FLASHBACKS to Alternative Media’s Nebulous Salesmen Who Have Escaped The Consequences of Their Acts….So Far, Anyway

The above quote is not spoken from a Christian perspective; yet it has a certain applicability to that strange ethereal world of what passes for Alternative Media news commentary, these days.

Recently I paid 99 cents for a Kindle copy of Selling Differently:  Lessons from Thirty Years of Field Sales, published September 18, 2014, by George Sweigert.  The author is known to many Alternative Media viewers as George Webb, the walk-about-YouTube broadcaster who leaves a  cloud of particles in his trail, like a Rorschach Ink Blot test bomb, designed to measure thought disorder.  From his short daily videos, the viewer is seemingly expected to ponder the meaning of our existence, or whatever you want to make of it, whichever bolt of illumination strikes first out of the nebulous cloud of his investigative journalism.

After reading his book, I was thrilled when Amazon.com sent me a personalized email which had escaped being sorted into my Junk Mail file, asking me if I would be the first person to review George Sweigert’s book.  Of course I accepted this honor and now I am the One and Only Customer Reviewer of this book, even beating out Robert David Steele, the X-CIA agent book reviewer, who last year had so strongly pursued George Webb as a reporter for his #UNRIG campaign.

Under my book review title, Nebulous and Not Engaging:  Not a Kiss and Tell Book, I wrote, “The author attempts, in the beginning, to explain his system of client notes that had allowed him to converse on common grounds with his potential customer.  No doubt he did well as a top performer of IBM for 30 years because of his personal ability to be a charmer, who uses the company budget generously to entertain on boats, etc.  But overall, the book is written in a nebulous style, and I began to marvel that he worked for so long at IBM without being able to clearly state what it is that they are selling.”  [Update July 25, 2018-I have received a note from someone who is acquainted with George Webb Sweigert who says that he had not worked 30 years for IBM, but had based his statements on a family member who had that actual work experience. This is similar to what V the Guerrilla Economist, noted at the end of this post, had done in padding his resume, using the actual work experiences of one of his friends.]

Looking at George Webb’s YouTube channel today, I see that he is suffering  Flashbacks connected to that infamous place, Charleston, South Carolina where he and some other wrongdoers are now implicated in a RICO lawsuit filed by his brother Dave George Sweigert against Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth fame.

George Webb explains to a puzzled viewer in this screen shot below,  “the reason” for this flashback. Strangely, when I went to look again, this video had disappeared from the line up for today.

Anyway, after reading his book where he said that his favorite place to entertain clients had been on a boat, one cannot help but recall his connection to the ship, the Maersk Memphis, which became the centerpiece of his entertaining Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth with the false dirty bomb report of his hidden source,  Deep Uranium.  The purpose of a salesman is to link a potential client with the provider of a product or service, in order to accomplish a business transaction. The goods delivered on that day, June 14, 2017, was a false report, which resulted in the shutdown of a major U. S. port for eight hours.

The only cogent analysis on the internet which I can find on George Webb’s journalistic efforts are those brief insights offered by his brother Dave Sweigert on his Dave Acton YouTube channel. In addition, the documents filed in the RICO lawsuit of D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman, are very revealing and can be located here.

Another Type of Nebulous Salesman Is Spotted on Coast 2 Coast radio

Rogue Money/ Remain Calm LLC’s Viji Varghese aka V the Guerrilla Economist

The other day, one of my readers alerted me to what V the Guerrilla Economist is currently  involved in.  He is that other infamous salesman, who became prosperous in the past because of the endorsements of Steve Quayle, W the Intelligence Insider, and the Hagmann Report.  Many months ago, V was outed as Viji Varghese, a New York man who had studied nutrition, but turned to financially conning  Christian Alternative Media listeners via the use of a ridiculous pseudonym and  false bona fides which had listed fake banking and securities credentials.

Despite the fact that a handful of persons have submitted documentation to the IRS, FINRA and the Royal Bank of Scotland concerning his false credentials, he is still around on the internet under his Rogue Money and Remain Calm LLC businesses, as we see below in this Coast 2 Coast with George Noory interview on July 10, 2018.

Note that Coast 2 Coast’s bio on V acknowledges the past promotional efforts of Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann.  My reader emailed Coast 2 Coast about a statement made on the most recent show, that V might reveal his real name soon. Really??? That revelation came out long ago in several places, including this blog, when Michael Erevna of Revelationnow  exposed V’s identity and  background. Not surprisingly, Coast 2 Coast did not reply to my reader.

Notice that V the Guerilla Economist is now a promoter of Kryptogenex products.  This company has several reviews online which recommend NOT participating in their business activities.  One of the reasons listed is that one or more primary business partners were also co-owners of SkyBiz. An article by the Federal Trade Commission linked here, details the $20 million settlement that was made in 2003, after the FTC sued SkyBiz for being a pyramid scheme that had bilked numerous persons of their investments in this company. It is not surprising that V is promoting this MLM company, as that has been his pattern in the past.As always, be skeptical of those internet profiteers whose speech is nebulous.




8 thoughts on “FLASHBACKS to Alternative Media’s Nebulous Salesmen Who Have Escaped The Consequences of Their Acts….So Far, Anyway

  1. Let there be no doubt, these men care nothing about the truth, nor the culpability of their complicity, neither in heaven nor on earth. The fear of God would stop these men in their tracks if they knew Him, but they know Him not.

    Should we believe that people like George Noory, Jim Willie, Greg Hunter, Bix Wier and the rest of these so-called financial charlatans have not heard of the misrepresentings and misdoings of V? Nonsense, they know full well, but like Quayle, Hagmann and the rest..,they don’t give a damn. As long as it perpetuates their narrative, truth be damned.

