GenSix has commissioned this likeness of an ancient Inca skull, which bears a striking resemblance to Stephen Quayle, the man who tried to TradeMark the name  his parents gave him at birth.


We are one month into 2018, and it looks like it is high time for those of us who have been hibernating, to wake up and smell the long-term-storage coffee wafting from Camp Quayle.  Let’s begin by checking out the advice given on the December 4, 2017 Hagmann Report which featured  Steve Quayle of Renaissance Precious Metals and Bob Griswold of Ready Made Resources, in Preparing For a Historic Year: Bill Federer, Steve Quayle and Bob Griswold.

The entire hour long infomercial with Steve Quayle and Bob Griswold displayed their business ads

At the beginning of the second hour, Doug Hagmann suggests as a Christmas gift, the True Legends DVD set for only $119.00 which covered the 2017 GENSIX conference, saying that “it was a steal at twice the price.” Really? Say, Doug, how about you paying twice the price and getting two copies, and sending me one for free?

Or better yet, send the free one to a commenter on your January 11th show, JohnnyRebKy. He commented, “I like Steve Quayle but I’m starting to notice every time he speaks it’s to promote or lead people into buying something.  It gets hyped hyped hyped for months.  Already starting on the buildup to next Branson conference.  You can’t even watch the conference from last year unless you got 90 bucks to buy dvd’s from him. Why should such a “spiritual” and “movement of God” be restricted to those who can afford a 90 dollar CD???  I know the guy needs funding for his work but that’s a bit pricey.  I am physically disabled and it’s rather disheartening to know I can never get the information.  I paid for all the True Legends videos but the fact I can never afford the Branson presentation is very disheartening.  I was really looking forward to steve speaking about the pre-adam world.”

(Well spoken, JohnnyRebKy. I would send you this information, but I cannot afford it, either. Pricey is the diplomatic way to describe the products of Steve Quayle.)

Doug then introduces Steve Quayle to his listening audience as, “just a great, tremendous friend, uh, I swear he’s my, I call him my older brother because that’s what it feels like, and of course, Robert Griswold”. Both of these guests have extensive experience in selling long-term-storage food products, and both are dealers in Numanna foods, thus their keen eye for noting all those critical situations which might bring new clients to their Merchandising Circle.

For example, just four minutes into this interview, Steve Quayle jumps in to warn us, “We are facing a food apocalypse…Fuskishima has been the biggest covered up extinction level event in history…the Mississippi River drying up…chemtrails spraying… “.  To assuage our newfound fears, he suggests that giving a food storage program would make a good Christmas present!

The Price of Angel Food Cake Just Sky Rocketed

Quayle then says, “My new poem for you tonight is give the gift that keeps on giving, and keep the people on the land of the living“. One minute later he references his co-guest saying, “We both are dealers for NuManna which we’ll give some specials out later and probably one of the best food sources in the country, in my opinion”.  He then suggests that “It’s a Biblical principle, you’ll sell your birthright when you’re starving to death”.  Bob Griswold then chimes in to tell the listeners that one time when he was in Pakistan, a woman tried to sell him her child for $100. And he mentions Keith Lowe’s book, The Savage Continent which described the aftermath of World War II food shortages  in Europe, suggesting “We see those nations that gave into doctrines of demons…”

It must be the End of The Age, because Quayle is at a loss for words

At the 2.11 mark, Steve “Chicken Little-the sky’s falling” Quayle complains, “economic Armageddon means nothing anymore.  There are no terms that anyone can possibly uh, uh, use anymore because all of those words have ceased to be effective, it doesn’t matter if you use catastrophe, collapse uh, uh, uh, starvation, we’re watching Venezuela starving, you know still the mainstream press doesn’t say….”.

Steve Quayle, don’t blame mainstream media for the overuse of words which you frantically employed to get your listeners to believe the false credentialed V-the Guerrilla Economist who was telling people to get their money out of banks NOW! What words did you NOT overuse in all those years of screaming that the world was coming to an end?  Your solution?  BUY GOLD—BUY SILVER–BUY LONG-TERM-STORAGE FOOD, which you just happened to sell.

