The Passive Aggressive Bear Trap

 The snare is laid for him in the ground, and a trap for him in the way.  Job 18:10


There is a You tube video published January 13, 2017, of an interview conducted by Lyn Leahz with Pastor Paul Begley which is titled, Known Pastor Gets 3 Disturbing Visits From Gov Agents-Shares Horrifying Details!  Exclusive Interview.  It always makes me cringe when I have to provide a link to such patently false “interviews”, as it is commonly known that the originators of such, receive income from the advertising.  At the time when I watched this video, the number of hits was approaching 224,000, and so it goes…..I made some rough notes, and walked away.   But first you may wish to see what notes Lyn Leahz has made on this exclusive interview.paul-begley-113-2017-lyn-leahz-2One of the strange effects of watching this video was that I suddenly started to feel sick and lethargic, and I began to  want to reclaim my blood cells.  Thankfully, Lyn claims to be able to provide the antidote, if only I were willing to fork over some money for the cure.

Here is my rough outline of this video featuring an interviewer who failed to ask any probing questions of Paul Begley, as he related his story sitting in front of his computer camera in a darkened room.  His claim is that on three separate occasions, a Christian NSA agent and his lady friend visited him and his wife, Heidi, at public restaurants in the months of July and September of 2016,  and the week prior to the January 13, 2017 video.  The NSA agent asked who his sources are, and explained the ways they have to kill people like him, and told him of a list of about 20 Alternative Media persons who are being monitored.  Begley mentions a few names and coincidentally many of those persons just happen to be speakers at the upcoming  Hear The Watchmen conference March 31-April 2, 2017. Hmmm, what do you know?  The two persons in this video are also speakers at this conference.paul-begley-fb-hear-the-watchmen-2

The NSA guy is reported by Begley to have said that 2 agents attend these conferences to monitor them.  Should an NSA agent be disclosing this information?  I see that Larry Nichols is one of the speakers; no doubt this former hit man for the Clintons can figure out who the interlopers are.

Although Begley claims that this NSA agent told him that they have 9 ways to kill him, Begley does not tell us all of the ways except that one of them involves an unexplained car crash where the other individuals disappear.  In fact, he brings up an incident where he just so happened to have survived such an unexplained car crash.  A warning?  Or perhaps the NSA operative who caused this accident, and then  disappeared using his false identification, had actually failed his mission?  Why am I not surprised that Begley did not give us a police report number, date, location, or the description of the culprit who caused the accident and was found not to exist?

Begley says the NSA does not like the Alternative Media to speak the words  New World Order and Illuminati, and doing so may cause that person to end up on the “list”. The back alleys of deep black secret assassination operations must be littered with thousands of agents hiding, after they have caused  unexplained accidents for all those radio hosts that had to be done away with, because their vocabulary consisted of only two words. Methinks I am beginning to like this mission of the NSA.

Here is one thing that is crystal clear about this interview.  It has been structured as the  classic PSYOP passive aggressive bear trap. A Passive Aggressive has many frustrating traits, but they love to withhold crucial information, making it more difficult for you to make sound decisions.  If you should ask questions, trying to learn the crucial details, they won’t answer, or they will procrastinate, or throw some false leads in, to make you further frustrated. Next thing you know, you are discussing your frustration in some chat room, or Facebook group devoted to seeing who can push the “post’ button the quickest on the latest fake news report.

Perhaps this interview is a means to do an image makeover on the humdrum Hear The Watchmen conference which took place in Knoxville, Tennessee in 2016.  You know,  give it an exciting ambiance; some real excitement  like that which Doug Hagmann provided during the first conference in Dallas, with the report of a police surveillance tower that was brought in  because phone threats were reported to have been made against the speakers.

If you plan to attend this next  Dallas Hear The Watchmen conference, you might want to heed the Paul Begley warning.  I recommend that you do not drive around in the same make and model of the cars used by any of the speakers.  Your life may be at risk. What if the NSA operative who is assigned to cause unexplained car accidents is incompetent and mistakes YOU for them?

So we are left to fill in the blanks, and  with my wild imagination I will gladly offer some thoughts.  I wonder if these 3 mysterious meetings at restaurants were with Mike Whitestone and his wife, the organizers of the Hear The Watchmen conferences. They like to leave out crucial information, also.  Since Begley waffled around so much in this video, would you be incredulous if I suggested that they met at the Waffle Hut? Begley said that the “NSA man” showed him ID and credentials.  I bet he did, hahaha. Any legal names there, Mr. Whitestone?

Now why would the NSA want to know what the sources of Begley’s information are? The other night he reported on an asteroid which was going to hit the earth, and guess what? 

