Where Have All The Drama Queens Gone? The March Dallas Hear The Watchmen Conference Is A Hard Act to Follow For the Knoxville Event Organizers

Mike Whitestone AKA Mike Kerr's Challenge to stay out of jail

Mike Whitestone AKA Mike Kerr once again tempting Fate

Mike Whitestone AKA Mike Kerr

Mike Whitestone AKA Mike Kerr

It would appear that many are contemplating the upcoming September 30-October 2, 2016  Hear The Watchmen Conference in Knoxville, Tennessee, as I see an upsurge in the readership of this blog’s dozen or so articles on the first conference, which took place in Dallas last March 18-20, 2016.

That first Hear The Watchmen Conference had featured 9 key speakers, Paul McGuire, L. A. Marzulli, Pastor David Lankford, Michael Boldea, Russ Dizdar, Jon Robberson, Gregg Jackson, Coach Dave Daubenmire and Pastor Flip Benham.  In addition, the emcees for the Dallas event were Doug and Joe Hagmann, John B. Wells and Sheila Zilinsky.  The names highlighted in bold print are those who are not on the roster for the Knoxville conference.

As they stood by the sullied reputation of event organizers Mike Kerr AKA Mike Whitestone and his wife Jeannie Moore/Kerr, the missing participants from the Knoxville conference displayed a loyalty unmatched in the Shakespearean-style dramas of the Merchants of Christian Alternative Media.  Also missing from the new roster of speakers is Steve Quayle, who for a short time was shown in the photo lineup of the Knoxville conference.

As befitting the short history of the Hear The Watchmen Conference,  the scripture chosen to highlight the Knoxville event is “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few”.  (Matthew 9:37).  Below is the roster of speakers of the September Hear The Watchmen Conference:

The Laborers in the Knoxville field

The Laborers in the Knoxville field

Last spring the first conference generated much interest due to the controversy which arose when Nathan Leal reproved the New Age heresies of Dr. Ted Broer.   As a result of listening on December 18, 2015, to that particular Hagmann/Broer interview, Nathan Leal made an attempt to deal with the heresy issues with the organizers of the Hear The Watchman Conference, as both men were scheduled to speak on the same platform. When that discussion failed,  Leal issued a letter of resignation from the conference on December 23, 2015, as a matter of conscience.

Subsequently, Dave Hodges on his Commonsense show defended Dr. Ted Broer’s version of events.  In the meantime Donna Leal had mentioned in late December that they had been threatened with a lawsuit regarding “fair use”.  I am guessing this had something to do with the audio created by Nathan Leal explaining precisely why he had disagreed so strongly with Broer’s theology.  Leal had wisely used sound bites from the radio broadcast so that the listener could hear what had been stated. By January 8, 2016, this audio had been removed from Nathan Leal’s website.

John Little of Omega Shock  defended Nathan Leal, and provided key information on the behind the scenes attacks against Leal which had resulted when he publically stated his reasons for separating from the Hear The Watchman Conference. On January 4, 2016 in response to this incident, I posted Kudos to Nathan Leal of the Watchman’s Cry for Standing Up (For a Few Days Anyway) to Dr. Ted Broer, Hagmann and Hagmann and Dave Hodges.  I was quite surprised by the high numbers of readers interested in this particular incident.  And so on January 11, 2016,  I wrote another article involving Steve Quayle and Pastor David Lankford, who were pressured to publically comment on the underlying causes of this controversy.

On January 28, 2016 I posted Cloven Tongues of Strange Fire:  The Continuing Controversy of the Hear The Watchmen Conference, and two days later on January 30th again posted another article called, The Sins of Christian Marketplace Conflicts of Interest:  or when Doug and Joe Hagmann, Did You Intend to  Release The Results of Your Background Investigation of the Founders of the Hear The Watchmen Conference?

Eight more articles ensued discussing  the shady fund-raising history of the fictitious name Mike Whitestone AKA Mike Kerr and his wife Jeannie Moore/Kerr and their GOFUNDME account, as well as Doug Hagmann and John B. Wells’ attempt to defend the duplicity of Mike Whitestone.  Other articles can be found on this blog on the speakers and persons connected with the first conference including Jon Robberson (The Hollywood Insider), Paul McGuire, Flip Benham, Sheila Zilinsky, Pastor David Lankford, Steve Quayle, Dave Hodges, and  Dave Daubenmire, who dresses in a baseball oufit, who I noted was a key defender of tax fraud Dr. Dino.

When the Dallas conference was concluded, a roster of possible participants for the Knoxville conference was shown, including a photo of Steve Quayle. Since he will not be present, I note that one of the speakers added to the current line-up is another drama queen,  Anthony Patch.  On  February 15, 2016, I wrote about his strange antics in a post called The Real Reason The Men in Black Tried to Silence Anthony Patch.

Without Douglas Hagmann, Sheila Zilinsky, and Steve Quayle to bolster the second Hear the Watchmen Conference, it would appear that this upcoming event in Knoxville, Tennessee, will be just one more dreary  conference. Perhaps Russ Dizdar might prove to be interesting, particularly as one attendee in the Spring conference who refused to clap at his speech, was ousted as a possible terrorist suspect.  I may yet examine all of Dizdar’s material in-depth, having only perused through some of his audios.  Of note is that this month someone used my email contact information, without my permission, to subscribe me to Russ Dizdar’s newsletter, notices, book discounts, and upcoming event notices.

