Operation COFFEE, TEA, OR ME?

After taking a two month reprieve from the world of Christian Alternative Media,  I have decided to explore the world of 9/11 Truth-tellers. It has been many years since I have gone through the internet articles on this subject,  but as I recall,  everyone, no matter what theories they present,  considers themselves to be part of a “Truth” movement.

The September 11, 2001 attack on American economic and military iconic structures represented layer upon layer of criminal acts involving treason, murder, property destruction, guile and the mockery of justice and judgment.  The complexity of events on that day reflect a sort of mad genius as it affected the three levels of our world: the physical, the spiritual realm, and that of the human soul, itself. In the world of the occult sorcerer, this type of mastery is rewarded with a Triple Golden Crown representing the rulership of those three levels.  In truth, however, what was planned and executed was nothing to boast of, but represented the evil machinations of a coordinated group deserving of justice and a severe judgment.

I am going to start my 9/11 journey at the McGhee Tyson Airport, which is a public and military airport in Blount County, Tennessee. Why here?   Well, the first topic I want to consider involves Rebekah Roth and her radio co-host and husband, RamJet. And when I went to the internet to try to decipher what the letters in their self-publishing company, KTYS Media stood for, the only thing which popped up was the ICAO(International Civil Aviation Organization) airport code KTYS for the McGhee Tyson Airport. It is one of those odd coincidences, in that I have done several posts connected to this locality. But let us head on out from here to Las Vegas, Nevada where KTYS Media presumably had its start.

Michael Allen Harris AKA RamJet, radio co-host with Rebekah Roth


Rebekah Roth is the pen name of a woman who claims to have 30 years experience as an airline stewardess and international purser. She refuses to provide any proof, and says she worries about those nefarious three digit government agencies discovering her true identity.  As usual, they already know who she is and where she lives, and it is the rest of us who are left to search the net for clues.

Both husband and wife are fiction writers who have based their books on their personal experiences.  They self publish under the company,  KTYS Media.  I could not locate this business name in the Nevada Secretary of State business entity online records, even though this company claims it was located in Las Vegas. No one seems to know what KTYS stands for.

So since  we are about to take a flight of fancy involving the unprovable bona fides of Rebekah Roth’s airlines career, and her husband has a Facebook page called RamJet, which uses the aircraft photo above, let us see what KTYS Media is all about.

KTYS Media has designed their logo to highlight their name in a black, feminine script with a red heart motif supported by the letter Y. These letters are on a white background with a red border, overlaying a black background. Underneath, KTYSMedia claims to publish “Books that Invoke a Change of Heart or a Change of Mind“. The only book this website links to is  Methodical Illusion, written by Rebekah Roth with a publication date of November 3, 2014.

However, the website for KTYSMedia.com was created on January 22, 2010, almost 5 years earlier. On June 18, 2010 this Boutique Publishing House published a book called Windsweeping by Michael A. Harris.

The description of this novel at Amazon.com says, Windsweeping is driving a high performance vehicle with no particular destination in mind and absolutely no time constraint beckoning a return.  It is accomplished with a rather eclectic selection of music playing in the background as the experience evolves into the arena in which ideas are born, decisions are made and life is allowed to be filtered through an ambiance of solitude.  Following the death of his mentor, David Jarvis goes Windsweeping in an effort to put his life back into perspective.  Only this Windsweeping excursion isn’t like anything he has ever experienced.  Ultimately, he understands that men do not inherently know how to love and he welcomes an invitation to be taught all the dimensions of love by a woman whose gifts transcend time and space. Learning how to love others alters every aspect of David’s life and eventually leads him to recognize the woman of his dreams.  Windsweeping is a love story every woman will embrace, but it is written from a man’s perspective allowing all men everywhere to finally comprehend what the women in their lives have been trying to instill in them long before they were even born.

Michael Allen Harris AKA RAMJET,  the radio co-host of Rebekeh Roth, author of Methodical Illusion

In a video promoting his book, Michael Harris tries to display a casual sophistication which is appealing to women desperate to have a real conversation with a man. He does not appear to fit his image of himself as a macho RamJet;  however, he does manage to get 11 five star ratings from his eleven groupies on his Amazon.com book page.

