V-The Guerrilla Economist and Frank DeLalla of Remain Calm LLC: The Devil Is In The Details

It was on March 12, 2012 that Viji Varghese traded in his true identity for that of V-The Guerrilla Economist, and sent his first email to Steve Quayle, the owner of Renaissance Precious Metals and the long term promoter of conspiracy news to Christian audiences. Although Varghese had received his college degree in Nutrition, been fired from a banking job for failure to file a Suspicious Activity Report, and had turned to selling big screen TVs to earn his living; in hind sight, one can see that it was his ability to profile and manipulate Steve Quayle’s motives, methods and credibility that propelled V-The Guerrilla Economist into a multimillionaire.

Prior to this, Douglas J. Hagmann had established the backstory of W-The Intelligence Insider, and the listeners to the father and son premier investigation team of the Hagmann & Hagmann broadcast trusted that the man who was promoted as the American James Bond had been properly vetted.  So it was not a great leap of faith for loyal listeners to believe that the mysterious European banking and investment head trader of the Royal Bank of Scotland was another Insider which had proven his bona fides, and was providing Steve Quayle with the Truth, which we always seem to be in short supply of. 

When V- The Guerrilla Economist was later exposed as a con artist who had constructed a series of bold faced lies based on false banking and investment credentials, Steve Quayle excused his own responsibility in promoting this fraud by saying that he too had been fooled. Fooled at his own game?  What an intriguing thought. Well, Rogue Money did have as its motto that high ideal of all monetized Alternative Media radio hosts, Truth is Currency. Later we see that this foundational motive was turned into the boast, Know the Truth, Know the Game.

I used to think that when Doug and Joe Hagmann, and Steve Quayle were promoting fake insiders like W-The Intelligence Insider and Rosebud and others on the Christian Alternative News Media radio circuit,  that they were the cause of the success of these false personas.  I am beginning to think now that it worked the other way around.  Perhaps it was the fake insiders that caused the Quayle/Hagmann team to rise higher in the ratings,  as they chased the shadows of Alex Jones’ many Insider informants to prominent heights in this very competitive world of conspiracy radio.

That would explain why after V-The Intelligence Insider and W-The Intelligence Insider parted company with Hagmann and Quayle, there was total silenceThe Watchman on The Wall  and the Premier Father Son Investigation Team did not warn others about the fraudulent bona fides of V.  Nor did they attempt to mitigate the damages that were wrought when their own listeners were betrayed into abandoning common sense and the Prudent Man Rule, to make irreversible changes in their financial situation based on fraudulent advise.

There is a spiritual rule which applies to this entire scenario:  2 Peter 2:19 says,   While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption:  for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage. In the case of the promotors of V, their bondage will only be broken by the type of repentance which attempts to undo the damage which had been done to those who thought that these men were faithful Christians.

W The Intelligence Insider called the American James Bond

Doug Hagmann had once stated that he would take a bullet for his close friend, Wayne Willot, the man behind the mask of W, who was promoted as the American James Bond.  Known only to us as W-The Intelligence Insider, he later become a regular guest over at V’s Rogue Money radio broadcasts.  While W has since stepped back into the shadows, he still remains a contributor, appearing every so often.

Now another person known as Frank has come to the foreground as a business partner in connection with the Remain Calm LLC filed in New York,  October 26, 2016 by Viji Varghese.  It was shortly thereafter on November 20, 2016 that the true identity and the false banking and investment credentials of V-The Guerrilla Economist had been publicly exposed.  Thus since that date, all of those persons associated with Viji Varshese’s fictional persona, V The Guerrilla Economist and  Rogue Money.net are without excuse in their being accessories to his dubious activities.

So who is this newcomer to this scene, known only as Frank in V’s radio interviews?  He can be traced back to Frank DeLalla.com, where he states that he co-owns Remain Calm LLC. He explains,  “I left (the) Pastoral Ministry after 13+ years of service.  I founded a small church in Nyack, NY, where I served for 11+ years.  I also taught as an adjunct lecturer in the areas in ministry, theology and biblical studies.  I have a Master of Arts in Theology from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in South Hamilton, MA.”   “(I) co-own Remain Calm LLC (http://www.remaincalm.biz), a marketing and consulting company.”

Frank DeLalla and wife

If we put the phone number which Frank DeLalla used to set up his websites, into a search engine, it brings up the Savior Community Church of Nyack, NY.  This phone number connects to two organizations which apparently Frank DeLalla once interacted with; The Assemblies of God Bible Institute, Nyack Branch and Beth AM Messiah, where the Savior Community Church appears to meet under a new pastor.

