THE OATH Above All Oaths of Robert David Steele, Chief Counsel for the International Tribunal for Natural Justice

Show the things that are to come hereafter, that we may know that ye are gods:  yea, do good, or do evil, that we may be dismayed, and behold it together.  Isaiah 41:23

Chief Counsel Robert David Steele at the 4/2018 Westminster Seatings of ITNJ

Robert David Steele, in an April 2018 Westminster Seatings video for the ITNJ stated at the 2.20 mark, “I have been a spy, I am out from under cover.  I’m under a lifetime secrecy agreement…”. This statement about his obligations to the CIA was made as he sat as the Chief Counsel for the International Tribunal for Natural Justice. 

As a signatory to the ITNJ Constitution, Steele has approved Article 7 (2) that  By affirming an oath in accordance with the present Article, Judges and Officers acknowledge that said oath shall take precedence over any and all other oaths or commitments that the Judge or Officer in question may have made to any other court or government or professional body or private association.

This raises the question as to whether the ITNJ Oath of Office takes precedence over Robert David Steele’s CIA secrecy oath.

Also, we must consider whether this same oath takes precedence over U. S. perjury laws which are a foundational safeguard in court proceedings. As we know, Robert David Steele and his non-profit organization Earth Intelligence Network are the plaintiffs in a United States federal civil lawsuit.

Why would anyone take such a loyalty oath to ITNJ,  a legally problematic international tribunal which had its beginnings rooted in Sovereign Citizen legal theories?

The last time I was observing Robert David Steele, he had been entertaining great visions of reforming the United States of America on multiple levels. After the last Presidential election, Steele’s visions were ignored by Trump who refused to meet with him. In an interview with Joseph Ford Cotto in June of 2017, Steele had shared several of his great plans, and number 3 on his list involved the CIA and his desire to be the head honcho of their operations, as shown in this screenshot.After the election, the CIA waited nervously to see if President Trump would give Robert David Steele the time of day. One can imagine that CIA coffee breaks featured coins being tossed in the air to decide who would be the winners comprising the 50% who were fired, or  the losers who would have to implement Robert David Steele’s grandiose visions. No doubt, a collective sigh of relief was heard in the heavens when Trump rebuffed  Steele.

Here is what Robert David Steele had discussed with Benjamin Fulford in Japan, as noted in my A Man Called Sue article on March 21, 2018:It appears that Robert David Steele has been sidetracked from the Benjamin Fulford visionary intersection, and has been working on his alliance with former rock musician Sacha Stone, founder of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice.

Finger prints of the gods

The Claims of the Living blog has documented in a series of articles, the beginnings of the legal and operational foundations of ITNJ, prior to the American team, led by Rebecca Cope, being ousted by Sacha Stone. Cope is an advocate for the sovereign citizen theories promoted by a self-proclaimed “Judge” in Alaska, named Anna Von Reitz.  Visual signs which serve to identify the practitioners of Sovereign Citizen ideology can be seen in the photograph below of  blood-red fingerprints beside several signatory names to the ITNJ Constitution. The Robert David Steele defamation lawsuit in U. S. district court 

On September 1, 2017 Robert David Steele and his non-profit Earth Intelligence Network filed a $15,350,000 defamation lawsuit against Jason Goodman, Patricia A. Negron, and Queen Tut, a woman believed to be known as Carla A. Howell. This lawsuit was amended on April 13, 2018 in document 39.  One of the changes was that Queen Tut was declared to be Susan A. Lutzke, the damages were increased by 3 million dollars, more recent defamation evidence was introduced, and the following addition to the Plaintiff’s work history and accomplishments was introduced to counter a new accusation made by defendants:

What is misleading about the title of Chief Counsel, is that in the case of Robert David Steele, he is neither an attorney, nor a legal scholar. And when it came time for him to file a federal civil court lawsuit, he hired attorney Steven S. Biss who has been disciplined by the Virginia Bar to represent him, rather than trying to impress the federal judge with his fake title.

