Jason Goodman Writes The Attorney of Robert David Steele and has filed the Federal Court with a Motion For Sanctions

On September 30, 2017, Jason Goodman published a video on his Crowdsource The Truth channel called,  #fakelawsuit:  The Impotent Psychological Warfare of The Robber David Who Steals, (1.08.47 minutes in length). In this video Goodman has a discussion with Queen Tut, and he displays documents relating to the lawsuit involving him as a defendant, linked here:   Letter to Biss Rule 11.pdf. 

I am not going to comment on these documents other than to say that I am glad that Jason Goodman has organized his thoughts on this matter in writing and is confronting the plaintiff and his attorney in a formal, professional manner.

The first document is a formal letter to Steven S. Biss, the attorney for Robert David Steele and Earth Intelligence Network, explaining why he believes he is warranted in filing a Rule 11 Sanctions motion with the court.  The second document represents the actual Motion For Sanctions which is being filed in this case. It is now up to the Plaintiff and his attorney, and the Judge residing over this civil case to respond.

Those of us who find this case interesting, look forward to knowing whether this lawsuit has merit and will proceed, or whether it will be judged to be a frivolous lawsuit.  Either way, it will be an education for those layman interested in the legal boundaries of public speech. As for me, I intend to read these two documents closely, and noting what questions are raised.  From there I will be doing further reading for understanding; especially online articles written by lawyers who are able to discuss the legal theories behind these issues.  May truth and order prevail.











5 thoughts on “Jason Goodman Writes The Attorney of Robert David Steele and has filed the Federal Court with a Motion For Sanctions

  1. Steele is an attention seeking ego maniac. If you want to bring your blog to his attention, surely he’d take the time to defend himself before you.

  2. Steele is a long-time published author with a string of books and op-ed pieces; and has done interviews by the truckload. He claims to have actually crafted and implemented “false flags and psyops” WHILE employed at the CIA. Presumably on “company time” and by assignment. He must receive a generous government pension in his retirement? They should be forced to “confirm or deny” this, although I doubt that will ever be possible short of a military coup d’etat. Please note how EASY they make it to do any simple search on his name or material. So his career is very much supported and advanced by the algorithms that return search results for Google and the other engines.
    Similarly, he gets major promotion on youtube. So there is definitely someone or something “behind” Steele, well beyond his personal scope, span and reach. That is what we should be examining and identifying. As well as categorizing the methods deployed and agendas advanced.

    • i don’t recall the details but he’s discussed his post CIA and post-Contractor “poverty” during HOPE conferences where he just blathers on about stuff he read in political science and economic books as if he’s an authoritative expert and people automatically believe him because he sounds authoritative. It was also during a HOPE lecture that someone in the audience quizzed him about his being a top Amazon book reviewer and Steele admitted he buys but doesn’t read all the books he reviews.

      It sounds like Steele quit the CIA before earning a pension. He claims to have been in the top 10% of case officers so one has to suspect that he left the organization due to personality conflicts. He also had numerous contractor jobs but seems unable to get re-hired in the field.

      Who knows the degree to which he participated in any psyop or false flag. a psyop can be as simple as studying the psychology of a mark and then tricking him into working for an employer other than yours. it doesn’t necessarily mean any kind of grand scale operation. If you want to know about CIA psyop and false flag events listen to Phil Agee and John Stockwell on Alternative Views or read the second half of Agee’s book “Inside the Company”.

  3. wow i just realized this post is about Kevin Shipp’s “Intelligence Assessment” buddy. Shipp is psychologically pretty close to Steele except that Shipp has a legitimate deathly beef with the CIA. Both men have a strong tendency to latch onto rumors or accusations by powerful people as hard evidence of a conspiracy. The neurotic Goodman seems to use Shipp’s semi-credibility as a vehicle for spreading anti-Western propaganda and rumors. It’s telling that Bill Binney in a recent “Whistle Blower Pannel” with Shipp, Binney and Kerikou (sp?) scoffed at Goodman’s constant pressure for conspiratorial answers.

    Speaking of Steele, after listening to some of his more recent content (in one case he claims the Hawaii emergency broadcast alerts were caused by an Israeli ICBM launch which was intercepted by the DoD), it’s clear Steele does talk to some credible people far more intelligent than himself on economic and political matters. He’s one of the few that offer seemingly viable alternatives to the current deficiencies of the political and economic system. I can’t think of anyone else with Steele’s pop-culture reach that is proposing solutions rather than just describing the problem perpetually (eg Chomsky). Steele also has the backing of a powerful segment of the nebulous hacker community and claims to be supported by two billionaires. The hacker community is particularly advantageous as an ally if only because they tend to be bored, idealistic, brilliant, and recipient to six figure salaries they don’t quite know how to spend.

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