When Frank DeLalla was the pastor of this church, he set up a website at saviorcc.com on August 22, 2007 using the registrant name and address of Frank DeLalla, Savior Community Church, 11 Division Ave., Nyack, NY 10960, telephone number 845-702-2445.  Presently this webpage does not show any religious content, but rather this:Frank DeLalla on August 17, 2016 created a website called RestoreRepairCredit.com and on October 14, 2016, less than 2 weeks prior to Viji  Varghese’s registering the Remain Calm LLC, he created MyFreedomNow.us

Let’s take a look at the home page of RestoreRepairCredit.com and note the associations between this site,  MyFreedomNow and V-The Guerrilla Economist of Rogue Money.net.In addition to being a credit/debt restoration consulting business, we see also that it involves unsecured lending. This represents a shift from the earlier emphasis upon V  as being a “top analyst and commercial banker for one of the UK’s biggest Financial Houses”, working “as a commodity broker for one of Europe’s largest commodity brokerages”, specializing in “strategic metals and rare earth minerals”.

What happened is that after V-The Guerrilla Economist was exposed in November 2016 as having fraudulent bona fides, it had also been stated that he had claimed to have earned $6 million from his activities.  With this exposure, Roguemoney.net made a  sudden retreat from public scrutiny, by removing direct links to V‘s $500/hour investment advice and his resume.  To this day however, he still retains close ties with Karatbars International, which I discussed in this November 18, 2015 post, The Gold Rush.

The major business focus now appears to involve hiding one’s personal information and assets, as seen in V’s connection to the founder of Ace of Coins.com-John Jay Singleton. 

We will continue to discuss this association, but first going back to the beginning of the Remain Calm business partnerships, on the website restorerepaircredit.com, at the top of the home page is a 2 minute audio of V-The Guerrilla Economist on  About Debt. Uploaded on the YouTube channel, Remain Calm Dot Net on October 25, 2016,  we first hear a piano soloist playing in the background.   V-The Guerrilla Economist begins over speaking the melancholy tones of the piano in a  somber voice, saying,  “Hey, everyone, it’s V-The Guerrilla Economist.  You know one of the things that I want to talk about real quick is debt, and a lot of Americans are stressed out about debt, a lot of Americans are losing sleep, are committing suicide, are medicating themselves because of the stress that debt causes.”

“There’s very few things that that really bothers you that feels like you have a thousand pound weight on your chest (Hey, V, are you referring to that 1,000 pound Rogue Guerrilla Economist who created bold faced lies, to convince Christians to  liquidate their assets, and to convert their cash into the silver and gold that conveniently you and Steve Quayle just so happened to be selling?) like that credit card debt, mortgage debt that that you got collector’s calling you, you got a you know kind of car payments, anything and everything, OK?  So let me ask you this if you’re trapped in an endless cycle of making minimum payments.   Does your credit card debt keep you up and cause tension in your relationships, in your household?  You’re starting to get harassing phone calls, these crazy creditors constantly calling you harassing you every day and every night….”

So now after V’s banking and investment advice has turned your life upside down, he has the perfect solution for the debt/credit mess you’re now in, costing you only $497 for an 8 month essential subscription, or $1597 for 18 months for the platinum membership.

The Remain Calm business has a  September 15, 2017 Rogue Money interview by V with his new best friends, Frank, the former God called pastor who left his flock to join Remain Calm.net and Mr. X of My Gold USB.com, who may be John Jay Singleton. While we are left to guess the true identities behind these men, the show description states:   “V” interviews the founders of RemainCalm.net to discuss their new initiative to combine a one stop total shop for security, financial peace of mind and crypto education. So now we have 3 Founders of this business?

To persuade the listener to place their confidence in this trio, V-The Guerrilla Economist begins speaking in a voice imitative of a Middle Eastern nomad.   “Such… (laughter of the other two men, saying go for it)…such great things everyone, it is Achmed Al Kaboom coming to you on another edition of goats brussels(?) show.  Check out our many types of goats, we have hairy goats, we have little goats, big goats and goats and goats uhhuhhuhya!!(sound of goat)…we have all types of goats, my friends, these are pleasure guards(?)..once you’re done having pleasure of the goat you can decide who have to cook with you, cooking for you, and we will serve it for you at Achmed Al Kaboom’s goat emporium and brothel. yea Isis (laughter) say the word Isis and you will receive a 10 % discount.  Aloha Snackbar.  (laughter).”

