Judge Orders Sweigert v. Goodman RICO lawsuit to New York City Court

Here are the links to the documents filed today in this case:

sweigert v goodman change of venue 830 2018

sweigert v goodman generic pro se order 30 2018


4 thoughts on “Judge Orders Sweigert v. Goodman RICO lawsuit to New York City Court

  1. Haven’t been following this too closely, but the claim seems frivolous to me. The blame could be more squarely placed upon the plaintiff’s brother, in my mind. In any case, the case could be made that the brothers were acting in unison to defame the plaintiff (for whatever reason).

    • For the record, I feel Goodman is being singled out and unfairly treated, despite his character flaws. Which are notable.

      His coverage of the Clinton Foundation (headed by Charles Ortel) will go down in history as a turning point.

      The Sweigert brothers, on the other hand, are very suspect in their motives. In my opinion.

      • I haven’t figured out how to copy/paste Twitter posts from iPhone. And even though I find Kevin Shipp to be questionable, I agree with his tweet:

        I have just reviewed a “federal civil suit” filed against Jason Goodman. Filing a federal CIVIL suit is a tactic to make the accusations appear legitimate. I am posting this because I detest attempts to shut down free speech and investigative journalism.

        Doesn’t say a lot, but it boils down to silencing free speech, in my view.

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