Sweigert vs. Goodman: Show Cause Why The Defendant Should Not Be Restrained with regard to Defendant’s Copyright Infringement

On July 9, 2018,  documents were filed by Plaintiff Sweigert in the United States District Court for the District of South Carolina in the D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman RICO lawsuit.

The first document is two pages and represents the Plaintiff’s Second Request for Judicial Notice [RJN]. 

The second document is 38 pages displaying the Public Artifacts, as supporting  evidence, for the arguments which the Plaintiff is presenting to the court.

The third document is an eleven page Brief In Support of Plaintiff’s Show Cause Motion as to Why the Defendant Should Not (be) Restrained By An Injunction to Cease and Desist Defendant’s Copyright Infringement.

Note:  The third document is worth the time to read if you are interested in this case.

This brief was filed to “support plaintiff’s MOTION before this Court as to why the defendant should not be restrained with an injunctive order to cease the copyright infringement of the plaintiff’s intellectual property on social media platforms”.

It is noted that Defendant Jason Goodman operates at least three YouTube channels:  JASON GOODMAN, 21c3D, and Crowdsource the Truth 2.  In addition“the defendant also operates rogue channels that are designed to openly harass, intimidate and injure the plaintiff and others like him”. The rogue channels under scrutiny are Crazy Dave’s Insane-atorium and Exposing the Chavez Hoax.  Both of these channels were brought down by Dave Sweigert with YouTube copyright strikes.  Jason Goodman had done a BULK upload of eighty copyrighted works of Sweigert to each channel;  it is a federal crime to do such bulk uploads for commercial purposes.

document 1: sweigert 1 july 10 2018

document 2: sweigert 2 july 10, 2018

document 3:  sweigert 3 july 10 2018


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