This show lasts an hour, but the introduction by V has convinced me not to listen further.  I would not want to listen to, let alone, implement the advice of any of these men.

Another great motto from one who knows he could lose it all, unless of course, there are ways to hide income….

THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS, so what I want to concentrate on at this point is a “free EBook”, or rather, a 3 page article, How To Prevent A Bank Levy which has a click to download button on the Remaincalm.net/thrive page.    The author is not specified; however, this document is copyrighted 2017 by Remain Calm LLC, and is located at myfreedomnow.us/files/How to avoid a bank levy.pdf.  At this source website, there is not a direct link to this article; it is only found on the other website,  Remaincalm.net.

I am going to quote from this article, giving my comments in maroon italics.

The first paragraph states, “If you can prevent any creditor from levying against your bank account, you should.  I don’t care if you think you owe, you should always retain control of when or if you ever decide to pay any creditor, not have it taken from you like some child being punished.  The following explains how to do it.”

The first point stressed is the unjust concept of obstructing legitimate creditors from receiving what is owed them.  When the principles of “levying against a bank account” are discussed, one has to remember that such garnishments can only be done because a creditor has obtained a judgment from a court of law. Such creditors had to resort to this measure, because the debtor was irresponsible and did not pay what was owed, or did not seek an alternative payment schedule if they were suffering hardship.

Often such judgments are granted because a parent has refused to pay child support. In  that case, the Bible says that a Christian who fails to provide for their own is worse than an infidel. Also a person who has received goods and services and illegally withheld  the payment to the creditor as had been agreed upon, is committing theft, unless one has genuine hardship circumstances and has sincerely tried to arrange another payment plan with the party which was owed.

Remember that this document How to Prevent A Bank Levy has as its copyright source an LLC involving a professing Christian man who had lied about his bona fides and a former Christian Pastor who has a theology degree. “Thou that preaches a man should not steal, dost thou steal?” (Romans 2:21b)

“There are of course many variations to this and no doubt you will figure them out for yourself once you see how easily this works.  But here are the basics.  You want to receive money in the name of a third party, that you control.  The ideal structure for this, that will not change your tax situation, is the limited liability company, in any of the fifty states.”

This is the fundamental concept of what is termed “money laundering”.  While “money laundering” generally involves taking unreported cash, possibly proceeds from illegal businesses, and either hiding it, or causing it to later appear as from a legal source, the purpose noted here is to take legal income and float it through a legal instrument, where the ownership is purposely obscured. Note that both Viji Varghese and Frank DeLalla make use of LLC’s in their personal business dealings. I am not saying that they use these for the purposes stated here, but it causes one to ponder this possibility.

“How is this accomplished when your employer has to pay you in your legal name?  How is this accomplished when the payment can only be made in your legal name?  The simplest way is to find a nominee (someone who can act in your behalf using his own name with no power of attorney) who can be the signer for you on a company bank account…. of legal age, but young enough not to be involved in any collection problems of his or her own.  It can also be someone who is old enough that he won’t care what you use his name for, and trusts you, and also does not have any collection situations pending.”

In other words, someone in your family or circle of influence who can be persuaded through their youth or old age to help you out.  And since you are the one who has been so irresponsible as to get into the situation in the first place to have judgments against you, why would they trust you, unless you have  the charisma of a con artist?

“Once the account is opened, the nominee will give you total control over all of the account management functions, even though he or she can walk into the bank with photo identification and close the account, you will not be keeping much cash at all as the account is only for clearing funds…The first step is to have the nominee register an LLC with the secretary of state…Use a company name that sounds like a company, not the individual’s name for whom it will be used….The nominee should then apply for an EIN from the IRS’s official website….Once you have it, the system will generate a PDF formatted letter that you can print on paper for banking purposes….”

Once again, why would any person who is not totally gullible act as your Nominee Name, when the purpose of your actions are to hide your income from legitimate creditors who had to go to the trouble of getting a court judgment because of your not paying them as agreed to?  If you do not in fact pay off those judgments, the person acting on your behalf could get into legal trouble for agreeing to act as your cover.

“Use that letter along with the other documents such as the “mock” articles of association,…the LLC will be registered first as a single member LLC, but its operating agreement will create a multiple member LLC….The reason for organizing the LLC as a single member in the beginning is that the bank personnel will not ask for the names and identifying information of the other interested parties, it’s really for privacy.  The purpose of the “mock” operating agreement, or articles of association is to satisfy the bank’s request for it without disclosing the names of the real principals.”

