The Ambush of Guile: The Rogue Money Wire Fraud of V-the Guerrilla Economist

For among my people are found wicked men:  they lay wait, as he that setteth snares; they set a trap, they catch men.  Jeremiah 5:26v-guerilla-feet-desk

In considering the motives of Viji Varghese, Steve Quayle and Douglas Hagmann in promoting the false credentials and business ventures of V- the Guerrilla Economist, Proverbs 26:28 has this to say:  A lying tongue hateth those that are afflicted by it; and a flattering mouth worketh ruin.  In this post I want to bring to the reader’s attention, the components of the criminal charge of wire fraud.  At, the website of the U. S. Department of Justice, commentary can be found on the elements of wire fraud which apply to the internet promotion of the false bona fides of  V-the Guerrilla Economist, the pseudonym of Viji Varghese. The internet has at its foundation an interstate network of  telephone and cable communication systems.

Under the subsection entitled 941.18 U. S. C.1343-Elements of Wire Fraud,  the DOJ article begins, “The elements of wire fraud under Section 1343 directly parallel those of the mail fraud statute, but require the use of an interstate telephone call or electronic communication made in furtherance of the scheme”.  Four essential elements of the crime of wire fraud are outlined:  “(1) that the defendant voluntarily and intentionally devised or participated in a scheme to defraud another out of money; (2) that the defendant did so with the intent to defraud; (3) that it was reasonably foreseeable that interstate wire communications would be used; and (4) that interstate wire communications were used.”

Under 942. The Scheme and Artifice to Defraud, comments on the meaning of these words, saying, “…the mail fraud and wire fraud statutes do not define the terms “scheme” or “artifice” and the courts have traditionally been reluctant to offer definitions of either term in the broadest and most general terms. Lemire,720 F.2d at 1335 (“Congress did not define ‘scheme or artifice to defraud’ when it first coined that phrase, nor has it since.  Instead that expression has taken on its present meaning from 111 years of case law,”)”.

Continuing, states, “The fraudulent aspect of the scheme to defraud is to be measured by nontechnical standards and is not restricted by any common-law definition of false pretenses.  “[t}he words ‘to defraud’ in the mail fraud statute have the ‘common understanding’ of “wrongdoing one in his property rights by dishonest methods or schemes,” and “usually signify the deprivation of something of value by trick, chincane, or overreaching.”…”

Under 943.  No Loss or Gullible Victims, the U. S. Code on wire fraud is highly interesting, because many persons are stressing that V-the Guerrilla Economist was targeting the elderly, whereas the distinction between victims is in fact irrelevant under this  federal law.  This code de-emphasizes the vulnerability of the victims, saying, “It is the scheme to defraud and not actual fraud that is required.”  United States v. Reid F.2d 1255, 1264 (D.C.Cir. 1976).”No particular type of victim is required…nor need the scheme have succeeded.”

Three other quotations from case law are quoted: “[I}t makes no difference whether the persons the scheme is intended to defraud are gullible or skeptical, dull or bright…”;  “The monumental credulity of the victim is no shield for the accused…”.; and “To hold that actual loss to victim is required “would lead to the illogical result of that the legality of a defendant’s conduct would depend on his fortuitous choice of a gullible victim.”

Finally, under 944. Proof of Scheme and Artifice to Defraud, states, “To sustain a conviction the government must prove the existence of a scheme; it is not required, however, to prove all the details or all instances of allegedly illicit conduct.” And in conclusion they state, “All that is required is the [the defendant] knowingly and willingly participated in the scheme; she need not have performed every act herself.” United States v. Maxwell, 920 F.2d 1028, 1036 (D.C. Cir. 1990).  The evidence need only show that defendant was a ‘knowing and active participant’ in scheme to defraud and that scheme involved interstate wire communications.” Id. (quoting United States v Wiehoff, 748 F.2d 1158, 1161 (7th Cir.1984)).”

Now that the identity of the man behind the mask of V-the Guerrilla Economist, who sold his fake insider information based on falsified credentials, has been made known, it must not be overlooked who actively promoted this fraud.  Here is a screenshot of the May 24, 2013 The Hagmann & Hagmann Report which was reprinted on has been documented on the false bonafides of V-the Guerrilla Economist at and can be noted in letters of complaint of fraud written to the Orange County, New York District Attorney.

When the day has arrived when the guile of self-appointed anointed Watchmen of God requires the bringing in of those who enforce criminal codes against fraud,  every Christian ought to be concerned. Many Christians have remained silent about such fraud, or actively promoted “Christian” radio and TV shysters. It is time for Christians to reflect on their own participation in the sins of  their leaders.  As Isaiah 28:17 begins, Judgment also will I lay to the line, and righteousness to the plummet…



11 thoughts on “The Ambush of Guile: The Rogue Money Wire Fraud of V-the Guerrilla Economist

  1. On tonight’s Hagmann and Hagmann show (1/3/2017), Doug Hagmann talked about the devices of the enemy and the “tools” that might be used to “silence” the “truth”. He spoke of “unassuming” people being used like a “grandmother”.

    I am pretty sure he is speaking about me. The “Grandmother” part is true I guess as I was born in 1947 but be assured that I am neither weak or passive! Indeed, I am determined to try to put a end to what I believe is serious sin.