The same persons seen during the #UNRIG campaign are found connected to ITNJ

As we take a look at Steele’s Chief Counsel position at the International Tribunal for Natural Justice, three other names show up in the history of this organization that I am familiar with.  Robert David Steele would also be familiar with the writings of Anna Von Reitz, as her name was referenced in his own blog, and in addition, he has been interviewed by Victurus Libertas who promotes sovereign citizen ideology, including that of Anna Von Reitz. As shown here in an official International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ) photo we also see Cynthia McKinney who helped to promote Steele’s #UNRIG election reform efforts,  and also  Youtuber, David Seaman who played an important part in pushing the fake Pizzagate scandal.

Note the prominence of Cynthia McKinney of #UNRIG election reform days when she became noted for going cross-country with Steele in a tax exempt plastic wrapped RV.  George Webb declined Steele’s invitation to be chief recorder of that event, and so now David Seaman is the exalted investigative reporter at ITNJ,  known for being on the forefront of the fake Pizzagate story which involved undocumented accusations of pedophilia.

One of the arguments which Rebecca Cope had set forth was that she did not want an  ITNJ requirement that judges must have legal qualifications from existing recognized institutions.  It was her desire to allow “special individuals”, such as the self-educated and self-proclaimed “Judge”  Anna Von Reitz, to be appointed as one of ITNJ’s judges. Note that presently ITNJ had no problem granting non-attorney Robert David Steele the title of Chief Counsel, allowing him to have an appearance of expertise and authority while adorned in a black robe during their formal meetings.

The ITNJ Constitution has loop holes to accommodate the indiscretions of its Chief Justice

Presiding ITNJ Chief Justice Sir John Walsh of Brannaugh has engaged in numerous eyebrow raising activities, including creating Greenwich University which failed to meet Australian academic standards and for which he appointed a convicted fraudster as chancellor.  A UK website,, in their April 11, 2018 article written by El Coyote, titled  ITNJ ‘Chief Justice’ stripped of ability to practice law, extensively documents John Walsh’s Australian barrister history which caused him to be a focal point in a Senate inquiry.

Perhaps this is the reason why the ITNJ Constitution removed the words “I swear” from their Oath of Office, preferring the more nebulous wording of “I affirm”. The following comment given in an Australian Senate committee meeting regarding the perjury of Sir John Walsh may have influenced that choice of wording. Despite all this backdrop of ITNJ shenanigans, when it came to Robert David Steele’s federal civil court Amended Complaint, he complained that, “Defendant’s exhibit nothing but scorn for the Plaintiffs and the legal system.  They call this action a ‘fake lawsuit’.” 

Presumably, the Plaintiff thinks he is respectful of the United States federal court system by which he seeks a legal resolution of his complaint, despite his own questionable association with antigovernment sovereign citizen legal theorists. 

Practitioners of sovereign citizen legal theories often include incarcerated felons and vexatious litigants who have caught the attention of the judicial system with their paper terrorism as well as the watchful eye of  FBI investigators, so perhaps Steele should not press this assertion too far.

ITNJ Symbolism as representing occult concepts and Roman Catholic images

Let’s look at the symbols employed for the ITNJ, and their meaning.

The Pinecone symbol is used by occultists to represent the pineal gland, or the THIRD EYE which was opened in Adam and Eve when they believed and obeyed the subtilty of the serpent in the garden of Eden. Genesis 3:5 quotes the serpent as saying, “For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.” Elsewhere in the Bible these “gods” are also known as judges.

From a distance, the six-sided logo for the ITNJ has an intertwined snake look. Many have observed the ostentatious gold throne chair for  Chief Justice Sir John Walsh.

The Humanitad Free Press and the U. S. nonprofit Committee to Support the ITNJ (EIN 81-0804071 with principal officer Santiago Azpilueta of 17423 Spirit Lane SE, Yelm, WA) jointly publish an online magazine called The Sovereign Voice.  The website provides this answer to a common question:Here is another symbol of ITNJ:

Where else do we find these two birds combined with a giant pine cone?  Here is a photo of the Fontana della Pigna, which is described in Wikipedia as “a former Roman fountain which now decorates a vast niche in the wall of the Vatican facing the Cortile della Pigna, located in Vatican City, in Rome, Italy.”

