Close Encounters with Mr. Coinkydink’s Shadow

 On August 20, 2018, the Jason Goodman YouTube channel featured Goodman as Mr. Coinkydinks, who is shown walking briskly along city sidewalks for 14 minutes, talking to himself about “Strange Coincidences”. Showing signs of Woowoo paranoia, viewers are startled to hear his observations that Defango had started a live stream on targeted individuals just when he had finished his own discussion of that same topic.

At the 2.19 mark Mr. Coinkydinks says, “So you know we need to talk about some of the other coincidences, like isn’t it coincidental that this Port of Charleston thing happened and I was talking to that guy George Webb and George Webb gave me all the information about the radiological material on the ship and he corroborated it with his friend, what was his friend’s name, oh yeah, Okey Marshall Richards who told me his name was Richard Stone who used the names Mr. Hudson and Deep Uranium on CSTT and spent months in coordination with George trying to convince me that he was trustworthy and that I should broadcast this information that he’s never wrong.  That’s weird…”

Uh huh, so at the 6.11 mark Mr. Coinkydinks gets paranoid about THIS blog, saying, “…and then it’s also weird how these lawsuits show up, these motions from D. George Sweigert and then they are publicized on websites about tracking leopards, even when PACER is down. How does that Tracking the Leopard site get the David Sweigert information so quickly?  How do they get it so quickly and put it out in a coordinated way with videos on Sarah Westall’s You Tube channel? How did that happen?  These guys are on the ball.  Am I the most important news happening right now?”

Tracking the Leopard Meroz answers Mr. Coinkydinks’ suspicions.

So how does Tracking the Leopard Meroz get copies of court documents when PACER is down?  It is a long story, but let’s go back in time to when I was 29, and working as a Bond Trustee Officer for Seattle-First National Bank.  I was sent to a meeting out of town, concerning a revenue bond issue.  When I arrived I was given a sheaf of papers which, unlike everyone else, I actually decided to read BEFORE the meeting.  The next morning, I entered the meeting room where a bunch of bleary eyed men were slung over their chairs, and I was introduced to the speaker.  He did not even bother to look up, but just brushed me away.

At the end of the speech, the speaker asked for comments and since no one said anything, I raised my hand.  I told the speaker that his conclusions were wrong as they were based on inaccurate numbers.  The speaker said, “Impossible!  I calculated those numbers myself!”  Suddenly those bleary eyed men sat straight up in their chairs and eyed me with fear.  The speaker was 30 years my senior, had 3 degrees including an accounting and a law degree, plus he was a former CIA officer who had built air strips in the jungle during the Vietnam War, under the auspices of Air America.

That was my first encounter with a real deal CIA man. Later he checked his numbers, and discovered that he had made multiple errors, and he was gracious to  apologize to me.  From that day forward, I was “in” with a real spook.

While I have mellowed out a little since then, I am still quick thinking, so after I get my court documents from PACER, I speak to my computer, and command it to shut down PACER before Jason Goodman has a chance to log on.

Does that spook you out, Mr. Coinkydinks?  (I wonder if I should tell him about my date with an FBI man.)

So what is Jason Goodman’s concern about this RICO lawsuit against him?  He never complained before when he was retrieving court documents from my website concerning the Robert David Steele lawsuit.

Here on 927 2017 Jason Goodman showing court docs he got from Tracking the Leopard Meroz website. He had no problem with me posting court documents a year ago when I covered the Robert David Steele lawsuit. On the computer screen it showed the icon for this blog.

I had to look up the name of Sarah Westall on a search engine to find out who she is.  I have never watched her, let alone coordinated a download of court documents with whatever videos she was making.   And by the way, Jason and Ruby Tuesday, there is only one author of Tracking the Leopard Meroz.  There is no “they”.  I don’t care how many liars you consult to come up with your tall tales, my work is copyrighted and no one has any business attributing my writings to another person.

But speaking of coinkydinks, did you notice that Jason Goodman mentioned the word SHIP in the monologue I transcribed at the beginning of this post? Given his spooky theories, it could be a distress call for a SHIPP!!!

Just look at this Twitter from Kevin Shipp on August 30, 2018.He says he detests those who attempt to shut down free speech and investigative journalism? So why did he send a warning to Tracking the Leopard Meroz on the very same day,  using only the name Kevin S. Was it so that none of my readers would know who really was behind that message? He also placed this comment on an old post dated July 2, 2018, D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman Amended RICO Complaint.

X-CIA “whistleblower” Kevin Shipp warns, “I’d be careful with this one.”

I entered the email address used by Kevin S. into Google, and it connected with the Kevin Shipp who is the former CIA employee who has been interviewed by Jason Goodman.  Apparently Shipp is now operating as Jason Goodman’s Shadow Man.



4 thoughts on “Close Encounters with Mr. Coinkydink’s Shadow

  1. Jacquelyn, the comment from “Kevin S.” is very interesting, especially when you make the connection that this person is actually Kevin Shipp, the former CIA officer, now collaborating with Jason Goodman in their new Intelligence Assessment production on Patreon. As such, given this alliance is likely a paid endeavor between these two men, the idea that Mr. Shipp’s commentary can be accepted at face value is preposterous. But even setting their relationship aside, the comments he made are fatuous. For example, how can you read his initial sentence as anything other than a thinly veiled threat? But then he follows that ill-advised statement up by stating the suit is false, yet offers absolutely no evidence to support such a claim. So, how does he know this to be the case? It would certainly help our understanding to know how he came to such a conclusion, especially when those of us who watched Mr. Goodman’s live stream of the Port of Charleston incident know otherwise.

    The other aspect of his comment that seems completely misplaced is how he characterizes this as a free speech issue involving investigative journalism. Is he really that blind to the specifics of the suit, or is this an intentional mischaracterization on his part? Specifically, is he setting up a straw man argument that the suit infringes upon free speech, which he then can rightfully tear down, hoping that the undiscerning reader will follow his contrived reasoning?

    I’m saddened to say this, but Mr. Shipp’s commentary looks to be pure damage control for Mr. Goodman’s benefit. It really has nothing to do with reporting the truth, as should be expected by someone claiming the name of Christ. That may sound harsh, but for those who call ourselves Christians, our witness is not ours alone, we are ambassadors for Christ. And if anyone should be careful about properly presenting the truth, it is those who claim His name.

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