Peter J. Reilly, CPA comments on the Tracking The Leopard Meroz Blog “Hovindology” articles

When I was researching Kent Hovind and his tax troubles, I found that the analysis of the facts of this case had been thoroughly covered by three persons:  Peter J. Reilly, CPA of, Robert Baty of and Dee Holmes of

Lately I have been reviewing their reporting plus the many varied comments made on Baty’s Facebook groups on the ongoing story which centers around Kent Hovind’s former tax issues, personal problems, the religious arguments surrounding the creation/ evolution debates, and his connection to the sovereign citizen legal and tax issues which I find interesting in connection with the Christian Alternative News Media’s anti-government bias.

I feel very honored that Peter J. Reilly,CPA, who has been a contributing writer on taxes to Forbes for over 6 years, has made favorable mention of my Kent Hovind related articles on his personal website, where he features various interesting tax related stories. You can read his November 29, 2017 write-up on my articles and background on Your Tax Matters Partner in an article called Hovindology Update. 




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