THE BOOK OF DEJA VU: Steve Quayle’s Close Encounter with the 1987 Platinum Ponzi Scandal in Montana

My good friend, Ms. Deja Vu, has one of  the most exquisite collections of archived news reports.  Here she shares seven news clippings on the story involving Steve Quayle’s prior association with the principals in a 1987 platinum Ponzi scheme. After that close encounter, Quayle became known as a gold merchant sharing his future predictions with the Church Universal and Triumphant.

My apologies to those who feel they will need to get their eyes checked, after reading these 30 year old archived newspaper clippings.

Great Falls Tribune, Great Falls, MT April 24, 1987

Great Falls Tribune, Great Falls, MT August 29, 1987

The Montana Standard, Butte, MT September 22, 1987

The Montana Standard, Butte, MT December 22, 1987

Billings Gazette, Billings, MT February 8, 1988

The Montana Standard, Butte, MT March 16, 1988


The Montana Standard, Butte, MT July 20, 1988

After the platinum scandal, Steve Quayle decided to take a turn down the Gold Road, instead.

The Montana Standard, Butte, MT January 14, 1990


6 thoughts on “THE BOOK OF DEJA VU: Steve Quayle’s Close Encounter with the 1987 Platinum Ponzi Scandal in Montana

  1. Why doesn’t this surprise me? Thank goodness for diligent watch people like Ms. Deja Vu, who obviously had a feeling in her gut 30 years ago that this sinister man would not go quitely into the night. I don’t know how these men put their heads on their pillow at night, and how they can claim to believe in an all-seeing, all-knowing God. Who are they kidding?

    Next time he introduces another V like character….run, and don’t say you haven’t been warned. I wonder how many people (like me) cashed out their retirement plans early during the Obama reign at their urging, and paid the 10% early withdrawal penalty? There’s got to be a separate and very special entrance for where these men are going, and it’s not in the Ozarks.

    I truly appreciate your commitment in exposing this criminal entrepreneur, as the modern day flilthy lucre he has always been. What kind of man perpetuates fear to drive the trusting into his deceitful arms? He calls it a Joseph ministry, I call it a fraud.


  2. Pity old pal V hadn’t even been born yet. The guerilla ecologist would have been a priceless alloy for the mighty Q.
    The more things change, the more they pray the same.
    Beware false profits!

    • Do you mean, the more they “prey” the same? And speaking of the more things change, have you ever gone to the Wayback Machine at and searched for $Q’s website? (*/ You’ll just see there is a constant recycling of the fear-of-the-day and the boogey-man-of-the-day. It’s hardly surprising (now) that this modern-day-version-of-the-money-changer-in-the-temple has been pulling this stuff for over 30 years.

  3. I sometimes feel like an idiot for ever listening to this guy. Thank the Lord for Mrs. Weaver for covering/uncovering this scam, and those who stand up to testify their personal financial and spiritual injuries at the feet of this con man and his compadre’s.

  4. Those who gather here have been made the wiser by his shenanigans. For a myriad of reasons, I believe this man ($Q) is one of the most destructive and dangerous individuals in America. Separating people from their money by deception may be chief among them, but there’s no accounting for the psychological and physical damage he does to individuals and families, especially those who are on in years who don’t have the luxury of time and health to recover their losses. Like the Lord knew 7000 were killed, and a tenth part of the city was destroyed when the earth shook when Jesus was crucified (Rev 11:13), so too is He aware of those whose lives have been affected by this charlatan. Bet on it!

    The devil has no better friend in America than Steven Quayle, or is it Stephen Quayle?

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