Bold faced Christian lying is always a good way to witness to the lost.  Make sure you wear your “I love Jesus” T-shirt to the bank.

“There is also a method of receiving your money through a Bitcoin service and storing it in dollars using a vault service instead of a bank…”

Yep, Bitcoin is becoming very popular among black hat hackers, who want to hide their income, and are encouraging others to risk their money in this underground currency scheme. Is cryptocurrency backed by a gold standard, or is it more tenuous than a paper dollar bill?  We already know about Honor Among Thieves, having witnessed the 2012 Alternative News Media demonstration of such.

“Along with, or soon after the company is registered (but before the bank account is opened), the nominee should include a fictitious name registration….dba or doing business as…The applicant is the LLC, using its name, and the fictitious name should be the exact legal name of the individual for whom the nominee is acting. For example, if “Bill M. Smith” needs to clear checks via a bank account and avoid a levy, the company might be called XYZ Company, LLC and it is doing business as “BILL M. SMITH.  This is different than the human being known as Bill M. Smith, but will enable checks and even direct deposits to be made to BILL M. SMITH, in the company account and no one will care one bit….Any checks made payable to Bill M. Smith can then be cleared (deposited) into this company account and then the funds can be transferred however Bill Smith prefers.”

Legal sophistry in its most clever of applications. I am beginning to understand what the Bible means when it says that the love of money is the root of all evil. By doing this, your actions declare that you have chosen Mammon over God.

“Do not file a tax return for this LLC because it’s being used as a “tax flow-through” structure, just clear the funds and move them without leaving lots of cash in the LLC bank account. The only levy that this does not stop is garnishments at the source, before the check is disbursed to the payee.  That takes a different strategy which is too lengthy for me to explain here, but it is possible to prevent nearly every wage garnishment with a strategy that takes about ninety days to organize…”

Depending on how complicated your tax return is, this could prove to be a snag in the sweater, which unravels at some point.

“Once this is established, it’s possible to further utilize this LLC and bank account to eliminate wage garnishments or at least dramatically reduce them.  In most cases, wage garnishments from W-4/W-2 type income can be eliminated completely.  If you have 1099 income, it is certain that we can eliminate any attachments to that as well….We have an additional structure that used for simply clearing funds in the bank so that the funds are not received in your legal name….This trust was very carefully written by an attorney and we cannot publish it in this booklet, but please ask us as http://www.myfreedomnow.us and we can discuss it with you…This process I just explained will prevent bank levies from literally anyone in the world, unless the levy is against the LLC or settlement trust itself.

Remember these declarations of V The Guerrilla Economist, on the day when his idle words come back to haunt him.












30 thoughts on “V-The Guerrilla Economist and Frank DeLalla of Remain Calm LLC: The Devil Is In The Details

  1. Hey Steve,

    How ironic is this. Just got this in my mailbox as I’m sure you did. Again, something’s brewing in the spiritual realm. Personally, I disagree with her opening point or assumption, that someone like V or others are pulling the wool over SQ’s eyes. She’s got a good detective nose, but she’s still shortsighted or misinformed. To suggest an amateur like V could use SQ is naive. There have been too many V types over the years to make that statement, unless SQ is as stupid as he looks, and I don’t buy it. Guile be thy middle name.

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Right? Moreover, I don’t believe for a moment that V made anything close to $6 million on his short affair with SQ. Bullshit takes different shapes and sizes, and by its very nature and definition loves to exaggerate.

    David 😇

    Sent from my iPad


    • Well, perhaps I love the irony of a nobody fooling the man who seems to outlast them all in this long running 25 year career of cut throat conspiracy theorists. Don’t underestimate the humor of God in using a fool like V to eventually bring down the hubris of a very clever man.

  2. Haven’t watched H&H in a looong time now. Perused their YT video file for potentially interesting guests awhile back and found nobody I recognized or topics that looked interesting. They were still associating with The HealthMaster at that time. Can’t stomach the guy. Dave Hodges has been off my radar as well. Feels good to be apart from that nonsense.

  3. v was on coast to coast just a few weeks ago. i was shocked.
    the man has no shame. talking like he knows everything. how do shows like that work? do you pay to go on or do they pay you to appear?

