RevelationNow Unmasks V the Guerrilla Economist

I am posting this link to Michael Erevna’s article dated November 20, 2016 entitled Unmasking V the Guerrilla Economist, as many readers of this blog were in the past negatively impacted by the actions of this man with the fraudulent credentials.

28 thoughts on “RevelationNow Unmasks V the Guerrilla Economist

  1. Well done Mr. Erevna. It’s time to start draining the alt media swamp and what a nice place to begin. It saddened me to read how this ingrate treated you and your late wife. Let’s hope the SEC and the CFTC step up to the plate and do their part. And while they’re at it, cut off the head of the enabler who gives these charlatans a platform to operate. This entity and his co-conspirators deserve to be locked away for many years for their unconscionable deeds.


    • @ David. You say: ” Let’s hope the SEC and the CFTC step up to the plate and do their part”.

      This will only happen if responsible people step up to the plate do their part.

      These agencies only know what has been reported to them.

      • Sometime back I became informed that someone had actually tried to get the SEC to look into V, but because such governmental agencies have so many complaints, they have to prioritize their workload by concentrating on the ones which have the greatest quantity of complainants. You are correct that all those who encountered problems because of V the guerilla economist need to write their individual stories to the SEC so that a file is created questioning his false credentials.

      • B,

        I am aware how these agencies work and in that you are correct. 15 years ago I was bilked out of everything by a man in Hawaii who ran a Ponzi scheme by the name was David Marantette. With some due diligence I was able to piece together a bunch of investors across the country and brought my complaint to the Wall Street journal who took an interest and caused a stir. Shortly thereafter I was contact by the CFTC for my supporting documents including prospectus and statements.

        Months later he was indicted and that story appeared in the Wall Street journal, and I am named there. He spent a number of years in prison as he had previously while operating a large brokerage house in Detroit.

        To you and the others who were damaged, you might follow the same course of action with the Journal. You may very well find an ally there, especially considering the nature or the crime. This is a man without a license to operate, but the real story goes beyond “V.” The real story is the man who raised him up to perpetrate this fraud for personal gain. That man, the enabler, the one who sells the precious metals and who touted “V” on every blog show under the sun as the insider’s insider willed this to happen. It seems to me this is a much greater story than a TV salesman gone rogue, no pun intended. This was a premeditated plot concocted in a very dark place by some very dark people.

        Again, marshal your resources and call upon an investigative reporter at the Wall Street Journal. Otherwise, like anyone who reads this story they will be and should be infuriated. Creating characters to hype fear to buy foodstuff and the like is one thing, but this is an offense that defies understanding! And they call them Christians. How is it that they work out their salvation in trembling and fear? I wish you well; I wish us all well.


      • David, thanks for the backstory on David T. Marantette, III and his Troubadour, Inc. investment scheme which defrauded so many, including yourself. As a result, I read several internet posts on this man including a Wall Street Journal article and some court filings. It was interesting to me to see what laws they applied in this matter.

        The primary persons who allowed V the Guerrilla Economist to perpetrate his fraud on the Hagmann and Hagmann show were Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann. Both men are presently trying to disengage themselves from a defamation lawsuit, but it is apparent that there are consumer protection issues which they are attempting to disengage themselves from also.

        I believe that there are one or more persons who are considering taking your advice on how to approach this matter of V, and of course that would also include W the Intelligence Insider who works the radio show with V constantly. Both were promoted as Insiders that everyone needed to listen to, and to order their personal affairs in accordance with their fear mongering advice.

        I seldom listen to Doug Hagmann, except under the advice of readers of this blog, who hear something of interest to me. But lately, what small snippets I have heard of Doug Hagmann are self justifying rants in order to reinvent their own history. For example, Doug was ranting the other night that Rosebud, his other insider, was right, given current events. He failed to identify the details on this claim. The other night Doug Hagmann presented several porno pics in an outraged rant. I fail to see how he edified his listeners, who normally would not view such images. What this accomplished is that he came out looking squeaky clean and pure hearted as contrasted to the purveyors of filth. These Alt Media Stars have been backed into a corner, and are fighting to get out from the consequences of their own words and actions. God is not mocked.

  2. Of course, Hagmann and Hagmann will claim they broke ties with “V” immediately when they discovered his ruse. What H&H listeners need to understand is that the unimpeachable credentials that they and SQ spout for many of their guests should all be suspect.

    I wrote to SQ after an H&H show, featuring “V” and one of his new gamer friends. It was the first time I remember “V” appearing without SQ. I think they were both either drunk, high, or just at the end of a 48 hour World of Warcraft bender. The new friend was (reportedly) a programmer that had an algorithm that could accurately predict things. Very worldly discussion. “V” was acting strangely. It was kinda like showing up at a party of close friends with a girl not your wife. It was like some weird bromance. I found it disturbing. Almost a confirmation of what I had begun to think about him.

