1 thought on “******* Break Dancing In Montana ******* Jason Goodman Gets Down to the beat of his Rap

  1. There’s really not much to say about Jason Goodman’s legal responses, in my mind they are vacuous, he’s provided nothing other than paranoid speculation about Susan Lutzke (a/k/a Susan Holmes, a/k/a Queen Tut) and Patricia Negron. The video evidence provided by Robert David Steele in his filing shows them in multiple sessions, collectively and willfully disparaging Mr. Steele. It was not just a simple difference of opinion; they maligned him in a particularly nasty manner, accusing him of fraud, theft, double-dealing, etc. It was not just a passing thought; it was the main subject of several of their programs, so the idea that it should just be dismissed as nothing is ridiculous. In my mind there was a concerted effort to defame Mr. Steele, playing off of Mr. Goodman’s YouTube audience’s favorable responses, thus building his viewership at Mr. Steele’s expense. How Mr. Goodman’s actions could be construed as investigative journalism is beyond me.

    Mr. Goodman showed a lack of good judgment by not vetting Susan Lutzke any better than he did when he jumped at the opportunity to share her “evidence” of fraud. However, she did not have the courage to stand behind her own accusations, choosing to hide behind a phony persona manufactured by Mr. Goodman. This cannot be construed as responsible journalism; instead, it was an unconfirmed attack on Mr. Steele by Ms. Lutzke, which was only encouraged by Mr. Goodman. I will admit that Mr. Goodman may not have known her full agenda, but that’s no excuse to allow her to have full access to his audience. He must bear as much responsibility for her information as she does herself.

    I would be very surprised if the judge grants his request. He’s basically made a case AGAINST himself by acting irresponsibly throughout his association with Susan Lutzke and Patricia Negron, thus the idea that his part in the suit should be separated from the others and dismissed is without merit. He’s completely failed to offer any defense for his actions; his whiny legal motion to sever is no better than what you would expect from a foolish ten year old boy who’s been tricked by two girls on the school playground. Sadly, he’s a pathetic excuse for an investigative journalist, he should be fairly punished and encouraged to find a new career for which he is better suited.

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