In an article dated December 24, 2015, TruthRadioFrequency.com posted an expose by someone named Luckee 1 entitled, THIS IS TRUTH FREQUENCY! SCAMMERS WILL BE EXPOSED. The scammers are none other than Rebekah Roth and Michael A. Harris. This article reproduces a partial copy of an About Michael A. Harris page from freado.com/read/7572/windsweeping, which now cannot be found at the original site.

What was stated at freado.com about the author of Windsweeping is this: Michael grew up in the San Francisco bay area in the late sixties and early seventies.  He worked for a miniature golf course company through high school and during the summers in college.  That job allowed him to travel throughout California and Arizona and instilled in him a love for driving alone on long lonely stretches of road.  He holds a bachelors degree in Political Science and received an MBA from Arizona State.  Most of his career centered in the creation and development of software companies in the state of Washington.  He speaks fluent Finnish and would welcome any conversation in that unique language.  He is married to KoreAnn and has five grown children and a cat named CeeCee. His passion is to write and windsweep the rest of his life.

It appears that this is a second marriage for Michael Harris and for his present wife, KoreAnn, who had been previously married to an Iranian man. At some point the Harrises entered into a venture selling essential oils and had a website PhiXYourHealth.com which they created on March 14, 2013. They produced some videos to sell their products, displaying the photo shown above of Michael A. Harris and someone named Monika Gainor, who has the same voice as Rebekah Roth.

This same photo also is displayed elsewhere as representing KoreAnn Ashlie, who held a real estate broker license #79620 in Washington State which was first issued on Nov. 12, 2004 and expired Dec. 25, 2009.

After Rebekah Roth began promoting her 9/11 based novel Methodical Illusion via numerous Alternative Media radio hosts, some began to question her multiple identities and credentials. One of the best of these investigations was done by Kurt Richard Haskell who published this expose on his Facebook page.

In addition to exploring the question of whether Rebekeh Roth ever was an airline stewardess as she claims, Haskell takes the reader through his various findings on her many aliases. Kurt  Haskell makes an interesting observation about Michael Harris, the husband of Rebekah Roth AKA Monika Gainor AKA KoreAnn Ashlie/Harris AKA Sara, etc. etc. Windsweeping, as well as the Methodical Illusion series, are fiction based on the author’s real experiences, and we are left to our own devices trying to discern fiction from fact.

Haskell comments,  “Michael A. Harris talks about how he developed a software program to determine if people are lying by compiling all data related to them.  This sounds like something the CIA/NSA would do and by his own words the book is based on real events”.

Rebekah Roth makes reference in her first novel to her husband’s book Windsweeping and to the essential oils products they sold.   I cannot understand why she claims she is safeguarding the identity of her family by using a pen name, when she herself reveals verifiable links to her family.

There does not seem to be any proof that Rebekah Roth spent 30 years as an airline stewardess and international purser, although several persons have requested such information from her.   So if her bona fides are a figment of an active imagination, and she has a history of using multiple identities, perhaps all such data should be analyzed by her husband’s software program to determine if she fits the profile of a Liar.

In addition to writing 3 novels, Methodical Illusion (November 3, 2014), Methodical Deception (August 28, 2015), and Methodical Conclusion (July 12, 2016), Rebekah Roth offers subscriptions, the highest membership costing $75/year,  so that one can gain the “privilege” of going behind the scenes to her Behind The Galley Curtain where insider information, including daily morning news commentaries by her and RamJet can be heard.  These marketing geniuses have not only offered their 9/11 theories for a price, but they have priced the Kindle copy of her book at $9.11, which is certainly an indicator of the lighthearted approach they take to that infamous day of injustice.

Rebekah Roth was subject to several exposes by Alternative Media radio hosts and stations at the end of 2015, but here we are almost a year and a half later, and certain radio hosts still have her on their shows, without addressing the peculiarities of her personal story.

