The beginning of the words of his mouth is foolishness: and the end of his talk is mischievous madness.  Ecclesiastes 10:13

It has been two months since I have written anything on the Alternative Media, as I have left off tracking the leopard Meroz, and continued on down the ordinary path of my own life. In this short time slot, I cleaned out my garden beds of winter debris,  planted some flowers and azaleas, threw out piles of notes taken on Alternative Media radio hosts, and made the long  journey, by myself, to Scotland to visit my daughter, son-in-law and three grandchildren.

With this last adventure, I encountered many strangers from several nations, on 6 different airplanes, through 3 different airports, two Scottish trains, an Edinburgh city bus, and by car on one lane mountain roads with blind curves and steep cliffs. Scotland is noted for its ultra polite citizens, but I also observed that America’s general populace also retains much civility and humor as it goes about its daily business. After arriving back home, I picked strawberries from my garden and looked over my peach tree which now has lovely ripening fruit.

Then I opened my email account, and read a message sent to me on the subject of the defamation lawsuit just filed against Alex Jones by Hamdi Ulukaya, owner of the Chobani Yogurt Company.  I read the initial filing of this lawsuit, and then viewed these videotaped responses of the scowling Alex Jones to this action, linked here.

One cannot help but compare the inner disposition of Alex Jones, whom I term the InfoMadman, with the humble demeanors of the numerous strangers I had interacted with on my travels. But after all,  Alex Jones is the King of the Awakened Ones of the Alternative Media, whose  enlightened insights into government corruption, has granted him a self-defined sense of superiority, which has been reinforced over the years by a multi million dollar income. The rest of us by comparison are meant to bow down to the Awakened Ones’ merchandising of INFO, whatever that is.

Instead of addressing the simple facts of the defamation lawsuit, InfoMadman expands the story to imply, without proof, that George Soros is behind this latest attack to shut him down.  Appealing to every known interest, including the Christian versus Muslim arguments, he asks for support, both in listener loyalty and funds.  In one video Alex Jones, declares, I will stand, I will win, or I will die. One of the printed messages on the video screen is JOIN THE RESISTANCE, and he uses the language connected with the Messiah, by declaring his legal battle represents The Crucifixion of the Truth. If you view these videos which I have linked to in the paragraph above the photo, note the facial expressions, and hand gestures of Alex Jones,  which are a message in themselves, apart from his verbiage.

So what is this all about?  Well, on April 24, 2017, a defamation lawsuit was filed in the District Court of the Fifth Judicial District of the State of Idaho, in and for the County of Twin Falls, by the attorneys for the Plaintiff,  consisting of two law firms:  Deborah K. Kristensen of Givens, Pursley, LLP of Boise, Idaho and Mark J. MacDougall of Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer and Feld, LLP, of Washington D.C.

The Plaintiff is Chobani, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company owned by Hamdi Ulukaya, which produces yogurt using a thousand employees in their plant in Twin Falls, Idaho.  The principal office of Chobani is located in Norwich, New York. The jurisdiction of this lawsuit is Twin Falls, Idaho due to the location of the Chobani production plant and the claim that the defendants “have transacted business within the State of Idaho and have committed tortious acts within the State of Idaho that have caused harm to the Plaintiff’s business”.

One of the most interesting aspects of this lawsuit is that the Plaintiff has requested a Jury Trial. Now should matters ever proceed to that level, and it could, if Alex Jones lives up to his I will win, or I will die proclamation, who sits on that jury will be crucial in this emotionally charged legal matter.

The attorneys for the Plaintiff in paragraph 8, under the subtitle, General Allegations provides the court with a spurious statement of their own in order to introduce the defendant Alex Jones.  They state, Defendant Alex Jones is no stranger to spurious statements.  He has claimed that the U.S. government orchestrated the 9/11 attacks and the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.  The Southern Poverty Law Center described Mr. Jones as “almost certainly the most prolific conspiracy theorist in contemporary America,” Mr. Jones has now taken aim at Chobani and the Twin Falls community.

There are very large numbers of United States citizens who believe that the 9/11 attacks were planned by government insiders, thus they are in agreement with the Defendant.   So the attorneys for the Plaintiff have already planted a fist in a tar baby, which they will have difficulty extracting themselves from.  And they used a Southern Poverty Law Center quote which could have been easily  made by a more neutral observer? One has to wonder whether attorneys as a rule live in ivory towers which are so high, that they cannot grasp the opinions of ordinary American citizens who might be called upon for jury duty.

This lawsuit then goes on to detail the source of the defamatory statements first published on April 11, 2017 on and “The Alex Jones Channel” of You tube featuring reporters David Knight and Lee Ann McAdoo.

Alex Jones in his videotaped response discussing this lawsuit, says that the attorneys had contacted him prior to the filing, in an attempt to get him to retract his reporting. He claims that he did alter one headline which he changed on his own sites; however, since there are other YouTube accounts which had picked up the first video, they did not show the corrections made. Jones then claims that the tactic of the attorneys was to continue to complain, using these other sites as evidence that he had not retracted the headline.

Obviously Jones could have provided proof of his demand letters to these other sites to either remove the video or to show the corrections. If Alex Jones is unaware as to how that is done, perhaps he should get some advice from his friend, Douglas J. Hagmann, who apparently is quite effective in monitoring his own copyrighted works. For example, see this link posted by John “the Birdman” Bryant.