    We must hold fast to the truth that each of us is playing to an audience of One. We may not be able to stop these men from perpetuating their doom and gloom doctrine, but our ability to discern it for what it is, and the indignation that stirs within, does not go unnoticed to the audience of One. For if we are to sit in righteous judgment with Him, where should we suppose He will find such people? Coast to Coast? Hagman & Hagmann? I salute you Ms. Weaver.

    David 😇

  2. How could you overlook MICHAEL SCOTT KERR, alias, MICHAEL WHITESTONE, MICHAEL MOORE now hiding in Salmon, Idaho?

    • AcarianOne, Yes, thank you for reminding me of the man with multiple aliases, who with a background in fraud, became known for his Hear The Watchman conferences! The world of Alt Media broadcasting and websites is highly populated by those looking for an easy way to pick the pockets of trusting individuals. And when does that in the name of God it is even more highly reprehensible.

      • Thank you, Jacquelyn. There are many residents of Orange County who were duped by Kerr and his “soul mate” with their fraudulent Snowball Express scam.
        but it wasn’t until Kerr was jailed for six months for his fourth DUI -which was also a hit and run DUI – that Orange County was glad to see Kerr/Whitestone/Moore hide in Salmon, Idaho where they launched their “Hear the Watchmen” hustle.
        “BUYER BEWARE” to all Christians who give their hard-earned money to these two.

  3. Jacquelyn, I understand how you could come away from reading George Sweigert’s book and be unclear as to what he was actually selling. However, for those like me who listened to many administration system presentations over the course of my career, what George was primarily selling was “vaporware” – software that only exists in the desires of his customers’ minds. Therefore, it was George’s job to convince his potential customers to buy into the promises his company was making; that they could deliver what was needed. Of course, each customer would fully pay (and more) for the development of their actual system, but with the vendor’s expertise at their (supposed) beck and call, it was as good as done once the contract was signed; at least that was how the story was usually told.

    Unfortunately, much of the vaporware that was sold never came to fruition because of a multitude of reasons, involving failures by both the vendor and the buyer. However, any failure was rarely blamed on the salesman, when reality declared it was he who should shoulder the bulk of the blame because the buyer had probably been way over-promised on the vendor’s ability to execute. We’ve all seen it before; i.e. over promise and under deliver, every company in existence has experienced at least one instance of this phenomenon. And invariably, the more grandiose the salesman, the greater likelihood that would be the ultimate outcome.

    Which brings us back to George Webb in his current role as “investigative journalist”. When most people think of investigative journalists, they think of someone who digs into the details of the subject being investigated, extracting the previously unknown and unseen facts that help to explain the event or the target subject’s actions. However, that is not at all what George is doing. Remember, he is first and foremost a salesman, he does not produce anything. He is only selling you a story, which he most likely has been fed himself, just like he was doing when he was selling hardware and software for a variety of computer vendor companies.

    But, when you think about it, it is the perfect match because there is nothing for him to actually deliver other than the narrative of those he works for, which is absolutely consistent with his past occupation in the computer industry. It’s not his role to indict and convict anyone he “investigates”, that’s someone else’s job. In fact, I maintain his role is more in the nature of preventing the indictment of anyone because what he is accomplishing, more than anything, is fostering doubt about what may have actually happened.

    It remains a mystery as to why official law enforcement agencies do not seem to be seriously investigating any criminal activity in the political realm. However, when they allow self-appointed amateurs like George to stumble their way through the evidence, making a public mockery of genuine investigative work, you have to conclude that real justice is not their primary goal, which can only be viewed as most unfortunate for all Americans.

    • “Vaporware”…now that is a term I had not heard. Years ago, I was one of the primary persons to have to evaluate a software program for use in the bank I worked for. We kept pressing for interaction with someone who knew the operational details of the product we were interested in, but kept having a couple of fast talking salesmen thrust on us. One of the best things we did was find a bank that had bought that product, and so I went there to ask real questions and get real answers. Being given a cocktail party on a boat cruise might be fun, but it certainly is a diversion from being shown how a product actually works.

      • Jacquelyn, I am not surprised by your practical approach, it is exactly what I would expect from you.

        With regard to “V”, he’s obviously selling his own version of vaporware – not imaginary software like George was selling but the customer’s money nonetheless disappears with essentially nothing to show for it. We can easily understand the fraudulent nature of the salesman pushing such products, but what can we learn from the buyer’s perspective?

        1 Timothy 6:10 comes to mind and we readily apply it to the seller but what about the buyer? When the buyer seeks an unreasonable return on his money, does he not exhibit the same love of money, which the salesman senses and uses to his advantage? In other words, if we were only seeking a reasonable return on our money by investing in proven and worthwhile endeavors, would we be attracted to people like “V”? Probably not.

        I think it is something for each of us to contemplate as to what God is teaching us about our own nature. Certainly, I do not excuse people like “V” for their actions, but I must recognize my own sinful nature contributed to my acting on the temptation of “easy money”. In a sense, the unscrupulous salesman capitalized on what was already present in the buyer’s heart. A hard lesson learned? No question, but one which we all can benefit from understanding.

  4. Being aware of the techniques and layers used in a confidence trick(scam), may help in understanding how to avoid blind trust, which will be exploited by a con-artist.

    “A confidence trick (synonyms include con, confidence game, confidence scheme, ripoff, scam and stratagem) is an attempt to defraud a person or group after first gaining their confidence, used in the classical sense of trust. Confidence tricks exploit characteristics of the human psyche, such as credulity, naïveté, compassion, vanity, irresponsibility, and greed.”


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