    Some research turned up a few references on some forum or something showing how big a fan of “Game of Thrones” he was. I had seen the first season and part of the second before I came back to Jesus, and so I knew it was a vile a show. Great stories, acting, and production values, but full of unnecessary and twisted sexual content.

    Anyway, SQ said that to me that there had been a falling out and that “V” was perhaps not the person SQ thought he was.

    So glad Michael shed some light on that. I was taken for a ride myself, but only in the sense that I acted on the bad advice he was giving for free on H&H.

    • Joe H. never said it outright but he inferred to me that they knew V was a fraud and kicked him off the show shortly after the mysterious General helped V sell timeshares.

    • I called out Gary Franchi on his YouTube channel. He is not a journalist. All he does is takes questionable news stories, does no research or verification, then recycles them with a dose of sensationalism adorned with click-bait video titles. If you take a look at his videos of the last week or two, leading up to the election, there are several claims he made that just aren’t true, or did not come to pass. FBI actions on Hillary, the NYC/WeinerGate thing, etc. According to NNN, Hillary has been in prison for two weeks now… I basically told him he had zero credibility and zero journalistic integrity.

      • I have received some information on Dyan Bermeo, who was employed until recently by Gary Franchi, which indicated he may be the Mossad Agent Alumni who left a comment here. Well Mossad AA, if you are in fact Dyan Bermeo, you are no hero in my eyes. About a year ago, I helped another blogger research a tip sent to them by Dyan Bermeo. He sent the tip which was of a critical nature, leaving out important details to confirm it, and when asked by that other blogger to supply them, he did not write back. So since I was in a helpful mood, I scoured numerous Hagmann shows to see if his information was correct. The tip was a lie, total disinformation, meant to waste that other blogger’s time. Since it was my time which was wasted, if I write on Gary Franchi, I will also write on his former employee, who is a disinformation agent in his own right.

      • Ms. Weaver,

        Mr. Bermeo communicates his thoughts poorly. He forgets that others are not privy to his background knowledge. He also frequently misunderstands questions posed to him. It seems that Mr. Bermeo takes statements made to him literally. Mr. Bermeo may suffer from an acute anxiety issue that prevents him from engaging in repeated and detailed correspondences. It is my assessment that Mr. Bermeo is truthful and accurate in his information. Nevertheless, accurate information that is poorly communicated to others is of decidedly limited value to anyone.

        Recommendation: subtly and innocuously continue pressing Mr. Bermeo for information of value. Behave in an extremely affable manner toward Mr. Bermeo to keep him talking.

      • Mossadist: Your recommendation might work if one is a sale representative; as for me, once someone causes me to lose my German cool, and my fiery Irish temper takes over….. well, then….. perhaps the wretch which caused this transformation should come crawling, begging, with flowers in hand…..and hope that I do not detect the slightest lie in their demeanor.

    • Someone named Mossad Agent Alumni decided to comment off topic under this article. I had never heard of Gary Franchi before this, and am not sure why he is someone to watch out for. I guess in the Alt Media Universe he has an orbit around some asteroid, and maybe his asteroid is about to plummet to earth? Who knows?

    • I would look at the YouTube channel, “MLordandGod” as well. Similar stories and claims leading up to Election Day. Woman with a strange accent and delivery. I could be wrong, but they both appeared out of nowhere in my recommended list, and appeared to be sharing notes.

  3. It seems the discussion, ultimately, was about SQ, the father and son investigative team, and their inner circle of trust. Now it’s gone off-track talking about nobodies instead of the real perpetrators.

    • Steve, you are absolutely correct. Despite all this nonsense, I am still on track. I am looking at the V issue, and I will be making a formal complaint very soon. I have been given some good suggestions on where to file a complaint, but I need to reflect on the real issues involved which a DA would be interested in. If you know of anyone who has had a real life experience with V’s subscription service, etc. and they want to file a legal complaint, I can give them a starting point. The Thanksgiving holiday and now the December days are upon us, so this interferes with my time, but not my focus. Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann promoted a fraud, and to my knowledge never gave any public retractions or warnings to their listeners about his background. So this continues to be a major issue.

