FYI: Robert David Steele and Earth Intelligence Network Issue Motion for Entry of Default Against Queen Tut

I was wondering when this would happen, as Queen Tut aka Susan Lutzke had failed as of November 15, 2017 to respond to Plaintiff’s Complaint. The Plaintiff is asking $15.5 million dollars for defamation in this Federal lawsuit.  On January 23, 2018, the Plaintiffs filed a Motion for Entry of Default Against Defendant, “Queen Tut” a/k/a/ Susan A. Lutzke.  see queen tut default


10 thoughts on “FYI: Robert David Steele and Earth Intelligence Network Issue Motion for Entry of Default Against Queen Tut

  1. This is a classic example of a frivolous lawsuit, in my opinion. It appears as though he’s got some money troubles, and looking for a payday. Arguably, the three named defendants had some part in that, but the requested damages are ludicrous. Does anybody think Queen Tut inflicted $15.5M in damage by warning folks about him? Has Steele made anywhere near that much in his lifetime?

    • I agree that this is a frivolous lawsuit, especially when Robert David Steele tried to portray himself as a private person, rather than as a public figure. Most public figures would have ignored the words of the three defendants, and gone on in life with their work. Since Queen Tut is well able to speak on her behalf, and she likes to do “research”, it would have made her more credible if she had countered the claims in this suit as a Pro Se defendant. Instead, it would appear that she has been in hiding, pretending that the summons was ineffectual. Both Goodman and Queen Tut are leaving this lawsuit to be largely fought at the expense of Patricia Negron. I hope Negron wins and RDS has to pay for her counsel costs, at the very minimum. How does one defame RDS, who has managed to make himself look ludicrous as an egomaniac? A point of humor for me is that 2 of the screenshots in the Motion for Default Judgment show the Tracking the Leopard Meroz logo in the top tray area, because Jason Goodman had been reading my website at the time.

  2. Queen Tut, If a braggadocio X-CIA man cannot pinpoint your location, to the rest of us it would seem like you are in hiding. You are in hiding in the sense that you did not come forth to answer the lawsuit accusations directly. But all that is between you and RDS. I would have liked you to have stood up to his complaints in the venue he chose to confront you. It would make an interesting and informative case to the rest of us curious spectators who are interested in these internet free speech issues.

    • That was KING Tut. LOL!

      I was a “Yuge” Steve Martin vinyl record comedy fan back in the day. Have most of it memorized. Got those records for Christmas.

  3. JW:
    About 3-4 days ago: a FedExed document was sent to the court with a copy of my birth certificate along with a letter explaining that I am not Carla Howell or Susan Lutzke.

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