A short summary of key events given below will remind my regular readers that the brouhaha associated with the Nathan Leal/Dr. Ted Broer controversy represented a real crisis in the inner circle of Doug Hagmann and Steve Quayle.  Nathan Leal had for some time been a featured repeat guest on the Hagmann show, but his brief stand against the heresy of another Hagmann guest represented a breach of the code of loyalty of the brotherhood of this Alternative Media universe. Into the breach jumped Dave Hodges to defend Broer. And then on January 7, 2016,  Steve Quayle and Pastor David Lankford publically commented on this situation, due to the pressure from their inquiring listener base.

John Little then defends Leal, and brings to light the unsavory actions of the conference organizer Mike Whitestone, who is trying to distance himself from critical newspaper articles written exposing his fundraising tactics under his real name Mike Kerr.  His wife’s toffee business is a sponsor of the Hagmann broadcast.  On February 20, 2016 I wrote an article called The King of Jousters, John B. Wells and his ARK Knight-errant, Sir Douglas Hagmann give a Private Exhibition of Their Prowess.  In this article as well as others, I transcribe the audio of the men defending the shady actions of their friends who partner and promote each other in the Alternative Media. On March 2, 2016 Douglas Hagmann ranted on air against bloggers who transcribe his every word.


Note the New Sensitivity to the complaints against the Event Organizers who are known for their gross commercialism of the needs of Veterans and Christians. In addition to promoting this conference, Singing Lessons are encouraged by emcee John B. Wells

Last year I asked Mike Whitestone for an accounting of his GoFundMe account and was ignored. This year he lowered his monetary goal and added that this account was set up for Jean Moore, as I had questioned the legality of using a ficticious name. I had heard that Jean Moore had married Mike Kerr and I do not know if she retained her prior surname. If not, then this is another Red Flag day for the Event Organizers who like to confuse the paper trail which those nosy IRS auditors like to sniff out.

Last year I asked Mike Whitestone for an accounting of his GoFundMe account and was ignored. This year he lowered his monetary goal and added that this account was set up for Jean Moore, as I had questioned the legality of using a ficticious name. I had heard that Jean Moore had married Mike Kerr and I do not know if she retained her prior surname. If not, then this is another Red Flag day for the Event Organizers who like to confuse the paper trail which those nosy IRS auditors like to sniff out.

Publicity of the Leal/Broer/Mike Whitestone/ Dallas Hear the Watchmen conference had gotten so far out of control that a diversion smoke grenade was tossed out on February 25, 2016 by Steve Quayle who had issued a QAlert headlined as Timothy Alberino and His Family Have Come Under A Defined and Very Dangerous Attack Wednesday Night, And, Had Not God Intervened, All Would Have Died.  Again in a post, I transcribed this very strange story, as told by Timothy Alberino and Steve Quayle to Doug Hagmann.

Then during the actual conference in Dallas on March 18-20, 2016, Douglas Hagmann claimed that he had experienced major problems with the TSA at the airport, that terrorist threats had been made against conference participants,  that he was forced to stay in the hotel and advised not to leave, and that the police had erected a 25 foot surveillance tower at the hotel, of which no one had thought to take a photo of.  And then again,  there was that man who was viewed as acting strangely because he did not applaud Russ Dizdar.  That man in the audience was removed from the conference as a possible terrorist.


As is usual with Hagmann, no police reports are provided to support his story with facts. However, after the Dallas conference, the drama continued.  I want to thank the alert reader of this blog who sent me a copy of the Vancouver Canada Provincial Adult Court docket.  We must recall that the Event Organizers and attendees claimed that the Dallas conference was anointed by God and a great success.  But within 3 days of the conclusion of this God anointed event,  one of the emcees, referred to by Mike Whitestone as a Warrior Woman for Jesus, ended up on March 23, 2016 with charges being brought against her for assault, uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm, causing disturbance, mischief-obstruction/use/enjoyment of property in Vancouver, Canada.

The British Columbia court system, file number 241656 shows as the cause claimed for these actions to be fear of injury/damage by another person.  Screenshots of this event are shown below, taken from the public records of the Vancouver Provincial Adult Court:




As the title of this post suggests, indeed the Dallas Hear The Watchmen Conference will be a hard act to follow by those participating in this month’s Knoxville event.




22 thoughts on “Where Have All The Drama Queens Gone? The March Dallas Hear The Watchmen Conference Is A Hard Act to Follow For the Knoxville Event Organizers

  1. wow shelia z got evil intentions when you see her fruits.. saying one thing and doing another with police reports even.. Ive heard the woman and she is one scary hairy bigfoot Pandora likely to say anything at the conference i noticed also most of her speaking engagements were all plagiarized from quotes in steve quacks books LOL>… Her support of hagmann says tons about her. the whole idea of the conf anyway is to promote books speakers and not ideas or any real knowledge lining their pockets … you should see what even one of the host make showing up for the speeches and talks would make you cringe .. its all about the money.. Thank you Mrs Weaver for exposing them. I hope you spend your money wisely and give to the poor direct rather than giving it to millionaires like sq sz th dh ta and others. the court cases for fraud are piling up on these folks. Silver and gold scams to false teachings are not a place for a good Christian to be at. SZ gangsta image isent one that promotes the second amd when making threats is a way to silence her critics .. great Post ! Well make sure this gets well plastered ! Being the WPN is hosted in Knoxville south im sure going to make a point to explain why we need criminals telling us bible prophecy.

