D. George Sweigert vs Jason Goodman: Plaintiff’s Show Cause Motion

On July 2, 2018, D. George Sweigert signed a document titled, Plaintiff’s Show Cause Motion As To Why the Defendant Should Not Be Deemed To Have Received Constructive Notice of Pending Lawsuit, which became part of the court record today, July 5, 2018.

See link here:  SC-motions

This is an interesting read, and something I had been discussing recently with one of my readers regarding the Summons process of Jason Goodman, who seems to be on the move constantly. Dave Sweigert has quickly and succinctly filed a motion, which presents the question of whether the video testimony observed in one of the Crowdsource the Truth videos is sufficient proof, meeting the guidelines of Federal Civil Court procedures, of what is deemed constructive notice of pending lawsuit.

As a side note, perhaps Robert David Steele’s attorney could learn something from this layman non-attorney Pro Se motion, which most likely is an action that could have been employed in the RDS lawsuit months ago with regard to the elusive Queen Tut. 

4 thoughts on “D. George Sweigert vs Jason Goodman: Plaintiff’s Show Cause Motion

  1. Dave Acton’s video record of service to Goodman applies because Goodman verbally acknowledges receipt of the court documents via his mail. This could not apply to Queen Tut because living in Tijuana keeps her out of the loop. This is the first time Goodman’s big mouth has served a ‘higher good.’

    • Well, I am no legal scholar to be sure, but in my September 29, 2017 post, I noted that in a CSTT video Jason had displayed on his screen my blog’s FYI page on the RDS lawsuit which he and Queen Tut discussed on air. Since almost anyone can be a process server with only a couple of qualifications, I said in jest, “I, Jacquelyn Weaver of “Tracking the Leopard Meroz”, being a duly qualified Process Server, do testify that Jason Goodman and Queen Tut were served with the infamous Robert David Steele/ Earth Intelligence Network lawsuit as hereby acknowledged in their September 23, 2017 video….”.

      At that time Queen Tut was definitely in the loop de loop of CSTT, and JG and she had discussed knowledge of the RDS case in several videos. However, this problem of serving Queen Tut is not my personal problem; that belongs to RDS and his attorney. But I certainly would like to read her reply detailing the points made in the RDS complaint.

      If you scroll to the bottom of my Sept. 2017 article, one can see my laughable “process server” announcement. Queen Tut may be taking an extended vacation in Tijuana, but she certainly acknowledged the contents of the RDS lawsuit at the time it was first filed in Federal Civil Court, and she also claimed that it was not Carla Howell who was behind her voice.

      • Irrelevant…there was an amended complaint filed in 2018. The Judge stated very clearly in the amended complaint that a ” proper service’ must take place. That’s in contrast to RDS’s attorney acting in bad faith & filing a fraudulent service doc. last fall.

      • Avery, Thanks for the comment. When it comes to following the Federal Civil Court procedures, I must bow to whatever the Judge in this case deems correct. I see your point about a proper service after the Amended lawsuit, given the changing of the identification of the person behind the Queen Tut persona. That entire aspect complicated matters when QT was misidentified as Carla Howell.

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