      • Jacquelyn,
        My apologies for furthering the off-topic comment. I had a personal beef with the subject, and felt a need to vocalize it.
        I wish I had something to add to this effort regarding “V”, but though I was fooled and acted as a fool in my personal finances, and encouraged others to do so, I’m not sure my testimony would be of much help. He took none of my money, personally. And though I did purchase some precious metals from SQ as a result, I don’t think I can claim that it was at inflated prices or an unfair exchange. I could just have easily made a purchase elsewhere.
        As I’ve said in the past on these pages, a thorough apology and explanation form the Inner Circle would have been sufficient for me. It would have been the Christian thing to do. For the life of me, I can’t imagine how these folks can spew these things out day by day, month by month, and year by year, and be wrong, and never blink an eye. So much trust cast by the wayside.

  4. Karl, no need to apologize. The person who started this train of thought appears to be the former assistant to Gary Franchi. When I found out who that person is, it brought up the memory of the disinformation which that person sent in an email to waste the time of another blogger who was engaged in an important work at the time. I am glad that you publically commented on Gary Franchi’s site, as this type of false journalism needs to be called out for what it is.

    Steve was correct in trying to get the conversation back on track. The issue of V’s false credentials is an important one. First it is illegal, and shows the intent to defraud. Second, V came on the scene at a time when the 2012 fear mongering was at its height, and was pushed into the forefront of Doug Hagmann’s show and endorsed by Steve Quayle.

    One of my readers who once trusted these men, was so concerned by the dire predictions in 2012 that she spent all of her savings ($50,000) on silver. When she was shorted about 3,000 in the silver, she ended up agreeing to have it be used as donations to Hagmann and to Steve Quayle’s prayer warrior. I believe a portion of this also was used for long term storage food. She was under severe duress at the time of this transaction, and she relayed this information to the seller.

    There are several important consumer protection issues here, not to mention that all of this hype was done by men who consider themselves anointed Watchmen of God. This behavior brings a reproach against the name of Jesus Christ. I have written numerous articles on this inner circle and their friends using public information, and in one case I sent several pages of documentation to the appropriate regulating authority.

    What is needful is for more individuals to carefully examine the words and deeds of such persons, and to take whatever steps are necessary to get corrective action against deceptive practices, whether it be merchandising or disseminating lies. The shame is that the Alternative News Media is not being utilized as it could be, to bring forth insightful and sound Christian interpretations of current events. After all is said and done, the prophecies of the Bible will all be fulfilled, many in our lifetime, and we ought to have a sound viewpoint on that, and not let the charlatans lead the way.

  5. @Karl – According to 18 U.S. Code § 1348 Securities and commodities fraud {Section 2} just the mere fact you veritably purchased precious metals under false pretenses is in fact illegal and you do have the right to file a complaint.

    {Section 2} states the following: (2) to obtain, by means of false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, or promises, any money or property in connection with the purchase or sale of any commodity for future delivery, or any option on a commodity for future delivery, or any security of an issuer with a class of securities registered under section 12 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (15 U.S.C. 78 (/uscode/text/15/lii:usc:t:15:s:78)l) or that is required to file reports under section 15(d) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (15 U.S.C. 78 (/uscode/text/15/lii:usc:t:15:s:78)o(d));

    If you were influenced by Viji’s fake banking identity as a “European Investment Banker” and by the promotion therein by Steve Quayle on “The Hagmann & Hagmann Report” then you should file complaints. What these Internet charlatans do is quite illegal. In fact it is a felony. All that needs to happen for evil men to prosper is for good men to stand by and do nothing.

  6. I found a comment on a Youtube video from several months ago entitled “SGT Report, Greg Hunter, “V” and others… MY FRUSTRATIONS !”
    Texas Shrugged Book

    LOOK for Harry Kim in the ‘drop down’ of the first comment starting with: “Doesn’t the immediate “run back up” …………………………”

    ***fair use***

    “Harry Kim 4 months ago
    5 years ago, a friend of mine took some advice from some of these guys and got 150k in physical sliver. He messaged them and asked for help, but never got an answered back. When the price dropped, he killed him self. He got his silver at 55. dollars an once. (there was a spot price if you didn’t know.) All the guys that told him to “buy” said to me: that guys like my friend are worthless and week, and that they have to wait. 5 years for the price to go up. Guess what? It never has! I sold all my silver at an 80% loss. Not one of them them: SGT Report, Greg Hunter, mike maloney, gerald celente, pastor dow, barnone, silverfutuerist, MoneyBags73. and all the rest. Not one of them ever said that they were sorry if they hurt anyone. They only blamed me and my friend for listening to them. And for damn sure they have never said that, “they were wrong!” and my pal is dead blow out his brains in front of his family, and I lost my entire life saving. Texas Shrugged Book they don’t care. They don’t care about any of us. That’s the truth, Don’t spent time on them. Life is made of time. They have taken to may lives already.”

    end quote
    ***fair use***

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