    • Rarely will I call the words of anyone “worthless”. But I will tell you folks this: reading this blog is a silly waste of your time. Now that could be construed as opinion (like the majority of Ms Weaver’s musings) or it could be considered factual. You see, unlike Ms Weaver, I work with and know every single person she slandered in the above strike-out of a “hit”piece.
      She could’ve called or emailed me and asked a few questions. I’m not hard to contact. And it would have made a good article (her first I might add).
      Because I know the EXACT story behind both the Nathan/Ted issue and the large change over of speakers from Dallas to Knoxville. You see, Ms Weaver, if you start out with actual investigation and addressed any of us with professional courtesy, we would have reciprocated in kind. Missed opportunities can be costly; especially when we are all supposed to be on the same team.
      -Jon Robberson

      • Do share your EXACT story behind the Nathan/Ted issue, Jon. The truth should be known. I had real money down on the Dallas conference (two tickets), which I forfeited as a result of the fallout. Mike implored me not to ask for my money back, and I agreed, but that was before I pieced together the story (which you say is probably not true), and witnessed the total unbiblical treatment the Leal’s received. Then it was implied that the Leal’s might be sued for ruining the party, and I decided to let it go.

        I’m familiar with your body of work.

        Ted Broer may be a good health doctor, but he is no more than a chameleon, trying to blend in with the Alt. Christian Media empire in order to enriched himself. He has peddled his “good health for Christians” company to some really shady ministries, including Benny Hinn. He has no firewall, when it comes to spiritual things, and mostly he just parrots things he’s read on the Internet.

        Doug Hagmann is a hot head (I like Joe, actually). Here’s a story: One time a “Voodoo Priest” made a YouTube video that was (admittedly) vile toward the Hagmann’s. Doug responded by saying he was going to hunt him down and find him, implying the result would be horrific for him. Yes. Christian Doug Hagmann. Another time, some sleazebag sent a used condom to the Hagmann residence in the mail. We didn’t know at the time what it was, but on the air Doug said to the perpetrator, “You better hope the FBI gets to you first!” It hurt my heart to hear that.

        Steve and David came on the air after the Leal incident and basically got their underwear bunched because someone had the gall to bring a shadow over the H&H proceedings. Call it the devil, if you will, but if Nathan wanted to back out (for a very good and biblical reason, in my book), the group should have just let it go, and moved on. But they made a case out of it.

        Enter Mike “Whitestone”. Thoroughly exposed as an event and charity fraudster in the past. Maybe he’s turned over a new leaf, maybe not. It doesn’t matter at this point. He’s got the last of my money.

        Jon, at one time, I was in love with the H&H enterprise. It was a nightly idol for me for three years. Steve Q called it a ministry, and I gave a monthly tithe. But time and again, Doug would act in a way or say things that I found un-Christianlike, and bring on guests that were full of it, false, repetitive, errant, and when the Nathan Leal thing surfaced, I said, “That’s it.” I can’t support this anymore.

        Do I hate any of those people? No. I just don’t find them profitable to listen to, for the most part. “All things are legal, but not all things are profitable.” The Hagmann enterprise is no longer profitable for me.

        I still like the “True Legendz” series that SQ and Tim Alberino do. Great work. Profitable. Worthy of support. Tim is a great guy, doing great things.

        I still visit SQ’s site for news. He’s got a lot of comments on there that are demonstrably false, especially those that I have first hand knowledge of. But people eat it up. I now use a little more discernment in my reading.

        I’ll occasionally cruise by Dave Hodges site, but he has been wrong so many times in his “Intel” that I have to take him with a grain of salt. He’ll eventually be right on something, I’m sure.

        I sought out some teaching, privately, from David Lankford. I had purchased some of his material and donated to his ministry. I watched his YouTube channel, and heard some really inspired teachings from him on H&H. Really good stuff. So, I had some ideas on eschatology that I wanted a mature Christian to evaluate. He responded with some things I could make no sense of. Verses that didn’t support his statements. At first, I thought maybe I just wasn’t “getting it”. But after a few email exchanges it became clear he had no idea what I was talking about and had no way of steering me in the right direction. I was courteous and complimentary, but eventually he said he had no more time for me and not to ask him any more questions. It was only perhaps three email exchanges. I guess I was too much trouble. Can I continue to monetarily support a ministry that has no time for me? Overall, I’d say that he has a real passion for God, Jesus, and teaching, but he portrays an angry, vengeful God most of the time. Not all of the time. He doesn’t speak to the un-saved, generally, but rather the backslidden. I can’t imagine too many people who don’t know the love of Jesus coming to Christ under his messages. It’s a niche, ministry. There’s a note of disgust for the “rest of Christiandom” in a lot of his messages.