Who endorsed her first book in the beginning, lending credibility to the Rebekah Roth façade?  Why Douglas J. Hagmann and John B. Wells, of course. These two men are also known for coming to the aid of Mike Kerr AKA Mike Whitestone, who also had a reputational problem.  And then there was that promotion by these two radio hosts of that fraud known to most as V-the Guerrilla Economist.  The written endorsements, can be found at  readroth.com.As seen below in the second endorsement, an anonymous pilot gives is afraid to give his name.  What kind of endorsement is that? But the most interesting endorsement is the first one.This first endorsement is from Barbara Honegger, former White House Policy Analyst and Dept. of Defense Sr. Military Affairs Journalist 2000-2011.  Barbara Honegger has quite a long and distinguished career in the public eye. Here is a photo of Barbara Honegger as she gave a speech in recent years on 9/11 in Seattle.

Barbara Honneger speaking in Seattle on the events of 9/11

Rebekeh Roth on the April 7, 2017 Hagmann Report

When I compared the above two photos, I felt prompted to ask, has Rebekah Roth colored and styled her hair, chosen a similar red lipstick and a similar eye glass frame so that she looks like Barbara Honegger?  What happened to the blond Monika Gainor/ KoreAnn Ashlie look?  This woman is a Mistress of Disguises.  Perhaps she wants you to subconsciously place her on the same level of expertise as Barbara Honegger.  Rebekeh Roth hides her 9/11 theories in a fictional format, to exempt herself from footnotes and other research paper requirements, and refuses to provide evidence of her bona fides; yet she claims that she is a 9/11 expert.

On this flight of fancy, it appears we cannot get a decent cup of coffee or tea, only the “me” of a fictional stewardess story. Go read the “Look Inside” pages of Methodical Illusion at Amazon.com.  What you will find at the very beginning of this novel is a racy portrayal of the life of airline stewardesses and pilots.

In the next post I am going to review the  April 4, 2017 Hagmann Report video interview of Rebekah Roth, and listen to what she says.







18 thoughts on “Operation COFFEE, TEA, OR ME?

  1. Shortly after hearing “Rebecca Roth’s” searing and convincing testimony, a few years, back (and passing it along to others) I became aware of some sites that were highly critical of her story and even went so far as to say she was an “operative” of some sort.

    Do I believe the official narrative? No. Do I think an airplane completely buried itself in a Pennsylvania field, and that no excavation was done to protect the memories of those who died? No.

    One of the claims that RR makes is that the supposed in-flight cell phone calls that were included in the record could NOT HAVE HAPPENED because of the altitude, is interesting to me. I think about it almost every time I fly.

    So, I guess what I’m saying is that while I may not believe every talking head out there, I also am open to the idea that what we know isn’t so.

  2. Much of what Rebekeh Roth relies on for her theory was already discussed extensively long before she came on the scene, and it was presented in a factual way without being padded by a fictional drama. So why was she promoted by the Christian Alt Media is a question that needs addressing, particularly since she is merchandising a tragic event in American history. There are many persons who have discussed all of these questions, providing facts and data, on forums and essays for free on the internet. One of the objections to Haskell and others who questioned the authenticity of the person hiding behind the pen name Rebekeh Roth, was that if the truth is spoken by a hooker, so what? Aren’t the facts the only important thing? Well, sometimes a jury has to rely on an eye witness account given by a hooker who has little credibility, but RR is not giving a first hand witness statement, and she has not established herself as an expert witness. So her credibility and “expertise” are important matters, as a liar who is deceitfully handling the truth is not someone we should be respecting.

