ever known..l until now. So I suggest you pray for actual Godly discernment in place of your arrogant, judgementsl ignorance, and you may want to actually pick up your Bible and learn about prophecy and the state of apostacy and “self”-righteousness” that ushers in the Antichrist. Mike is a voice of warning crying from the wilderness. There are many out there, but the Antichrst machine is telling you, “Go back to indulgung yourselves, nothing to see here.” I suggest you find and fill that oil lamp pronto, my little dears, or be “left behind”.

    • Ohhh someone discovered a thesaurus. When you quote Info Wars as a source, then your argument is already total lies, I know full well you never worked for the NSA, because of the lies you told in you above post. Such as the weapons and space directorate for the NSA you work for, first if such a division existed and you worked for it but were spouting off about it on the internet then the US government would have you in prison right now for revealing classified information, strike one. Second, if it was as despotic as you claim you would be dead some where in a hole in the desert, yet with your Rambo-esque super soldier training your avoiding the government assassins and are able to post anonymously to reveal the “truth”, strike two. Last, my father worked for the NSA when he was in the Air Force, I know full well that they are about communications and code breaking, not weapons dev, more so any space weapons dev would fall under the auspice of the USAF, as they are the US’s astrospace force, strike three. So the real question is who ties your shoelaces for you, is it the nurses in the mental institution that you reside in?

  2. Gee, do journalists Sher Zieve, Ramola D., Aileen Realmuto, and Janet Phelan “know I am a fraud”? Sher Zieve even called up well-known (to the EDUCATED public) NSA whistleblower Russell Tice to confirm he knew me before writing her very first article. Try taking your head out of your [bleep] for at least a few minutes a day. (I know it will be hard to come into the light for a cockroach like you). Bet it improves your complexion too as well as gives much-needed oxygen to your apparently dissicated brain.

  3. Pingback: Mindless Loitering Under a Gas Light: Jason Goodman and Michael Barden Attempt To Reverse Engineer Their Legal Problems | Tracking The Leopard Meroz

  4. This whole article and many of the comments are disgusting. Mike Barden is hardly a liar but a man, like you and me, that found himself being targeted. Yes, sometimes maybe his rants are overly conspiratorial but he is still trying to figure it out. Look up his videos on this arrest and what he did. Was he banishing a weapon and throwing someone on the sidewalk, as commonly happens in cities all over the U.S.? No, the answer is no. He was set up. He knows this and so do many others. His family and their involvement in a division of Lockheed Martin speaks volumes. If you are a Christian then pray for some wisdom and stop assuming he is criminal.
    I am NOT a part of any of this personally. In other words, I don’t have a horse in the race but you will see and hear in the very near future what this ‘Targeting’ is all about. The disbelievers are now becoming believers and NO ONE would make up some crazy story for attention or any personal gratification.Shame on all of you. God DOES know and SEES all of it.

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