    • I do not know how these shows work, but I do see that they constantly have to have guests, and it is interesting that their pool of guests are all connected in some kind of bond of loyalty. Those who will not play the game will not be “interviewed”. Last year I had been invited to be a guest on an Alt. Media show, but it was under the condition that I not talk about Steve Quayle, Alex Jones and others I have written about. I said, No thanks. What would have been the point of being on a show if I could not freely express my opinion? These are not real interviews. No real questions are asked. Yes, V has no shame…so how does he manage to get a group of persons contributing to his Rogue Money website? Is this just a ridiculous cover for some other type of money operation going on?

      • if you listened to c2c that night, you would believe he is some kind of professional in the world of economics. i listen to that show because i work nights, but it is purely for entertainment believe me. you right about that specific little cabal of alt. media- they are so tight they could urinate through the same straw if i may be so gross- we used to say that a different way when i was younger. they are very careful to shield each other from any public perception of criticism or disagreement.
        one night about three or four callers in a row managed to get through and put steve quayle sidekick tim alberino through a little bit of criticism- he didn’t handle it well at all, and they quit taking calls.

      • can someone give me a clear concise criticism of what Quayle is doing? It would seem as a casual observer that Quayle uses money to gain influence over people he thinks it will benefit him to do so. For ex. the Hagman guy and David Lankford which is helps him have credibility with ‘the church’ Am I wrong? And does anyone know details of specific examples? Thanks guys. Im just a guy that knows something with Quayle doesnt smell right. Ive been smelling it for months. I just want details and facts.

      • Paul, my personal issue with Quayle is that he uses a Jesus + Fear = Profit business model. I didn’t see through him until two things happened: 1) My local church youth pastor looked at me like I was an idiot when I talked about 350 foot tall giants and told me no such claim about giants is supported by the Bible. Most of Quayle’s esoteric Bible claims come from the sacred texts of other religions or apocryphal/Gnostic texts, especially the Book of Enoch. 2) I noticed Quayle would call doom and gloom then offer to be our savior by running blatant “time is limited, call now” infomercials for prepper products on the Hagmann’s show.

        A common complaint about Quayle is also that he encourages people to buy silver which he conveniently sells. What he ships is junk silver coins. Apparently, the AARP published an article on their site warning against buying junk silver because its so hard to determine the objective value of it unless you’re a coin connoisseur, it’s too easy for the sellers to scam the buyers. Quayle has faced multiple accusations of under packing silver coins to his customers and marking flawed coins as being in mint condition. Sadly, his biggest customers are elderly widows. He’s riding many of his listeners into a state of financial folly. It’s unclear if these accusations against Quayle are valid, however, at least one person is or was considering taking Quayle to court on the issue.

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  5. Paul, you ask for a clear concise criticism of what Quayle is doing…details of specific examples and facts. One must remember that the overall complaint about SQ involves years of activity, not just one isolated event which is the summation of the whole.

    I have written a number of articles on SQ and others in his circle since 2/20/2015. Although a personal commentary, my style of writing for this blog is to build upon a foundation of evidence and proof acquired from open sources. This evidence is primarily the written and recorded spoken words of the person I am discussing, including the context in which the words are said, along with any legal records of interest. I avoid hearsay and private communications.

    Steve Quayle has a 25 year history as a businessman, radio personality, author, and Christian leader; thus radio and short wave broadcasts prior to the internet are not well documented in the public realm. About 2012 or so, I became interested in SQ after reading that he said he would put up a red screen on his website about 2 weeks prior to the collapse of America. That piqued my curiosity, and so I also discovered the Hagmann & Hagmann radio show, as well. At that time this broadcast was 2 hours long, then it went to 3, and now I hear it is 4 hours a night, five days a week. That is a lot of “hearing” if one is an avid follower.

    Luke 18:18 warns, “Take heed therefore how ye hear: for whosoever hath, to him shall be given; and whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken even that which he seemeth to have”. Thus if one wants to discuss the sins of the Christian Alternative Media, sooner or later, the sins of the listeners need to be addressed, as well.

    My first commentary on Quayle, Hagmann, Lankford and Tom Horn was a reaction to the extreme hubris displayed by these so-called Watchmen of God as they presented on 2/10/2015 a public spoken and written judgment against two named individuals. After that, I spent 2 years examining the Christian Alternative Media during that present time frame, as well as looking into the past. I began to receive emails giving the personal testimony of a number of persons who had suffered financially as well as psychologically from their long term exposure to the constant bombardment of fear based propaganda and survival based merchandising which was being promoted throughout all of Alt Media, and tele-evangelism, but the primary Christian circle of radio based fear-mongers was the Quayle/Hagmann group working in conjunction the intersecting circle of that one man show, Alex Jones.