My guess is that it missed. 

In the meantime, my advice is that you do not speak the words New World Order and Illuminati. Paul Begley, being one of the Brightest Bulbs of Novus Seclorum Ordo  has given us another dire warning of the bear trap which is being laid in Dallas.









19 thoughts on “The Passive Aggressive Bear Trap

  1. I was wondering when you would get to Lyn Leahz and Lisa Haven. I like making fun of their preposterous video titles. I don’t troll channels, but I will occasionally point out the absurd. I used to subscribe to Begley’s YouTube channel, but he just got really tiring.

    • @Karl: You say: “I was wondering when you would get to Lyn Leahz and Lisa Haven. I like making fun of their preposterous video titles. I don’t troll channels, but I will occasionally point out the absurd.”

      I think Wikipedia would define what you are talking about as “Yellow Journalism”. IMO it is hardly attractive when a so called ‘Christian’ uses such deceptive and questionable tactics to attract an audience.

      See if this fits:

      • That is an accurate depiction of her “work”.

        All she does is recycle stories from other news outlets, or research links provided by same, and regurgitate it with a sensationalistic title.


        At The Stroke Of Midnight Something BAD WILL Happen—Sick Spell Battle Against Trump—PRAY

        “We’re ALL Gonna DIE!” Why Those On The Left Are So LOST! Here’s Your “Sign”

        Something So Sinister Has Arrived & It’s Now Impacting Every Christian Alive! We’re In Grave Danger!

        Steve Quayle’s Prophecy from ’94 Comes True & You Wont Believe What is Yet To Be Fulfilled

        From almost a year ago:

        Time’s Up! 100% Proof Something Big and Bad Is About To Be Unleashed In America!

        18 Eerie Predictions For 2016: Warning You May Get More Then (sic) You Bargained For!


        OUCH! 15 JAW-DROPPING PREDICTIONS FOR 2017! Warning, You’ll Get More Then (sic) You Bargained For

        Favorite phrases:

        “It will chill you to the bone!”
        “Your jaw will drop!”
        “It will rattle your core!”
        “It will cause you to soil your pants!” (OK, I made that one up)

        The funny thing is that every video starts with a montage beginning with the word, “LIES”, LOL!

        Lisa Haven – News You Can Count On!

  2. “the watch your watch (and wallet)” conference.what a motley crew.
    i hate to admit it, but during the the big scare of ’15- i actually frequented ‘before it’s news’- a real eye opener.
    one of the speakers- Lisa Haven- makes a lot of money by re-titling stories. you can always tell her posts because they all start out “you won’t believe what____ is doing now!”. then you get linked to a recycled story she reposts and profits from.
    thanks for all you do!
    beware false prophets!

  3. The Watchmen conference roster is like a “who’s who” of trashy false teachers in the alternative media. Although to his credit, I think Coach Dave is just naive.

    A couple of independent sources have told me they know someone firsthand whose told them Larry Nichols is a conman who fakes lung cancer for donations. One source you can find on google supposedly cites Nichols wife as confirming her husband’s lies.

    The intel agencies don’t assassinate low hanging fruit because a) rational people don’t believe them and b) killing them would make them martyrs/heroes among their existing followers. In essence, their deaths vindicate their claims.

    • i was thinking poor Larry Nicholls has been at death’s door for a very long time now. during the election he couldn’t even get out of bed for Alex Jones show. he was skyping with the oxygen tube and everything.
      i think the whole list is a bunch of schmucks. i wonder if LA still has his sons of God bat in a jar?

      • He announced it as a hoax. I like LA Marzulli. I think he’s genuine, as in, not out to hype or deceive. Yes, he sells videos, but he needs to make a living. He’s not out there deliberately scaring people into liquidating their life savings.

    • Ah, yes. I do have a short memory.

      The question is whether LA plotted this donation/cancel thing or if he just got scared and the money was unrecoverable.

      I really do try to give folks the benefit of the doubt. Obviously, the point is that if God sends you on a mission, your daughter’s dream doesn’t stop you.

      We should get these guys on Tucker Carlson. See what shakes out, LOL!

      • I like a lot of people on the list too. That’s why they are so successful- if you are a likable person, you will go far in this world.
        But I don’t think any of them really know what they are talking about.
        They talk but don’t walk. This is obvious in their fruits, which are quite fruity.

      • The distortions, faulty logic and double standards as well as objurgations sometimes woven into the reminiscences of old men as they seek to authenticate themselves can usually be forgiven. We also understand that past a certain age it is hard to change occupations. The question is, should we indulge old men in such things when done in the name of the Lord? We can’t chalk all of this behavior up to senility can we?

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