Paradoxical quandaries

Returning to our discussion of ITNJ Chief Counsel Robert David Steele, and his participation in the Westminster Seatings of April 16-18, 2018, a short video on the ITNJ YouTube channel can be viewed where Steele makes the following introductory remarks:

(1.20)…we have people in the United States of America that breed children in order to sell them and when they are sold, they come without birth certificates which means it’s easier to kill them and have no one ask where they are…

(1.36)…importing children by the plane load again children with no documentation…

(4.28) …the need to restore the sovereignty of We the People…

It seems the 2018 Westminster Seatings was seeking to make use of its American nonprofit status to provide a show as a court of inquiry, rather than displaying the workings of a formal judicial court, as intended in the beginning.  Rebecca Cope and the American team of volunteers were working to set up a court system similar to existing legal courts, such as the grand jury model, but with added features to protect  We the people from corrupt judges who are nonremovable from office.  These efforts were thwarted by founder Sacha Stone, who preferred giving his ITNJ Chief Justice a life term, despite Sir John Walsh’s checkered history in Australia.

So this loosely organized “inquiry” put on their show last April, and Robert David Steele asserted that child trafficking in the United States is hidden using the method of not applying for birth certificates or other types of documentation. This statement is a peculiar one,  given  Steele’s alliance with sovereign citizens, for it is primarily the sovereign citizen movement in the United States that is defying the legal requirement for birth certificates for newborns.

In the past year I have been reading various legal documents posted in two of  Robert Baty’s Facebook groups;  Kent Hovind’s Worst Nightmare and Understanding The Baby Holm Case. The primary reason for my interest in these two groups is that the members provide many insights into real life anti-government individuals and groups, including tax protestors, sovereign citizens and anti-child protective services advocates.

It is these same anti-government ideologues that constantly accuse the government of child trafficking and kidnapping.  Such accusations often are distorted information campaigns waged on social media platforms.  On the lower end of the spectrum many of these false accusations come from felons, drug addicts, persons with poor parenting skills, etc.  who are looking for a scapegoat for their own personal behavior.  On the higher spectrum, we find a number of well-educated persons ranging from engineers, lawyers, former CIA agents, etc. who are promoting internet campaigns of unfounded accusations against legitimate authorities. All of this distracts from the serious issue of the criminal conduct of those in positions of power and authority.

Robert David Steele has asserted in his Amended Complaint that “he is a vocal advocate for the exposure and criminal prosecution of pedophiles and everyone who aids and abets such horrific crimes”.  Yet during his 2017 #UNRIG campaign he made numerous undocumented, hearsay accusations against members of Congress.  This raises the question about his own motives and methods of dealing with what should be the criminal prosecution of pedophiles, rather than the forgiveness of their transgressions without regard to the justice needed for victims of pedophilia.

On June 2, 2017 Joseph Ford Cotto did a series of interviews with Robert David Steele for the San Francisco Review of  His last one, Interview: X Spy Robert David Steele explains why Cynthia McKinney should be Donald Trump’s vice president, included the following words of Steele:Note that Robert David Steele’s motto with regard to Truth and Reconciliation is everyone gets the truth, no one goes to jail. This is a philosophical theme that is played out in the ITNJ public proceedings, when Chief Counsel Steele emphasized that “this is a court of inquiry, it’s not an adversarial court, it’s a non-profit educational event”. In other words, ITNJ is impotent as a judicial body, despite the first paragraph in the ITNJ Preamble of their Constitution, which declares Let this message go forth from this time and place to all the peoples of the world that to right the wrongs done to them and in vindication of their rights and the enforcement of just causes and to hold accountable those responsible for breaches of human rights it is proclaimed that the International Tribunal for Natural Justice is hereby established pursuant to this Constitution.

