Queen Tut’s Daughter Mercia Francis Submits Another Letter to the Court in Robert David Steele Defamation Case

A letter from Mercia Francis dated February 25, 2018 and received by the Clerk of U. S. District Court in Richmond, VA on February 28, 2018 was filed on the court record on March 1, 2018. This 14 page document (#33) consists of a 2 page letter from Mercia Francis, a letter from FOCO Properties concerning the tenancy of Susan Lutzke in a Fort Collins, CO condominium, and the November 7, 2017 Robert David Steele article called, How The Deep State Controls Social Media and Digitally Assassinates Critics.

This Robert David Steele article had been addressed in a November 12, 2017 commentary here at Tracking the Leopard Meroz called Robert David Steele and His List of Crowdstalkers and Co-Conspirators:  Is Your Name On This List?

Read Document 33 at this link:robert david steele 3 1 2018 letter qt.


5 thoughts on “Queen Tut’s Daughter Mercia Francis Submits Another Letter to the Court in Robert David Steele Defamation Case

  1. Jacquelyn, I find this filing from Mercia Francis to be as convoluted as the previous one from her. Supposedly Mercia, the daughter of Queen Tut, who is 80 years old and suffers from dementia, is still handling Queen Tut’s social media. However, there is no evidence that she is actively pursuing a robust defense of the suit filed against her mother; instead she is relying on random people following Queen Tut’s social media to relay any information they may feel is helpful to use in her defense.

    So, if I understand this properly, the people that follow Queen Tut’s social media are effectively acting as her defense team and her daughter is now acting as a conduit, from a non-disclosed address. Is that correct?

    Is this what our federal court system has devolved to now? Is Queen Tut’s defense grounded in the absurd? Is her daughter’s next letter going to remove her defense one more level away from Queen Tut?

    I cannot believe the court will look kindly on this nonsense. I have no dog in this hunt but for the sake of preserving a modicum of integrity in our legal system, I hope the judge puts an end to this ridiculous behavior, without further delay.

    • He is terrorizing people into only saying wonderful things about him and I find that somewhat frightful because now one man alone is trying to squash freedom of speech.
      Or risk being sued to the high hilt.
      How can this be permitted?

      • D, I do not know what Mr. Steele’s intentions are, that is a mystery to me because in reviewing his suit, it appears so broad and petty that I see little chance of him realizing what he seeks. But, I am not an attorney, so my opinion is not worth much, if anything at all.

        However, the explicit damages he seeks may only be a facade; he may be fishing for information from the “crowd” who are still following this nonsensical saga. It could be an operation of sorts to entice the crowd into speculating, i.e. what is going on here?

        I won’t elaborate but when I look at this, I think of a data mining operation along with a predictive programming exercise. Stating it simply, mining the crowd’s reaction and then adjusting the narrative to steer the crowd to the desired conclusion.

        Of course, that is just my own wild, imaginative speculation. However, that may be what the people running this operation want us to do; therefore I have complied, but hopefully my reaction is helpful to other people, causing them to think before they act.

  2. yes don, i too believe all sides are just trying to milk whatever attention they can get out of this. if memory serves, anybody can go to the clerk’s office and file whatever documents they want to. it doesn’t make them relevant or credible. the stuff merica filed should be evidentiary materials for her lawyer, not court filings… for what?
    quite frankly, i don’t understand the point.

    i wonder if queen tut also has a condo made of stone a?

    yours truly,

    • Bondo, I have no idea whether she lives in a condo made of the same material as Steve Martin’s King Tut; I don’t think anyone other than her and her “daughter” know where either one of them now lives. Furthermore, I don’t see how this “dueling filings” will ever come to a conclusion, thus you may be right that it is just an attention seeking exercise.

      I presume Mr. Steele’s attorney is going to have to push this to the next step, but in the meantime, Queen Tut is still tweeting and commenting on various YT sites, so maybe they are still gathering evidence, but evidence of what? That she does not like Mr. Steele and fears his past association with the CIA? Can that be offered as evidence of further defamation?

      The entire suit appears to be a senseless exercise, at least to me. I guess I should not be surprised to see our court systems as backlogged as they are when pointless cases such as this are only keeping the clerks busy.

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