Continuing at the 2.16 mark, Steve Quayle says, “…gentlemen, the underground bases, the military bases, the elite bases, they’re stockpiling and storing because they know what comes tomorrow.  Unfortunately, the people that are in denial may not see tomorrow.

Feed your night time paranoia by purchasing a nifty set of night vision glasses

So then it is Bob Griswold’s turn to mesmerize us with his favorite emotionally loaded words: the debt crisis level, threats of nuclear war, threats of civil war, threats of EMP, disease, you name it”. He adds, ” You know Steve, when I was in prayer one time, God asked me…”, and he brings into this Infomercial, personal insights he received from the Godhead.

It’s all your fault if the descendants of Steve Quayle can’t make a quick buck

Finally at the 2.27.54 mark, Steve Quayle gets to the point, saying, “..and I’m gonna encourage everybody, look NuManna, and this, if you want to consider this an infomercial, call it an info save your lazy you know what commercial, because you can still get, you can still get the NuManna food and…” (2.46)”..You better start paying attention because the Deagal Report says that you know within a matter of less than seven years, the population in the United States goes from down from 340 million to about 60 million people…” (2.47) I want to give out NuManna‘s phone number again because I think it’s uh really important and usually they made this the stuff they have…the stuff they’re made for me is the SQS special, so you got to ask them for that and they also discount the prices so uh you know you can either call NuManna or you can call Tyler, he works for me, actually he’s my son.  It could be kind of like calling Joe but you can call him…”.


Okay, let’s see what kind of a deal we can get using Steve Quayle’s discount to get his exclusively made for him combo pack.

Long Term Storage Food Affordable for the Elites of this world

I am still reeling from sticker shock after viewing the price of $12,500, which thanks to the special Steve Quayle discount code, the price dropped down $4700 from the original price of $17,200.

The Man Who Thinks His Name is Trademarked

What can I say, all this Marketing Genius from a mere man who claims to have trade marked the name which his parents gave him at birth. would seem to call Stephen Quayle a purveyor of false information. currently displays this information on the trademark of Stephen Quayle, noting that the status is Abandoned-failure to respond or late response as of 6/24/2003.  It is now 2018, more than 15 years later, and still no response, it would seem.

So now that you have been psychologically bullied into shelling out $119 for a set of DVDs for the 2017 GenSix conference, and you are eagerly awaiting delivery of a one year/4 person combo food pack specially designed by Steve Quayle himself for the discounted price of $12,500, do you still have money burning a hole in your pocket?

Well then, how about an expedition with Steve Quayle to Rome and Sardinia in a few months?  There is only room for 30 “guests”, so it is high time you prove once and for all that you are not one of those in denial who may not see tomorrow.  Not only is Quayle not worried about tomorrow, he is not worried about May 20-27 or  September, 2018 when he plans on unveiling his BIG HEAD at another GenSix conference. That $7,995 price for the expedition does not include round trip transportation to and from Italy, by the way.  For those LAZY YOU KNOW WHATS, How much do you think Steve Quayle shelled out to have HIS BIG HEAD sculpted like an Inca Giant?  And what is this Transhumanist Creation made out of?  Chickenwire and paper mache? Wood and plaster? Cake with fondant icing? Concrete?  According to Steve Quayle, and I have to agree with him on this one, the brains of Transhumanist robots will be inhabited with demon spirits.  In the case of Steve Quayle’s BIG HEAD, it looks like it could house a legion of Marketing Geniuses.



12 thoughts on “STEVE QUAYLE’s BIG HEAD

  1. Brilliant! The resemblance of the ancient skull to the god of fearmongers is uncanny. No doubt, he thought to make it in his own image, but I would not have expected anything less. Other than followers of Anton LaVey, who in their right mind blows $8000 to go to beautiful Rome and Sardinia to listen to this nonsense. You don’t suppose this scoundrel operates as a 501c3, do you?

    There really is no end to the sorcery nor depths this man will go, to separate men from their money. Marketing genius, or filthy lucre? Let the unjust be unjust still, and the filthy, filthy still. Something tells me, he’s doing exactly what he was predestinated to do. If we believe the Lord hath made even the wicked for the day of evil, then all of tthis makes sense.