        My advice to you? Get out while you still have some dignity. These are my opinions only. And I don’t mean any harm by them. Take them or don’t. God bless you in anything you do.


  2. Where to start?

    First off, I would be interested in knowing what Mars Hoffman meant when he mentioned (what I think he was referring to as) speaking fees. Conjecture or solid knowledge? Got real numbers? Just curious about that.

    I had tickets to the Dallas show. I live locally, so it was easy for me to attend, which I did not actually do. After the absolutely inexplicable and despicable treatment of Nathan Leal (my primary reason for buying tickets), and the continued support for a total feminine rinsing product, I had to walk away. I would have asked for money back, but was afraid Mr. Whitestone was going to take his losses out of Nathan’s hide in a lawsuit.

    Sheila: I once had a great respect for her knowledge and interview skills. Then she got caught up in the H&H crowd and became an acid-tongued critic of all things mainstream Christianity. Sort of a fe-Quayle. The sarcasm became too much for me to tolerate. Can’t listen any longer. I’m no defender of the lukewarm church, but she had/has a knack for lumping all churches together into one big pile of utter disdain. No mercy. The blonde bombshell act is a put off for me, especially considering the peroxide, great gobs of makeup, and low cut cleavage tops it requires to pull it off. I bought her book, “Green Gospel”. I actually enjoyed it. I understand she’s also had a string of civil disobedience (or maybe passive aggressive) incidents with the local constabulary over parking tickets and towing fees. Perhaps that explains the pleas for support of her ministry by SQ. By the way, that “bad boy” pink rifle is the .22 LR version of the AR. Not really an AR. I had one once. Probably a Canada thing, with their gun laws.

    Anthony Patch: Probably the smartest quantum physicist I know that works at Home Depot (so I heard). He’s come up with some doozies. He was on TheFaceLikeTheSun channel on YouTube recently. I was like, “Oh, Gonz, please, no!” He’s there, trying to give credence to “The Mandela Effect”. I’m sure he brings chuckles to the real scientific community.

    Russ Dizdar: I still have a great deal of respect for Russ. He’s not just a talker. He’s a walker, to. Oddly, I have also been recently getting daily e-mail updates/offers from him. Connected to Mike Whitestone, perhaps? I keep getting things from Mike as well, even after repeated requests to unsubscribe. Seriously, though. Russ is one of my favorite show guests.

    L.A. Marzulli: I like him even if he drives a Corvette and lives in Malibu. He’s doing some really interesting stuff that nobody else is. And he seems like a genuine person.

    Dave Daubenmire: I don’t really look to him for Bible learning or other Biblical insight, but he has a great heart, and has been on the front lines of the Pro Life movement, which is a Godly cause, even if it means teaming up with the Roman Catholics. God has some people there too, and they’re all standing in front of abortion clinics. God Bless them.

    Gregg Jackson: Decent guy. Wrote some good practical books, by all accounts.

    John B. Wells: Great talk show host. Nice guy, cool, and pretty smart. I subscribe to CTM. Kinda disappointed that he’s got himself attached to HTW.

    I don’t know who the other people are.

    Good article. I was kinda interested in seeing what was going on with this event, even though you couldn’t drag me there.

    God Bless,


    • Thank you for sharing Karl. I would share more of my story as well but I have already had the sad experience of one of these “Men Of God” getting his lawyer out of bed one night last year because I challenged his ethics in an email, so I guess I will pass for now.

      Maybe someday I will share his letter back to me complete with accusations and threats to expose personal information that is normally protected by “Penitent Clergy Confidentiality” statutes in both our States as well as the statement that I would “reap the whirlwind.”

      I am sorry about the tax bill. I understand about that as well.

      Suffice it to say that what people need to understand that many lives have indeed been negatively impacted by certain members of this group. One of them now disavows his own expert claiming he had been “deceived” by him to and went on to tell me his full name, not once but twice and said he had not been on the air with him for a year. That was a year ago and the man has his own radio show so apparently he was not reported to the authorities for his wrong doing. One wonders why?