    The reason why Quayle can be viewed as a major leader in this phenomena has to do with his overall expertise in all aspects of it: the use of Biblical judgments and prophecies, his own claim to be an anointed Watchman who received direct prophetic words from God, his former survival foods business, his present precious metals and guns businesses, his radio and oratorical skills, his books, his radio host friends…which by the way, many can be traced back to Coast2Coast AM, which appears to have roots in covert government operations. There have been many trying to climb this rocky mountain, but it seems that Steve Quayle has prevailed because of the diversity of his skills, his shrewdness, and his ability to intimidate his adversaries into silence.

    Hagmann and Lankford have been partners with Quayle going back 20-25 years; together they have set up some sort of “brotherhood” arrangement, a circle of trust whose unity is a visible presence on the internet. To comprehend the impact which their fear based propaganda has been successful, one has to look at the parts and then see how they relate to the whole.

    Steve Quayle has stated that he does not attend a local church. His example has been to have Pastor Lankford on the Hagmann show and to conduct “religious services” which have included communion with their listeners. In one instance, SQ dumped dirt on his head as part of a communion service. He has suggested that his audience tithe to this group, as if they are a church.

    If you desire to comprehend the whole package, seek out shows from 2012 where V the guerrilla economist and W the intelligence Insider, and Tom Horn were promoting the Mayan calendar, and the end of the American economy. While the specifics of the drama may change, there is a similar technique which is employed which was also seen during Y2K, and other historical event based promotions.

    One of the problems with American Christians is a lack of discipline when it comes to individual study of the Bible. The other is a willingness to allow hirelings prominence over the body of Christ, who bring in heretical beliefs. Perhaps this widespread deception festers, as it is a judgment from on high; however, that does not excuse those who are the Deceivers. The present group of Christian Alt Media leaders are aging, their day is about done, and a younger group will take their place. Study the behavior of this older group, as future devilish PSY-OPS will be launched from this foundation. The worst is yet to come, and who is willing to speak out against it?

    • Ms Weaver thanks for your lengthy response. I had a conversation with David Lankford a couple of years ago and I was very nice and very respectful and he cussed me out. I still have all the emails from that. It just left me in shock. I dont know why. Its not like hes the first fake guy ive come across. Its just so opposite of what he tries to portray online. It made me so mad I actually threatened to put it online. I didnt. I dont want to lash out of anger. I really want do the right thing and remain right with God in the process of dealing with things that are clearly wrong. Ive had concerns about Quayle and Hagman and Lankford for a several months.
      I warned Alberino to get out back in the spring and he didnt respond to that particular email. I think hes pretty much trapped. Ive known a lot of guys like Quayle. Theyre hard to get away from. I know ministers and ministries that shell out thousands of dollars a month to keep a tight reign on people who know too much. I get the feeling Quayle uses money to influence people. It also seems to me that Quayle, Hagman and Lankford are more involved than people know. My question has just been What are they involved in? Ive worked at big ministries I can smell this stuff from a mile away. I smell it all over these guys. I just need facts. thanks again for your time.

      • I know of others who have had an identical thing happen to them, and it shocked and depressed them. My experience with this type of thing came when I was in the Independent Fundamental Baptist churches years ago. It caused me to search the scriptures on men who enter the church privily in order to undermine it, as we see in 2 Peter 2 and Jude. There are things which are difficult to find out, fact wise. What I have discovered is that if I apply Biblical standards to the facts that I do know, God will judge the hidden part which has not been revealed to me. Please use your insights to pursue your line of inquiry, as it is that type of concern for the church which protects it from evil men.

  6. Oh and im also pretty sure he has people reporting back to him from blogs like this. Tell Steve I said hi and you can also tell him I have absolutely no fear of him or his ‘lawyers’ I know how this stuff works. Ive been beyond the veil. So dont send me any threats or any nasty emails warning me or threatening. Im past all that nonsense. Thats the problem with having guys who call themselves ‘Watchers’ You need people watching the watchers and then people watching those watchers and then even still people watching those watchers. And thats the way its supposed to be. I dont care how many people ‘youve gotten saved’ Doesnt impress me one bit nor does it give you cart blanche to excuse questionable business practices that even make you uncomfortable. Im personally sick of all this crap. Nor do you have any power or special access to the judgement roll of God to expel curses or judgements on anyone. All youre doing is heaping judgement on your own heads. So you can report that back to Steve. Nobodys stupid. At least nobodys as stupid as you hope they are. So if you want to report back to ‘master’ You can tell that all that to ‘master’
    I have a master too. And Hes bigger than your master.

