FYI: Robert David Steele lawsuit update on Patricia Negron

November 8, 2017 Defendant Patricia A. Negron’s Memorandum of Law in Support of Motion to Dismiss The Complaint    (click on pdf link below)

earth intelligence networks negron motion to dismiss

Also of interest is that a certificate of service shows that Queen Tut’s legal name is Susan A. Lutzke of Fort Collins, Colorado


3 thoughts on “FYI: Robert David Steele lawsuit update on Patricia Negron

  1. I have an opinion that I arrived at by research and observation. And I posted it. That makes me a troll, I guess. Now I have to worry about being sued for the audacity to exercise my First Amendment right? Looks like the country RDS wants to take back is a totalitarian one. He is unhinged.

    I never received a dime from any YouTube personality, nor have I donated to Steele, Goodman, or Webb. I don’t have a dog in this fight, other than my interest as a citizen of the US.

    What is this world coming to?

    • For those who have not come across a recent article written by Robert David Steele, he has made two lists of persons who have commented on You Tube or Facebook, apparently in regard to him. He says these persons are trolls who have committed defamation and he may add them to his lawsuit as crowdstalkers and co-conspirators. I believe he would be laughed out of court if he did follow through on this threat. At any rate, the one list has 247 names/ comment handles on it. I doubt if his lawyer could handle 247 separate attorneys filing motions in defense of their clients in one lawsuit. This is the article in which I recognized several You tube commenters, and none of them are trolls; just persons exercising their free speech rights.

      • I’m one of those on that list. It’ll be interesting how this all pans out in court.
        RDS’s main complaint appears to be against Google and various social platforms, from which I think he’s hoping to get a settlement.
        IDK, but I’m hoping that as consumers of these sites, those of us on the list can band together in a class action suit against RDS for listing us as “trolls,” “sayonim,” “paid conspirators of ADL, Media Matters, et al,” and other labels. Or that a reasonable judge will dismiss his allegations and suit altogether.

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