  3. Greetings Karl, As a radio talk show host for the last 8 years and having many such on my shows such as stan deyo, jessie ventura, Bill salus and many thousands of others i can tell you for the most part there are two genres there, one is professional guest one is professional host. many of these people do this as a professional guest they don’t have a show but they hop from one to another so they get a wide view and when the ranks fall on one show they move on to an new host. To answer you question and ill give you a example with stan since ive already used his name i had him on some 10 times on various shows mostly about the gog war. one day after i ran a ad during a break of our show (the ad was on go bags that i custom made for folks using their money up front to custom craft go bags to their need ((making no profit btw)), stan came back on the air and said hey mars that bag sounded really nice why cant i get one and i said sure stan well discuss that after the show, after the show came and stan said well you know where to send my bag too mars i really look forward to getting it. i told him how the deal worked and after that he refused to ever come back on my show again. having known him for a long time and his super nice wife Holly, and seeing pictures of their home in our vid chats i noticed so many items that come from popular sponsors of alt media host like big berkey water systems and wise food and many other items of popular sales fronts and when i ask him about some of those he said oh its nothing i get those all the time they give them to me for favors you know.” There are stories being told that some coin dealers connected with the Alt Media make a deal with a Mexican silver mine that produces low grade soft “mexican silver” which is then stamped into coins and buffed, selling them for sterling prices. And if you dislike what you get and want a refund you cant get one. It is important in coin transactions to test those coins that you purchase for authenticity as soon as you receive them, particularly if you do not receive a certificate of authentication. And some people have complained that the receipts which are given them by the coin dealer lack important information on the transaction. Most all of these pro guest want something or simply use the host to get more name recognition so that they become famous off lesser known host. They all want something. Trust me ive done this many years. Jessie ventura and i had many many long talks and finally he agreed to come on the air with me on the Watchers Prophecy News when i was on freedomizer radio and we had a nice show about world events at the time and about a week later his publicist sent me a email saying jessie wanted to come back that next week so i agreed as he was very good for ratings and at the last min about 3 min before air time with millions of ads out for his appearance fox news calls him and wants him live on the air for money. So while still on skype he tells me mars your a nice guy i love your show your doing the truth brother but you see i need to make money and your not helping that. i have to go. im broadcasting from my home with the best stuff a ssi check can afford, he has millions of dollars and because later expresses that it was all about money and if i would pay him what fox did he would skip the interview with 1 min before air time. just 5000 dollars i had that in my left front pocket… not… after his law suit vs kris kyle;s family i lost all respect .. in vid of his home same things as stans i went omg .. you have a nice berkey also and all this other things from all these sponsors .. While host never get any of these things. You see for them its about money free stuff fame and use the host to become famous. How many know my name after 8 years in radio? The contrast is that now im on http://www.kdov.us Americas premier christian radio station and now i rarely have guest and make no money from the shows. do i care .. nah.. the message is all i care about brother man…. to the rest its a grand game of ol boy network to get free stuff and money. i just want folks to hear the truth. Come see what we do every sat night at 10pm et ..on http://www.kdov.us also on shoutcast, tunein, 4shared, and FM and of course youtube where i do not monetize the shows either.

    • Wow! How do I get a speaking gig over at Fox! I’ve very often wondered what sort of conversations occur behind the scenes in the Alt. Christian Media. The money arrangements, sponsor deals, guest stratification, etc. somebody should write an expose(ay)…

    • Sorry, Mars. Missed your show. Lost track of time. By the time I tuned-in, it was just some contemporary Christian music, (which doesn’t really grab me). I’ll try again next week.

  4. In my previous post (and I rarely comment on any chats or boards) I stated I am not difficult to reach. That being said, there are not anywhere near as many “inner court” dealings as one might assume within the Christian alt. media. Not that I have seen anyway. I will not break the confidence of anyone with whom I work or speak, on either end of a conversation. But to set the record straight: most speakers at HTW Dallas were provided accommodations at the venue and a modest travel stipend. That’s it. Speakers such as myself (with no monetizing endeavors at that time or now) essentially participated for the same reason people listen: in our field of expertise there are things that remnant believers need to know. If you are left unaware of the Luciferian machinations that is Hollywood, how then are you to pray? My sincere hope is that many who read this board will understand that people like Pastor Lankford, Flip, Paul McGuire, Doug and Joe etc… I know these people. They are fearless and hardworking and leave a pint of blood, sweat and/or tears in what they do. Do we get it right all the time? No. But we are with you folks in this fight against global tyranny, persecution of the church and the slow slide of our once God fearing republic down the toilet.
    Regarding Nathan Leal, I will say this: we met last November at his conference in Idaho. I feel like I should add rather dumbly that I was just an attendee. I forked out about a thousand bucks to fly from Pasadena to Spokane and stay in the little town where we all congregated. I met Nathan. And Donna. And his kids. They were all super nice, regular people. I also called Nathan multiple times during the confusion with Dr Ted. Why? Because there are always two sides to every story. We spoke for several hours, went through scripture and even had a few laughs. Nathan has an ironic, sometimes a bit scarcastic wit. Plus he is very intelligent. Again what I am trying to explain is there are disagreements between these different ministers, writers, show hosts and evangelists but at the end of the day we are all doing our fleshly best to serve the Lord.

    One more thing of note: we who speak on shows like Hagmann or Caravan, we do it because we have a message to give our remnant brothers and sisters. And the way you book the gigs is simple: the show’s producer hears your previous work and invites you on. That’s it. There’s no formal or contractual quid pro quo; you just accept the invitation and confirm the date. And in two years I’ve never heard of any pay-to-play nonsense. If a show receives strong feedback from your message you may get reinvited. It’s pretty casual and very organic. I will even give you folks a glimpse of the other side of the equation as I have been booking and producing shows for just under a year. It’s actually A LOT harder to locate, vet, communicate with and ultimately bring on and bring up new names and new voices. It’s really hard work.But we do it to keep listeners informed, motivated, strong in faith in Jesus Christ and to keep the show’s fresh.