      • well i didnt say that trying to be big and bad or whatever. Ive had 3 different people tell me about how they were treated by Quayle over nothing. One guy uploaded one of his True Legends vids on his youtube channel and he said Quayle sent him a really mean email and then he got an email from someone claiming to be Quayles lawyer threatening him. I asked the guy ‘Did he ever thank you for buying his dvd?’ The guy said ‘No, never’ I then asked the guy ‘Did Quayle ever just ask you nicely to take it down?’ The guy said ‘No’ Again, I was just shocked. I guess thats what made start asking questions about the guy. That just makes no sense whatsoever. I talked to this guy for about an hour. Nice guy. Owns his own business. Just thought he was helping spread the word about something he felt was important. Of course, I told him why Quayle wanted him to take it down but i completely disagreed with how he went about it. Inexcusable. I actually offered to call Quayle and confront him about it but the guy wanted no part of it. Quayle scared the crap out of this guy. I did my best to explain that he was just flexing muscles because he can but this guy was traumatized by that experience. And theres two more people I know that had similar experiences. Like I said, Ive worked at mega ministries. Ive behind the veil. Id be the one guy Quayle would be just unlucky enough to try that crap on. It angers me just sitting here writing about it honestly. I have no patience for the strong trying to intimidate the innocent. That guy meant no harm. And Quayle could just have easily said ‘Hey, thanks for placing enough value on what were doing to buy my DVD but I need you to take it down. We want to do more of these and we cant do it if people dont pay for it’ Thats nice, straight forward and to the point. What Quayle reminded me of the email I got from ‘Pastor’ Lankford. Just burned me up. No excuse. I have a reflex to things like that. I have no fear of confrontation whatsoever. I could tell people some stories that would make their toenails curl. I just dont have any fear of these guys at all.

  7. There is a delusional aspect to the cursing which comes from Quayle, Lankford and Hagmann which is highly troubling. Quayle is being sued by one person, yet he refers to the plaintiff as a cabal, and he has referred to several persons as being a part of that “cabal” which in fact have nothing to do with the lawsuit. We are seeing the reprobate mind in action. I am always glad when men do confront this type of person. As a woman, having a man double my size curse and threaten me is something I am unequipped to handle. Several years ago I ran up against a similar type of man as these three, who because he could not effectively curse me, cursed my youngest daughter who cannot stand up against that type of onslaught. I was surprised at the devilish power that was brought to bear against us, that the Lord allowed. But perhaps He allowed it, so I would understand the deep reality of this mindset, and I would not exalt their authority.

    • Somewhere in the comments of this blog (I’d have to go digging) is the general discourse I had with Lankford. I had purchased from him the DVD that outlines his End Times scenario, called, “The Great Tribulation or the Wrath of God?” I had some questions, specifically concerning interpretation of some key passages in Daniel and Revelation. Won’t get into that, but he kept obliquely referring me to Scripture that didn’t really answer my questions. I pressed him kindly with additional questions, thanking him for taking the time, as “iron sharpens iron”, but after only a couple emails, he suddenly and brashly tells me that he has no more time for me, as if I’m just a troll or a moron who will never get it. It didn’t strike me as a Pastorly approach to a brother in Christ with honest questions.

      • karl – thats essentially what happened with me. I was asking Lankford about some of his interpretations of Scripture that are clearly not uniform with other Scriptures that point to the same thing. He responded with an email basically telling me that God told him theres no rapture because he went on a fast and felt like there was no rapture as a result of that fast. So i very respectfully told him that it is not Scriptural to ‘fast’ to be given the truth about something that is already written throughout 1500 years of Scripture. We dont fast to find out whether or not God wants the lost saved. We dont fast to find out whether or not theres a 1000 year reign. We dont fast to find out things that are clearly written in Scripture. We have the Holy Spirit. He is our teacher. His response to that was to cuss me out in an email. I kept all those emails because you never know. Ive heard Lankford say many things about the Rapture and Eschatology that are just clearly not Scriptural even if you only have a casual familiarity with Eschatology. Anytime somebody says ‘Well, this is what God told me and you can screw off’ Theres other problems going on. Ive heard these guys threaten people and ‘curse’ people and use Scripture to do it. Theres absolutely no excuse for that. Tom Horn is the guy I dont get. Tom isnt a dumb guy. And theres been times Ive watch Tom tolerating Quayle. I mean its obvious in his body language. Theres something tying those guys together that has nothing to do with giants or the Bible. Usually, its money. Tom seems to me to be a like guy who likes money. Thats a weakness thats easy to use for your own purposes if doing so is your own weakness