As Alex Jones concentrates on refocusing his listeners from the simple details of this  legal action to his expanded assertion that it is actually George Soros who is behind the lawsuit against him, all relevant commentary recedes into the background. Reference is made to the general incidents of Muslims throughout the world, including Sweden, who the geographically ignorant might assume is right next door to Twin Falls, Idaho.  The InfoMadman claims that his InfoWars news group was not the original source of the stories in question, but that they had only reposted what others had already written.

As Alex Jones draws an ever widening spiral around the very distinct and narrow legal complaint which is cited in the lawsuit, we are left wondering, how will this matter end?  Since Alex Jones claims that behind this yogurt company’s lawsuit stands George Soros who is masterminding his takedown, are we to then wonder if there is another super rich powerhouse standing behind Alex Jones, for which Alex Jones is only the front piece in this Infowar?

There may be some truth to the speculation that if the axe is being applied to InfoMadman’s Tree, then perhaps the rest of the forest is also in danger of  being cut down to size.








6 thoughts on “InfoMadness

  1. I’m glad you presented your exposition in mostly “question form”. While I have MANY reservations about shock jock reportage, in general, especially the type with no specific evidence, I think many of these guys are onto something.

    Usually, generally true, if not slightly overblown. I don’t dismiss the possibility that many of the major events of recent years/decades are not what they seem or are accepted to be. I think we have to be careful not to dismiss these things in light of real investigation vs. MSM approval/promotion of the official narrative. Too much out there exposing it, for those open to see it. The spirit of the Antichrist is indeed operating in the world today, and if not through the general media, then who?

    I’m not a an AJ devotee, nor am I a detractor, other than I can’t deal with his delivery style for long. It just doesn’t suit me.

    The bottom line for me is that you just can’t ignore the preponderance of information out there that things are not what they seem. Listen very closely to this man’s testimony:

    Glad to see a new entry. Looking forward to commentary. God Bless.


  2. I viewed the video which you linked to, reading the subtitles, and watching the expressions of the man being interviewed. At the end, it says “to be continued”, so I hate to ask too many questions lest they be answered in a subsequent interview. That the powers of this world have a pyramidal hierarchy, which places a very few persons at the top, is indisputable. The man being interviewed claims that despite his giving over of his conscience to a Luciferian power structure, he discovered that there was a part of his conscience which still was in operation, once he discovered the entry point in his childhood where that aspect of him had been “sacrificed”.

    However, at this stage of the interview, while he makes a couple of Biblical references, he seems to remain in that center point of the balances. That center point is a false peace akin to clinging to the edge of a cliff, not wanting to fall into the Abyss, yet not believing or casting one’s faith in the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. I do not know if more will be said on this in a later interview.

    The problem for the average person, who is no where close to the top of this pyramid, and who is being gamed by many opportunists, is how to separate the wheat from the chaff. Yes, liars can often cite genuine facts and offer an analysis which points out who is the source of our national problems. When I was younger, we all believed Walter Cronkite, whose whole demeanor had an air of fatherly authority. Now the leaders of the news media, including Alt Media, represent the lowest level of manhood. Alex Jones is very much a burlesque of Hitler in his rants.

    The Chobani defamation lawsuit is peculiar in several ways. I mentioned the paragraph 8 which should have been used to lay down an indisputable fact about Alex Jones, rather one which can lead to a strange legal twist in the end. The other thing about this lawsuit is that the disputed video was April 11, and the filing date of April 24th, was a mere 13 days later. This window hardly leaves room for the resolution of a remedy being implemented between the two parties. One has to wonder what is really going on here. Instead of using 9/11 and Sandy Hook as examples, the attorneys for the plaintiff would have done their client a better service to cite the recent retraction of Alex Jones on the Pizzagate matter.

    Beyond our small lives, which vanish so quickly, is the larger battle of Satan against God, and the setting up of the Antichrist, who will overturn all semblance of righteousness and justice. It is no wonder that fear propaganda works–we all know how easily we can be destroyed.

    • Agreed on all points.

      I, too, noted the biblical references stopped short of some expression of Faith. Maybe in the next installment.

      As for “The Protocols of Zion”, well, I have heard of them referred to many times, and maybe a few snippets here and there, but haven’t really researched it. My thoughts are that there are Jews and there are “Jews”. Many people make no distinction. I believe there is one, and at some level, Satan is using this confusion to some end. Mr. Soros appears to be among the latter of the two examples I mentioned, and is clearly a tool of the enemy. So, in that respect, I can’t fault AJ for pointing that out. I would like to think AJ is on the up-and-up, but he could just as easily be controlled opposition.

      The man in the video and AJ are still alive for some reason. Hand of God, or something else? I try not to speculate too much, but I do wonder occasionally.

      I realize this is off-topic, and I apologize if this comment takes over the narrative. Not being much of an AJ watcher (anymore), I had a different line of thought going concerning the engine that drives this beast. And the general media circus on both sides.


  3. Your comment was not off topic, as all of this “larger picture” which we are confronted with represents a hidden battleground behind the scenes concerning who mankind worships and is ultimately subject to.

    Alex Jones is spotlighted just now as he is fighting several personal battles involving his family life and work. Now he claims his work is just performance art, which lowers his credibility further. One article and video on this:

    There are many articles recently on Alex Jones which are interesting as he has maintained a record number of followers over the years, making him King of the Alternative Media.

  4. A curious comment by a wife who remained silent while enjoying the monetary fruits of her “cult leader” husband, Alex Jones. It is not only the cult leaders who will reap what they have sown, but there are numerous others who also benefited and said nothing, until their own personal interests became paramount, in their personal view. The harm done to the followers was never of any interest at any time to these insiders.

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