    Lastly, a tip of my hat (that I’m not wearing,but…) a tip of my hat to Ms Weaver for posting my comment. I apologize for suggesting you wouldn’t. Blessings all. -Jon Robberson

    PS: Ms Weaver you have my email. Use it. A lot of us don’t understand the ongoing axe grinding. As I stated I will not discuss anything or anyone other than my personal experiences, but like Trump “I will talk to you.” Without dialogue this front line media world gets ugly and it can get pretty lonely, pretty confusing and pretty depressing…pretty quick.

    Matthew 6:14-15

    • Thank you, Jon. You have restored to me, in at least one area, my faith in the Alt. Christian Media that guests/personalities are appearing for the right reasons.

      Mars Hoffman had some opposing thoughts on the subject, and I take all into consideration, not that my opinion matters on any subject. That being said, I’m not “walking back” anything I’ve said previously, in regard to my opinion.

      Let me run some things past you and see if you think I’m off track, or being too judgmental:

      In the Summer of 2013, if I remember correctly, Steve Quayle brings on a guest that few people have ever heard of, who goes by the name “V”. At this time, and for months and years previously, Steve has been heavily pushing the sale of silver, at the (then) going rate of about $25 to $30 or $35 an ounce. Steve sells silver, as you know. V agrees that if you don’t have silver or gold, NOW, you’re in a heap of trouble. He also confides that the only reason he’s a Christian, is because it’s the only religion that you don’t have to remove your brain to believe. Odd statement, but OK. Steve and V both agree that the world monetary system is about to fail, probably by October (2013) and suggest really strongly that if you don’t divest of your 401k or stock portfolio immediately, then you are going to be in a world of hurt. To quote, “It’s better to have part of something than all of nothing.” And, “If you can’t touch it, you don’t own it.” Of course, this is wonderful Godly advice, from Godly men, who speak to God, and we’d be idiots to think differently.

      By this time, we all know that not only did the world financial system NOT go “Tango Uniform” in the Fall of 2013, but additionally, the price of silver continued to fall to a low of about $13 some two years later. So, if you were like me, and fell for this nonsense, and divested a savings that had been (at that time) still not recovered from the 2008 crash, and turned it into silver holdings, then you might be upset a bit. Especially if the tax burden for the amount of liquidated savings was a $9,000 hit (owed the IRS) on top of what you usually owed. Then to watch the value of precious metal you had on hand slowly and excruciatingly drop another 30% in value.

      Glad I didn’t lose it in the financial crash of 2013!

      Or how about the incessant prophetic tsunami warnings that had people selling their deflated (at the time) beachfront real estate for safer ground, at a great loss and financial burden, not to mention the upheaval of family ties, friendships, and general peace?

      Or similarly, the prophetic warnings of nuclear war hitting the Northwest, so people uprooted their families to escape imminent danger?

      Or Dave Hodges telling us the government shutdown in the Fall of 2014 was going to “go hot” and chaos ensue. Or Jade Helm was going to “go hot” and chaos ensue. Or some othe FEMA drill was going to “go hot”‘and chaos ensue. You get the picture.

      Or some guest on H&H comes on in 2013 and/or 2014 and says he’s a government insider and he has it on unimpeachable authority that the Syrian war is about to erupt into WWIII. Or the Ukranian mess is about to erupt into WWIII? Or the downed airliner is about to erupt into WWIII? Or, you get the picture.

      What did “W” have to tell us that was of any value? Really. Anything?

      Steve Quayle and Greg Evensen came on the show in the Fall of 2012 and told us that the Russians came in from over the Canadian border on C-130 aircraft when the radar was briefly shut down at Minot Air Force Base. Invasion in progress!!! War of the Worlds!!

      Then sometime in 2013 or 2014, Greg implores the law enforcement field as a whole NOT to follow the orders they were just about to receive from authorities (CD-ROM’s pre-placed in the squad car trunks) to haul people of to FEMA camps, or to carry out some evil deed, or some such nonsense.

      This is just off the top of my head. I could come up with much more, given some time.

      Jon, I used to eat this stuff up! I LIVED it. My family and friends thought I was nuts. You know why? Because I WAS! But that’s OK, because Steve and Doug kept telling me that The Bible said it would be this way. Family would betray you, etc.

      This is the Alt. Christian Media at its worst. Selling silver, gold, dehydrated food, survival goods. You know how much expired food I have that my son won’t eat? Even the food pantries don’t want it.

      There is a reality here, that you just cannot ignore.

      Do I believe we are being fooled by a bunch of deliberate charlatans? Not for the most part. Some yes, some no. I just think they’re a whole lot of wrong a whole lot of the time.

      They have too much power to shape minds. To much influence on young Christian hearts just trying to find the truth. Too muc. I’m no longer an apologist for these guys, though I was once a great defender. Now I just understand that they’re just as human and subject to deception as anybody. Take it all with a grain of salt, and don’t put too much importance on what they have to say.

      Much, much more peace today. For me.

      There are baby Christians every day, finding this group, and will be in the same boat I was years ago, and won’t know how to deal with the barrage of information, or how to sort it out. This site will at least give them a reasonable level of skepticism to decide what to believe.

      So, silly? Oh, no.

      Jacquelyn may not get it all right either, but at least she’s taking a healthy approach to it. One I wish I’d taken years earlier.