    I based my purchase from “Renaissance Precious Metals” on the dire information and predictions that Steve Quayle read from one of “V’s” emails in 2012.

    In Mr. Quayle’s defense to my complaint to The Michigan Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Protection in 2015 he denied being on the radio with “V” until 2013 implying innocence. While it is true that “V” did not actually appear on the show until early 2013, there is audio proof of Mr. Quayle reading from “V’s” emails and actually orally asking “V” questions while on the air during a Hagmann and Hagmann Report BTR program in 2012. I specifically responded to that reading.

    I do not ask that anyone feel sorry for me. I take responsibility for my actions including the large purchase of silver. Contrary to what Steve Quayle or others in this group might say, I have never at any time asked for my money to be returned nor have I sued for “damages” as the Michigan Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Protection implied should be done when they told me to hire a lawyer after failed arbitration.

    Arbitration failed because I didn’t understand the function of the agency, so I never asked for money to be returned.

    I was told to contact the Michigan Attorney General and make a police report by my congresswoman’s office staff. I did both thinking I was whistleblowing. I did not understand that the function of The Michigan Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Protection is only ‘arbitration’ so consequently they had no other choice but to refer me on. Both Mr. Quayle and Mr. Hagmann were notified of my complaint because of their verbal and written endorsements of “V” and had to respond.

    Please be advised that when and if Steve Quayle or others paint a picture of some sinister exploitation of a poor little grandmother who might end up being “collateral damage”. Don’t believe it and I am not intimidated. I am neither poor nor little and I am certainly not weak. What I am is outraged by this behavior.

    Be absolutely assured that I am “strong in the Lord and the power of His might!”

    • I don’t understand the damage. Did you get the physical metals for your payment? Is the problem that the price of precious metals went down? Is it just b/c he used false credentials to influence your purchase? Is it not true that paper gold is a ponzi scheme so if you want gold you better have the real thing in your hands?

      • Please read my comment again. My congresswoman’s office staff understand the legal consequences of what they say. They would not have have been so reckless as to recommend a police report if they did not feel absolutely confident one was justified and necessary.

      • Paper gold isn’t a ponzi scheme. It’s an investment. It would be scam if the buyer (buyer beware) bought it as an investment with the false perception that is a currency like gold.

        Barb’s issue is that Steve Quayle either stole from her by administrative error or willful intent. It’s an entirely different matter that Qualye and the Hags are scaring fearful people into believing they’ll be destitute if they don’t immediately make gullible investment decisions.

  2. Thank you for this. I am a credulous grandmother who is “poor” into the mix! I used to eagerly check Steve Quayle’s site daily, and I would feel urgent about the future, in light of the dire reports that I now recognize as SQ’s signature fare. Once, when someone gifted me with $1,000.00, I decided to use it to purchase silver from Renaissance Precious Metals. But my email request was never, ever answered. Maybe my $1,000.00 was just a widow’s mite in their sight. So I ended up using the $ to purchase firewood instead, thank Goodness!
    But I cannot stand compromise, and I am also outraged by harboured sin in public expressions of Christianity. When the whole Ted Broer kerfoffel went down, SQ and Hags reactions were an eye-opener for me. I was so grateful for Tracking the Leopard, and for John Little. Although it hurt to realize I’d been being taken in by people I had regarded as sincere and trustworthy, it opened me up, in my admitted lack and weakness and foolishness, to an even greater dependence upon God.
    Whenever I hear ads on the radio urging us to buy gold, I hear, “Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have give I…”, and, “I counsel you to buy of Me gold tried in the fire”—a gold of a whole other sort. Whenever I feel anxious because I don’t have the means or ability to acquire an off-the-grid bug out shelter, I hear, “I will say of the Lord, ‘He is my refuge and my fortress; My God, in Him I will trust.'” Whenever I am tempted to feel afraid of scarcity ahead, His Word echoes to me: “Therefore do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’…For your Heavenly Father knows that you need all these things. But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” We know from Jesus’ own words, that we are headed for trouble, but in the same breath, He admonishes us, “Do not be terrified…(Lk. 21:9) and He also told us, “Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.”
    So, even though I still check SQ once in awhile, I keep on guard against that fear-mongering. I used to enjoy the friendly, conversational tone of Hags, but those waters have been tainted for me; I can’t ignore the mammonish aftertaste. Maybe I will be able to get over that. It will help if they face this V thing openly and honestly.

  3. Isn’t paper gold a ponzi scheme if more paper is sold than there is gold to back it? Didn’t Jim Baker go to prison b/c he sold more time shares than he had if everyone wanted them at once. Isn’t our whole fiat currency system a ponzi scheme b/c interest grows at an exponential rate.

    • It’s ethically gray and perhaps skirts loopholes in regulations but it does not in any way fit the definition of a Ponzi scheme. You could look at Planet Fitness gyms and see that the business model is not a scam, even if it relies on the assumption that not everybody will want to simultaneously benefit from gym service at the same point in time. If they did want to do so, they’d simply have long waits for services. The collateral (equipment) exists.

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  5. Seems to me that with as much listening you have done, you haven’t been actually paying attention nor doing your homework. Seems to me you were looking for immediate doom, and if you spent 1,000.00 dollars on firewood I certainly hope you got at least 6 cords out of the deal, or you were had for real.

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