During the above San Francisco Review of Books interview, Robert David Steele  claimed that “At least six top Republican Senators are world-class pedophiles who have probably participated in child ritual murder..”.  Did Steele ever report his knowledge of these crimes  to law enforcement officials in order to bring these so-called world-class pedophiles to justice? 

The disregarding of the rules for evidence, which protect the accused from hearsay and false facts

Article 17 of the ITNJ Constitution is on Evidence and Admissibility, which gives the general rule allowing all evidence as admissible. There is a broad, and ill defined qualification to allow for dismissing frivolous complaints. However, because ITNJ is operating presently as a one-sided inquiry, rather than as a judicial court that weighs the reliability of evidence, this means that Hearsay evidence is admissible, without being subject to cross-examination by the person(s) being accused.  Robert David Steele’s own statements about pedophilia involving members of the U. S. Congress appear to represent undocumented accusations and represent hearsay.

The threat to the uniqueness of America’s laws and jurisprudence by slipshod International Tribunals and foreign laws attempting to override common legal wisdom

Here are a few statements to ponder excerpted from a Fordham International Law Journal, Volume 29, Issue 3, Article 4, 2005 called Sovereignty and the American Courts at the Cocktail Party of International Law:  The Dangers of Domestic Judicial Invocations of Foreign and International Law,  by Donald J. Kochran.   (linked here:  fordham international law 2005

page 507:  With increasing frequency and heightened debate, U. S. courts have been citing foreign and “international” law as authority for domestic decisions.  This trend is inappropriate, undemocratic, and dangerous.

page 508 footnote 9:  Professor Berkowitz explains:  Critics raise a number of serious objections.  First, officials of international institutions (to say nothing of NGOs) charged with promulgating international law lack democratic accountability…Second, as most international institutions –possessing neither police force nor military–lack the capacity to enforce their rulings and resolutions, their legal pronouncements are impotent and make a mockery of the rule of law…

page 513:  When the British colonies in North America chose to cast off their chains by revolution, they chose to create a sovereign Nation-State that was beyond the shackles and controls of outside influences.

page 515:  Importation of these over-laws in recent judicial decisions is entirely inappropriate for a country that has a constitution and a commitment to govern itself.

page 522:  After describing multiple court rulings that would need to be overturned if the Court were to consistently rely on foreign sources of authority, Justice Scalia continued:  The court should either profess its willingness to reconsider all these matters in light of the views of foreigners, or else it should cease putting forth foreigners’ views as part of the reasoned basis of its decisions.  To invoke alien law when it agrees with one’s own thinking, and ignore it otherwise, is not reasoned decision-making, but sophistry.

page 526:  As Judge Robert Bork has opined, the Framers may be turning over in their graves:  “The most ominous aspect of Roper…is the Court majority’s reliance upon foreign decisions and unratified treaties…If the meaning of a document over 200 years old can be affected by the current state of world opinion, James Madison and his colleagues labored in vain.”  It is a Constitution the courts should be expounding, not other people’s laws.

There is a battle presently being fought in our U. S. courts of law against sovereign citizen legal theories, which attempt to subvert time honored procedures for determining the facts and legal arguments in judicial proceedings.  It is high arrogance for such individuals to establish international tribunals which tend to subvert justice in order to publicize extremely serious hearsay accusations against persons who are not provided the legal safeguards to ensure that justice and truth prevail in their case. 





12 thoughts on “THE OATH Above All Oaths of Robert David Steele, Chief Counsel for the International Tribunal for Natural Justice

  1. There’s so much wrong with this tribunal that it’s hard to know where to start. First, I would ask the question: What international body is currently working satisfactorily for the benefit of the people? The United Nations and its International Court of Justice is an abject failure, but that is not surprising, it was never set up to be a representative body for the people of the world. Of course, that is how it was originally presented but it’s been nothing but a bureaucratic obstacle to successfully accomplishing anything, especially good governance.