      God Bless.


      • Karl, I want to thank you for your candid and thoughtful comments on this blog. I have a number of readers who made irreversible life changing decisions based on the Hagmann/Quayle/V-Guerrilla Economist fear based marketing campaign during 2012, when various predictions were being made based on the Bible and the Mayan calendar. In the aftermath, when things did not go as they thought, they found that they had invested everything in silver, or had moved to another location which caused family problems, for example. These decisions could not be reversed. The damage was done. I have heard these stories, but these persons, while humbled and acknowledging their error, are not ready to make their personal decisions public. So it is comforting to them to know that other Christians have backed away from the distortions which they had felt to be truth based. And hopefully the Lord will restore them in faith, even though the monetary problems probably cannot be reversed. It is for this reason, and for the sake of the name of Jesus Christ, that I write on the primary movers and shakers of the Alternative Media who have undermined the body of Christ. It is a real shame, because in fact all of us are moving towards the troubles prophesied in the book of Revelation and elsewhere in the Bible. Your experiences and ponderings are much appreciated by many, and by me.

      • Karl, My total tax bill came to about $16,000.00. I finally had to refinance.

        I made my purchase after the June 10. 2012 show.

      • @ Karl,

        The “Hagmann and Hagmann Reports” show I based my decision to purchase silver from Steve Quayle was recorded on Sunday 6/10/2012 from Blog Talk Radio and can be found in several places on line. For convenience, please cut and paste this youtube title:

        Steve Quayle MELTDOWN 2 of 3

        (hold on to the date for future reference because a youtube of the Jim Bakker show that was being used as an example of questionable statements by another blogger was mysteriously taken down shortly after he linked to it so you might have to search a bit if this one is disappears as well)

        At the 33 minute mark of this youtube a definitive statement is made that there is an “executive order” to “take” 401Ks, IRAs and other accounts after the first of the year which would have been early 2013.

        For still more interesting and exciting information, please start at about 22 minutes in and listen from there. I think you will find this clip very enlightening and pertinent to the subject at hand.

  5. well bro im telling you those alt radio PROFESSIONAL guest as they call themselves, are just out for the money for the most part i can sure name the ones that are. its not about the message for them the message is the means. As a radio host for the last 8 years i have had many of those same folks on my show from bill salus to stan deyo and many more and i know the game its about money. The Watchers Prophecy News is on record supporting Mrs Weaver and her conclusions because they are true.

  6. Well I will do my best here to try and keep the spirit of dialogue among believers at a level of intellectual honesty and intellectual curiosity with the understanding that those who follow this blog and the aforementioned shows are naturally inquisitive, skeptical and may I say (myself included) sometimes a tad cynical? I’ve always personally thought that one of the burdens of trying to think for oneself is an unfortunate tendency to see the glass as half empty. That’s where scripture can (and should) play a crucial role in that so much of the inerrant Word of God is about ENCOURAGEMENT, agreed?
    So rather than tackle Karl’s well defined concerns point-by-point I am going to write broadly and from my personal opinion that is based sometimes on proper discernment and sometimes on just my dumb man mind.

    I “woke up” (a description I’ve never been too keen on) back in mid 2009. At the time I was working for CBS on the single season disaster that was “Melrose Place” Redux….total TV train wreck, but I digress.

    The entry point for me was an interview I heard on Coast to Coast (listener back then, no longer one) with James W Rawles. He talked about many things regarding primarily the entropy built into the systems we rely on 110% to maintain what we know as civilized society. He mentioned his prepper “cult classic” “Patriots” so I picked up a copy and read it. It’s not exactly literature but it sparked ones mind to consider very real possibilities. Back in 2009 they were possibilities. It would seem that today as we close in on the end of 2016 many of these possible systemic implosions or failures are now probabilities.