        • Yeah, you know, I have been a bit angry, maybe just extremely disappointed, with some of the folks who I have admired over the years, when I discover they are just completely fallible human beings like the rest of us. I try not to be bitter, but just move on to keep from wallowing in my poor judgment and misplaced trust. I have heard Lankford give some seriously inspired scriptural discourses, but then go to his weekly sermons and frequently find him condescending and portraying an angry and vengeful God. What about the God of Love, and Forgiveness, and Mercy, and Grace? You don’t find those words in Lankford’s’vocabulary. He knows an angry God. His message is Hell Fire. And the Way is what he perceives it. You wouldn’t find a loving and merciful Savior in the sermons of David Lankford. Only a message to a Christian world in disarray and danger of judgment.

          There is one thing I return to time and again in my daily life concerning DL, and it is when I take the time to remember and thank God for every meal I consume. David once said (paraphrasing), “I don’t eat so much as a peanut butter and cheese cracker without thanking God, because you don’t know if the cracker is the one that will kill you.” Again, it is a paraphrase, but the meaning he was trying to convey was that it was in the “thanking” that made the food safe to eat. It’s an odd thing to propose, I think. Did Jesus say that we thank The Father to avoid food poisoning? I still thank God at every meal, but do I believe that the act of doing so renders, in some supernatural way, safe to eat? I don’t think that is the point of thanking God. It’s a strange world that DL, SQ, and others live in. I thank God, because, well, I’m thankful! Not as some sort of spell to cast over questionable food. Kind of a rant, but there it is…

  8. btw – John is my real name. Paul is my brothers name. I started my youtube channel with his gmail account. I used that email here also. Just so theres no confusion! So im both people. lol.

  9. Karl – Ive observed that people are really good at developing their game face. People get good at putting it on. Its how pastors who are 4 years into an illicit affair continue to function each and every weekend. And sometimes that game face has a reverse effect. It can actually make people think theyre ok. If you dressed up like a wizard everyday for the next 36 months at some point you might actually think youre a wizard. People put these things on and at some point it also works in reverse and that creates an environment of insulation and isolation. That why accountability is important.

  10. Thank you for exposing this brood of vipers.
    One thing I’d like to make you aware of. M. E. at revelationnow is not totally innocent himself.
    He states in his first post about the fraudster “V” that he and his wife were friends with him and then he started with the Hagmanns, and M. E. was concerned about him drifting away from the Lord. Being his friend he had to know that V was portraying himself to be something he wasn’t.
    Back at the time I was a daily listener to Hagmann. I remember when V first showed up. Later down the road, V got Doug to bring M.E. on the show, saying “a friend” had made some incredible discoveries on the $100 bill, and I listened to that show and the others that M.E. was on.
    So what I’m saying is this, M.E. went on the show with FULL knowledge of V’s fraud and wasn’t exposing it at that time. It was only later that he started exposing them. The thing about it is, if he’s such a morally good person, WHY did he go on these shows in the first place?? He was trying to climb aboard with them and something went amiss. ONLY THEN did he start exposing them. So to think M.E. is squeaky clean in all of this is just not so. I’m glad he exposed them, but his hands are dirty too, and he’s pretending their not.

    • Sandy, when Hagmann and Quayle published their judgment against 2 persons on Feb. 10, 2015, it altered the spiritual backdrop of the Hagmann show and of several persons who had associations with them. I am aware of numerous interactions behind the scenes which went on for months, as light was beginning to be shed on the so called Inner Circle. It has taken awhile, but slowly some have repented of their prior complicity in this whole fake insider aspect to the Hagmann show. I truly hope that the Lord blows this whole thing apart, as much of this was done in the name of Jesus Christ. However, even today, Hagmann claims that he presents a Christian world view of the news. Your observations are identical to what some others have thought., and have communicated to me. I think that there are many who have dirty hands because of the frauds which were allowed to continue unchecked for so long. I wish I could give you a more precise response, and perhaps one day I can explain publicly some of the complexities of this entire matter.

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