    I’m sorry, but when was I (or anyone else) provided an opportunity to determine the authority by which the International Tribunal of Natural Justice (ITNJ) would operate? Second, who determined the members of this august body? How does a former(?) CIA officer (Robert David Steele) get selected for this important service? Is the CIA considered by any knowledgeable person in America, or any other country for that matter, to be an agency associated with Truth and Justice?

    I find it so ironic that Mr. Steele would be involved in this tribunal system, advocating for Truth and Reconciliation for some of the most horrendous crimes that can be committed in our supposedly civilized societies, yet when he was offended by people in several YouTube chat rooms, he’s outraged to the point where he brings a multi-million dollar suit against the offending parties. Is his reputation, as a former CIA officer no less, more important to the people of the world than justice for the victims of extreme child molestation, some of which who may have been murdered by the perpetrators?

    If I was one of the defendants in his federal defamation suit, I would ask that as a gesture of his commitment to the ITNJ’s approach to justice that he be willing to forgive the alleged offenses committed against him once the accused admit they acted improperly. If the ITNJ’s approach is an appropriate means for addressing crimes of pedophilia and worse, then it should be perfectly fine for something as minor as addressing insulting language on YouTube.

    • Don:
      In the ‘spirit of your suggested gesture…’ Double Agent Roberto vivas please forgive me for exposing your UNRIG fraud and your influence campaign funded by Islamic foreign nationals. Please forgive me for exposing your espionage against the people of the United States of America. And… please forgive me for tweeting President Trump, the CIA and the Secretary of Homeland Security about your criminal activity.
      I look forward to a day of Truth and Reconciliation when Trump recognizes how I and other true patriots have diligently in the face of great odds exposed the rogue intel factions that are undermining the foundations of this once great nation.

      Make America Great Again
      Queen Tut

      • Unfortunately for you, it would appear the time to negotiate Mr. Steele’s suit has past, given the judgment against you for failing to respond. Frankly, this seems out of character for you, it’s hard to imagine you would fail to mount any defense, other than to claim you had not been properly served. Is this another tactic in your “active measures” portfolio, whereby you would “move around deception”?

        I really have little interest in the Robert David Steele suit, other than to gain a better understanding of who the various players are. From my vantage point, it appears there are bad actors on both sides so it makes me wonder: Who are the people working behind the scenes to cast this performance?

        I’m hopeful the RICO suit filed by D. George Sweigert will reveal more about what we have been witnessing on YouTube. However, I have to be realistic about it; i.e. it’s not likely we will ever know the true story. And for any thinking person who has been following this saga, the reasons for that are more than obvious.

      • I have communicated with Queen Tut a number of times. She has never been served. The actual facts in the case are that RDS’s attorney Scott Biss, filed a false service document in the first law suit. The judge never sanctioned Biss for that fraud on the court. Carla Howell was named as the defendant and he filed a fake service document for a Colorado address with a different name. And the person he identified at that address didn’t live there. Apparently, he has again filed another false service in the current lawsuit. Biss has a history of committing fraud and his license was suspended by the Virginia State Bar two different times. Anyone can confirm Biss’s license suspension. It would be fair and balanced if the Meroz lady would do an expose on Biss.

        Here’s another point in fact: Why has the judge in this case never ruled on Patrica Negrons’s motion to dismiss? It’s been sitting there for months. Why? Negron’s attorneys prove that there is no legal basis for the lawsuit. Why hasn’t she ruled? It appears that the judge is colluding with ‘CIA’ agent Robert David Steele and his attorney… who literally has been sanctioned for criminal activity. The Federal Court system is corrupt. Judge’s and corrupted intel agents work together. We have just witnessed that in the Kavanaugh appointment.

        The criminals are using the court system against the people who are revealing the truth. Queen Tut has been revealing the truth and just like Kavanaugh she has been persecuted for it. There is no ‘due process’ in corrupted court cases filed by corrupted CIA agents with unlimited funding.

