Tuttering Over A Cliff: It is a long drop into the real world from where Queen Tut stands

One of my readers sent me a link to Jason Goodman’s Crowdsource The Truth video dated December 27, 2017, Meme Wars-Are Deceptive Operatives Conducting Psychological Warfare In Plain Sight?, with the suggestion that I listen to a comment by Jason Goodman on his former guest, Queen Tut.

It was Jason Goodman who claims to have invented the pseudonym, the mighty Queen Tut, for his previously hidden source, Susan A. Lutzke.  However, since September 1, 2017,  Queen Tut, and Patricia Negron, along with Jason Goodman were named as co-defendants in the Robert David Steele defamation lawsuit filed in Federal Court. And we are beginning to see that this lawsuit has permanently changed the dynamics of the relationships between them.

At the 14.24 mark, Jason Goodman says, “…Queen Tut is no longer a source.  Queen Tut has revealed herself to be someone who wanted to infiltrate this organization and made false statements on Hoax You Tube channels with the specific intent of damaging me.  If Queen Tut decided that what you and I were talking about were not true and went onto a channel to share her opinion of what was true or talked about something that we’re doing that was criminal or wrong, that would be one thing, but she hasn’t done that.”

On the same day, December 27, 2017, the Hoax Wars YouTube channel featured their video, The Queen Tut Tapes #1:  Trish Has Spent Over $8,000 Defending RDS Lawsuit Thanks to Jason Goodman.  This video starts with a partial display of a letter from Queen Tut saying, “Charles, I have always admired your work.  As you know, I was a part of many shows that were produced by JG.  I was responsible for a lot of research and work that went into each show that I did.  I also provided public Trello links where people could access the research that supported my information provided in the CSTT shows.  I have been doing research and analysis as a career for a number of years.”

She adds, “It came to my attention that Jason may have been nominated for an award that in my perception he really does not deserve.  One of the reasons that I will not do a public show with Jason has to do with his proclivity to date 18 & 19 year old girls…”.

As Tracking the Leopard Meroz had observed on September 29, 2017, in this article on Queen Tut, her research on at least one Trello board concerning Robert David Steele, was dishonest in her conclusion as the evidence she presented was distorted to “prove” her point. That particular display was mentioned in the Robert David Steele lawsuit against Queen Tut.

In the second paragraph of the letter which she wrote to Charles of Hoax Wars, she claims she has heard that Jason Goodman may possibly be eligible to receive some kind of award, but she does not state any details.  Given that her justification for leaving Goodman’s show concerns his dating women who are 25 years younger than himself, one has to wonder if the 62 year old Lutzke’s disaffection was rather that she felt slighted in not also being nominated for whatever award Jason Goodman was eligible for.

During the period of time that Queen Tut was a hidden source for Jason Goodman’s shows, she did not concern herself with having her research attributed to her real name.  In fact, she was gleeful in being able to create confusion for Robert David Steele by her false name, and thus it was Carla Howell who was falsely identified in the lawsuit as the woman behind the Queen Tut persona. While Queen Tut on air had said that Carla Howell was an innocent party, the fact remains that Lutzke did not do the honorable thing at that point in time and take responsibility for her own public words and research.

The 12/27/2017 Hoax Wars video which published  the letter from Queen Tut,  also featured an audio of her voice.  Beginning at the 2.43 mark, she is heard to say,  “…and she (referring to Patricia Negron) spent thousands of dollars and Jason’s strategy, and he told me this, I have it in an email, is that, if they’re waiting to let Trish’s attorney get the case dismissed, then he doesn’t have to spend any money.  So that’s the status of the lawsuit.  He’s basically hanging Trish on this one, too.”

The voice of  a male interviewer is heard to respond, “Wow, when you say hanging her out to dry…”.  And then Queen Tut continues, “He’s hanging it out because she is the one who’s spending all the money but he was really the prime target of the, of the whole lawsuit, yet she’s the one who’s taken action and had to pay an attorney to do a number of motions, so Jason’s just decided to sit back and let her do it, so once she gets the case dismissed after paying thousands of dollars, he can go forward with what her attorney did, take the actions her attorney did and not spend any money.”

A general review of the docket of the Robert David Steele defamation lawsuit filed September 1, 2017 in the U. S District Court, Easter District of Virginia (Richmond) shows that three parties are being sued:  Jason Goodman (PRO SE), Patricia A. Negron (represented by the law firm Kaufman & Canoles PC out of Richmond), and Queen Tut, who is still shown on the case title as “a woman believed to be known as Carla A. Howell”.

On October 6, 2017 Jason Goodman filed his Answer to the Complaint which had been presented against him by Robert David Steele and Earth Intelligence Network. There have been no further actions on the docket regarding Goodman’s answer.

In the mean time, Patricia Negron had asked for a time extension, and having received it, filed a MOTION to Dismiss on November 8, 2017. There has been activity on the part of both the plaintiff and defendant Negron regarding her motion, up until December 8, 2017.  Thus Jason Goodman is in the position to gain some pointers from Negron’s attorneys, who are being paid at her expense.

However, should Patricia Negron succeed in getting her part in this lawsuit dismissed, the lawsuit still stands with regard to the other two defendants.  Each must plead their own case, even though Robert David Steele is trying to group them as co-conspirators.  What stands out is not Jason Goodman’s PRO SE strategy, but docket item 19 on November 6, 2017 stating, SUMMONS Returned Executed.  Queen Tut served on 10/25/2017, answer due November 11/15/2017. (Attachments: #1 Letter) (jsmi,) (Entered 11/06/2017).

Queen Tut has not answered this lawsuit at all, and it is a month and a half past due the November 15, 2017 deadline. As I understand it, she is claiming that she has not been served properly.  Here are the documents on file in regard to The Summons of Susan LutzkeIt would seem  that Susan Lutzke is tempting fate,  in that she could lose this case by Default, if in fact the Judge deems the Summons to have been properly served.  We shall have to wait to see how this matter progresses.

At the very least, Susan A. Lutzke aka Queen Tut  is a hypocrite for criticizing Jason Goodman for his PRO SE strategy of trying to glean some legal arguments for free from  Negron’s attorneys.  Is that not what Queen Tut is also doing,  when she  drags her feet, hoping that the other two defendants will come forth with the legal arguments necessary to overturn their cases?





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