  3. I remember listening to RR on the Hagmann’s on the way home from a short trip. I was fascinated by her testimony and was sucked right in to this. After listening I had a conversation with a friend who WAS an airline stewardess and was upset about something she said and we kind of had an argument. This has been awhile now, so I don’t remember the argument.
    Finding out about all her aliases, etc. it seems she is highly intelligent and has figured out with the use of technology how to scam people. When Private Investigators who are supposed to be very good at uncovering the truth don’t do their homework and still promote someone begs the question if they are jumping on to make lots of money also. Look at all the stuff uncovered about Sheila Zilinski and they still promote her along with others. When these things happen their motives are exposed.
    I have talked to people who still say RR is who she says and that she has to conceal her identity from the ptb.
    It seems that when people wake up to deception of the gov, etc. they think everything they have ever known is a lie…and they replace the truth of many things with new lies. Also, they come under people who say that you should get your truth from them and only them.
    When alt med takes truth and blends with lies to snare people and make a huge profit it is quite grievous. They have lied so much they even believe it…just like the people they are trying to expose. If you say anything about these “anointed” people you better watch out.

    • Interesting that you chose the word “anointed”. I was listening to a broadcast the other day that broke down the meaning of Matthew 24:4-5

      4 And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.
      5 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.

      The Greek for Christ literally translates as “anointed”, as many know. What is usually assumed is that Jesus is saying that people will come saying they are THE Christ, but I always found it difficult to believe that people would believe that. I mean there are lots of kooks out there who say that, and only a few gullible people actually fall for it. So, if we read that verse in the context of people claiming that they are “anointed”, then we ave a pretty clear example today.

      Later on in the same chapter:

      11 And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.

      Anointed Watchmen? Anointed by whom?

      • Good points, Karl. On forums defending watchman we know, some will say we are not to criticize them because they are anointed and use that verse…”…touch not thy anointed”. I can’t say any of the gang I used to listen to have described themselves as anointed…but people defending them have.

  4. Every Christian is anointed by virtue of having the Holy Spirit. We either are, or we are not…the Lord will back up the authority of those who are his, so we need not force it upon others.

  5. Everything about Roth suggests intelligence training. It’s not clear if she was taught by family, her husband, or a former employer. It’s also worth noting that many retired and discredited intelligence agents get around censorship by merging fact with fiction. I think Roth’s worth is historical fiction but it’s intriguing that both her husband and herself use this relatively uncommon fictional narrative method. Notable examples of the technique include such authors as Ian Flemming (James Bond series), John LeCarre, and Fredrick Forsyth.

    • Karl, Ahem, ….what’s the big idea of promoting Sheila’s vacation scheme here at Tracking the Leopard Meroz? And you gave the link to her site, so her viewer numbers go up? Did you promote my vacation special on her site? The deal here is that if you subscribe for free to this blog, and come to my house and personally convince my husband that normal people actually read my blog, I will show you were you can get a free 5-day cruise on a paddleboat on one of the local mosquito-infested lakes in Southern MS. I’m with DarL-to where is Sheila’s vacation? And what are the terms?

    • OK, I listened to the first few minutes. The True Legends Grand Prize Giveaway? I take it that someone other than Sheila Zilinsky is underwriting the cost of the air fare and hotel, in an effort to help her out. Most likely, Steve Quayle, as he has come to her rescue in times past.

      What people will do to boost their numbers on YouTube! Last year when I was perusing FB and the lesser lights in Alt Media, I was told that many radio hosts boost their FB group members using unscrupulous tactics, and use computer programs to push their websites up in the Google and Alexa rankings. I have grown suspicious of all such numbers and the marketing tactics which create listener and reader numbers which in reality do not exist.

      By the way, Sheila’s voice seems different than what I remembered it. Perhaps she is under the weather for this broadcast, but I remember her voice as having a more feminine quality, and in this show it seems flat. And what is with her website? All those banners moving around, and pop ups do not have a calming quality about it. Perhaps the glory days of Alt Media are over.

      • You noticed the voice difference as well. I didn’t want to say anything but it sounded to me like extreme weight gain or alcohol intoxication. I hope neither, but my guess was weight issues.

      • I listened to the youtube for a few minutes and thought her voice different also, but wondered if I hadn’t remembered it right since it had been awhile.

      • At one point a few years ago…Sheila was living in her car. So I heard from someone who knew her. The usual Alt Media people help her out. I doubt she has any money of her own to offer for a prize.

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