        It appears that this federal suit is legal documentation of Robert David Steele’s espionage against the United States of America.

        I salute you Queen Tut.

  2. President Trump’s chief of staff, the man that is beguiling RDS in his attempts to contact the Trumpster, is JOHN Kelly.
    JIM Kelly was the quarterback for the Buffalo Bills and the Houston Gamblers.

  3. De Vivas,

    Since you are in close contact with Queen Tut, please pass along this advice to her:

    If you want to be taken seriously, stop hiding behind phony personas, you will never convince anyone of the veracity of your claims unless you are willing to do so with your true identity. It’s somewhat understandable when you appear on Youtube videos, but another thing entirely when you apply the same conduct inside the federal court system. That is a prima facie case of bad faith, that can only work against you (that is if you actually attempt to defend yourself in court), which is exactly what has occurred to date.

    I’m sure she already knows this well, thus when she continues in her deception it becomes more than clear her goal is not truth, on the contrary, it is subverting the truth.

    • What is your real name ‘Donnie?’
      How come you never talk about the rogue CIA Double agent Robert David Steele who is committing overt espionage against the US government and the American people?
      Didn’t QT disrupt Steele’s influence campaign funded by Iran…called the ‘UNRIG’ operation?
      How about RDS’s latest scam as the ‘judge’ with ITNJ where he states that ‘child love (pedo) has nothing to do with child abuse.’
      How about Biss’s representation of the Maccoby family who’s Haiti orphanage was where Laura Silsby trafficked children from?
      And…how Biss went after Jake Morphonios for exposing the Maccoby’s with the very same lawsuit template used against QT…
      Dear Donnie…please explain why Biss backed out of the lawsuit…once Morphonios threatened him with ‘discovery.’
      QT is letting the proper agencies deal with Double Agent Robert David Steele.
      clink clink RDS

      For the real facts:

      • Albert of Finland, et al.,

        Since you asked, that is my real (legal) name, although I use the shortened version of “Don” instead of my full first name. And interestingly, when I was young my mother would call me “Donny”, so you weren’t too far off, other than for the spelling.

        I do not claim to know who RDS really is, what he is up to, or who (if anyone or any group) is backing him, that is why I have not speculated about him. Actually, I was hopeful that the federal defamation suit he filed against Goodman, Negron, and Lutzke (QT) would bring all those facts out into the public. Unfortunately, that case has dragged out for over a year now, and from what I can tell does not look like it will be moving forward at any accelerated pace.

        I presume you know how to access prior articles written by Mrs. Weaver on her blog, thus you can readily read my previous comments. I have not questioned any information QT has alleged, all I have done is question her methods, which only serve to work against her and unfortunately, this has been borne out with the default judgment against her for not responding to the suit.

        I am still hopeful the suit will move forward, at least to discovery, thus many of our questions about who these people are (both Plaintiff and Defendants) will be answered.

  4. For the readership of this blog:
    If the suit was moving forward…the Judge would have ruled on Negron’s Motion to Dismiss from March 2018. The Judge never sanctioned Biss for his filing of a fraudulent service against QT…she just secreted the documents from the public.
    The Judge has not done anything in the RDS lawsuit…and will not do anything. There will be no discovery process…the case will never go that far. The case will just sit there until it is withdrawn.
    I’m going to refer to this post…every time you squeak about the court case…Donnie.

    • Albert of Finland,

      Since “the Judge has not done anything in the RDS lawsuit”, could you please elaborate on how QT’s default judgment comports with that statement?

      I agree there should have been a ruling on Negron’s motion to dismiss by now, but I assume this case does not have any priority in the docket before the court. That’s understandable, since this case has really no importance to anyone, other than the Plaintiff and the named Defendants.

      I have remarked that Mr. Steele’s reputation does not seem to have suffered any permanent damage, since I continue to see him appear on numerous YouTube channels and radio programs. So it is entirely possible that the case will ultimately be dismissed, but until it is I will continue to expect it to move forward, albeit at a snail’s pace.

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