    For without are fearmongers…


    • I do not know of any nonprofits which SQ is associated with. He is an astute businessman and appears to be very successful. This I do not believe he would risk exposure of his financial transactions by running them through a nonprofit corporation where a 990 must be made public. By keeping his businesses on a profit status, he maintains a veil of privacy which only the IRS can pierce. Also he can sell and profit from any assets under his businesses; whereas in a nonprofit, those assets can never revert back to the founder/directors/officers in theory. Of course in nonprofits, tricky accounting methods could be employed, but why risk jail time for that?

    • Bondo,

      Indeed he did have an encounter forty years ago. Unfortunately, he didn’t know the encounter was with Bar-Jesus. As for the individual buying junk silver for $11,000, that may not have been excesssive depending when he bought it; keeping in mind the trading range of silver over the last five years.

      It’s the people, some of which I know, who give and buy his merchandise because they believed in his ministry (LOL) and are willing to pay a premium to support it. Blessed are we whose eyes and ears have been opened. There’s no shame in cutting your losses and running.


  2. I discovered Big Q and the Hagmanns a few years ago. I was impressed with Big Q’s knowledge and he seemed like a genuine guy at first. I saw the wisdom in getting some precious metals (because it really is wise to have some diversity and metals always have value)
    Let me just say I live paycheck to paycheck. It is what it is. So I was finally able to convince my better half that we could purchase small amounts of silver here and there (gold is out of the question for us).
    I proudly contacted Brother Steve’s company to order three ounces of silver- only to be told that Brother Steve’s company has a minimum 20 ounce purchase restriction. The great christian champion of the common people was out of my price range.
    I did find a way to purchase silver- and I never found another company that had such a restriction. Thankfully that was the incident that opened my eyes. I know alot of people came out much worse with that dude. I remember one time he had a Q alert where it was first come first serve on a sack of junk silver for around $11,000.
    Hey, the man had a face to face with Jesus, so I guess I shouldn’t criticize.

  3. I believe in being prepared for emergency situations and that includes diversifying assets. But the truth is that for the average hardworking person who has family responsibilities, it is a real discipline to save. I worked as a volunteer receptionist for 7 years at a food pantry, and while there are always those who are bums, many had experienced layoffs, and problems not of their own making. In Texas where I was, there is a large number of persons who have worked very hard in blue collar professions with no insurance benefits, no pensions or other benefits. And it does not take much to push many good people over the edge. I dislike Steve Quayle’s contemptuous attitude toward those who have had more than the average of life’s obstacles to overcome. I know veterans who have been injured in combat situations who have little, and cannot prep on any level. While gold and silver is a good addition to one’s physical/financial assets, there is a reason that James 5:3 mocks the rich who heaped up treasure for the last days, thinking they could escape what was coming. And for SQ to spend a lot of money on having a large model of an Inca skull created, is vanity of the worst sort, in addition to all of the other vain enterprises he is involved in.

  4. Your last sentence nails it exactly for what it is! Although, given the chance for rebuttal, the righteous ringmaster would rise up in great indignation on the Haggnochio show, in his most belicose voice and ask…”WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?” Then proceed to deliniate his exceedingly generous largesse while berating the nameless pleb for daring to question him. Sound familiar?


    • Yes, it is all too familiar. And if we recall what John Little exposed last year about an email exchange he had with SQ, it seems that someday over the rainbow, SQ desires to sue those on his enemies list, including some who live in foreign countries. Should that come to pass, I demand a jury which has a sense of humor, and likes to laugh out loud.

  5. Jacquelyn Weaver,

    I just got another 30 day FaceBook jail sentence.

    I don’t seem to be able to find an email address for you.

    If you want to send me an email address for you via my FaceBook Messenger account, I will try to send you the details. It seems Alyssa Carone didn’t like some old reference I made to her website. I can still see FaceBook but cannot use it.

    • i recommend while you are already this far, let it go completely.
      I have the account just in case, but I never interact with it. Virtually ridding myself of that electronic demon and its ethereal alter world was one of the best tings I ever did.

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