    So where do the errant prognostications come in? Because certainly show archives are full of them. Well to examine a Biblical definition one must first ask oneself “do I believe that upon the birth of The Messiah was the God appointed time of the prophets brought to a conclusion?” My personal belief is yes. However the ministerial station or title of “prophet” still exists today it’s just that The Gospel has replaced the old basis of the prophetic message. Prophecy today should be 100% about Jesus Christ. Because without him, who cares how much gold, silver, ammo, Panamanian land you have?
    This was lesson number one for me and I didn’t start to “get it” until 2012. So for 24 months I tripped up one blind secular alley after another looking for the truth. I was chronically on Sgt Report, KWN, Chris Duanes site, Bob Chapman and Infowars. But the story never felt complete. Why? Because I was trying to apply my human capabilities to a story so supernatural, so
    old, so deceitful and complex that it is only through The Holy Spirit, faith, discernment and at minimum a basic understanding of the Abrahamic Covenant and how it directly relates to The Maydlower Compact (America’s Covenant) that the pieces at least take on shape and form with which one begins to see the big picture.
    A quote that I attribute to Chris Duane (this is 6 years ago but I’ll do my best) sums up where it’s so easy to get it wrong when you have the mic…on whatever show.
    “The big event, the big ‘thing’ is always six months around the corner. If it’s not going to happen in six months, when is it?”
    Well look at six month cycles: Late 2012, Benghazi & QE panic, PMs through the roof, six months later it’s Syria and gas attacks, six months after that its oil, derivatives and Ukraine. Six months later it’s “hello ISIS” six months later, Jade Helm 15 and on and on it goes. This is where I would submit there is equal onus upon show hosts, producers AND LISTENERS. If your Holy Spirit discernment meter has got you in serious red zone mode , email the show. Email the interviewee. Email the producer.
    Again I will not get into specifics because I work with many (not all but for transparency sake I’ll name them: Gregg Jackson, Flip Benham, Pastor Lankford, Pastor Billy Crone, Coach Dave, Paul McGuire, Doug and Joe and strictly as a recurring guest, John B Wells) I named names to simply say this: I back these men. You will notice certain guests are no longer on certain shows. FOLKS YOUR INPUT NOT ONLY MATTERS, WE FRAME WHAT WE DO AROUND IT more often than not.
    Now I wil state this publicly as I already have made my position emphatically clear to my colleagues on a one-on-one basis: I no longer have ANY ties ministerially or professionally to Hear the Watchmen or anything else that is in any way affiliated with the promoters of HTW. I resigned my speaking engagement in mid July. I am not going to delve into the reasons I chose to break fellowship with the aforementioned effort. Suffice it to say I did it, do not regret it and wish only that I had allowed greater discernment and better judgement to guide my actions earlier. And folks, let me tell you: without the direct ministry of Pastor Lankford and my brother Pastor Flip Benham along with consistent counsel from Gregg Jackson, those decisions would’ve been harder and more brutal than they were.
    Another point on the “infomercial” aspect of what Karl described: it may sound like an excuse but I offer this more by way of explanation; there is no preexisting playbook on how to do these shows. The learning curve is parabolic. So we sometimes say things that prove to be inaccurate. Sometimes bring on guests who have relinquished a message in lieu of salesmanship. It happens. But I work hard to keep the shows I package and/or produce entirely away from that distasteful model. Most of my colleagues do too. And a good look at the growth in understanding and adapting better show models should be fairly apparent from 2013 to present.
    I want to reiterate: a show host can read 2000 emails if they’re a super work horse but they can barely keep up with “must responds” from future guests, sponsors, producers etc..so send your thoughts. FAILURE TO RECEIEVE A RESPONSE IS NOT PERSONAL OR AN IMPLIED DISAGREEMENT WITH YOUR WRITTEN INPUT SO KEEP EMAILING; EVERY SINGLE COMMUNIQUE IS READ. Try to stay single topic/ single point focused as it contributes more easily to our ability to qualify and quantify listeners’ consensus.
    Now with a quick note on Mars points. I cannot speak with any authority on who receives what, when and where but I will tell you this: 4 of the 6 guests I have packaged and calendared for the month of October on one of the most recognizable platforms referred to often on this blog have day jobs! Allow me to repeat: they are in tech sales, bank managers, teachers, small business owners, even a cattle rancher.
    I do not claim to “know everyone” because I do not. But I have interacted with the names specified by me and the others who have posted to this board in the past 24 hours. And with no disrespect directed at anyone I can say that almost to the man, I haven’t seen any of the “money-money-money” type approach. And if I did, I eh hmm, am no longer associated with them.
    So as not to dominate this board any further I want to leave the readers with three things:
    1. In over 90% of the shows, broadcast by broadcast, the people who make them happen really are trying to do it to the best of their abilities.
    2. YOUR INPUT IS CRUCIAL. I got started 3 years ago by calling Doug and Joes show almost nightly. It helped that 16 years in Hollywood taught me a skill set that translates fluidly from TV to film to radio and back. But there are now half a dozen guests that research, write and produce shows who got started just like me. If you are well studied, articulate and tenacious you could be on the air in 3-6 months from reading this…if it’s Gods will. To be completely blunt, I started out as a concerned American and Christian who wasn’t going to be a silent door mat. To be further blunt: if any of you folks have heard my shows don’t feel sorry for Hollywood. To them you are a Nielsen number, box office bling and an aftershave buying dupe.But be warned: you will count the cost. Doing the shows are free but they ain’t cheap (cost me a 6 figure boot out of Hollywood).
    3. robbersonjon@gmail if you care to use it. Be professional, courteous and offer well thought out points and I will respond. After all every single reader of this blog is a son or daughter of the Living God and even though I’ve taken a beating on this blog( which is actually really a bummer) I recognize it as confusion which is a potent weapon waged against us…the remnant body of believers. Be blessed all. Ephesians 6:12-13
    -Jon Robberson

  7. @ Karl concerning what Jacquelyn Weaver said
    on October 4, 2016 at 6:21 pm:

    Amen to what Jackie said Karl, and I thank you as well.

    I also thank you Jackie, for providing a safe place to come. Your gentle and compassionate concern is greatly appreciated. You never once made me feel foolish although I know I was. The very hardest thing for me was to admit even to myself that I was wrong and I believed them.

    I pray that your courageous approach to this problem will empower others to come forward with their own stories and move toward healing. It is a process and it takes some time. Well, at least it has for me.

    And Yes, I assure you that there are other stories but some are afraid to come forward Karl. It is more than just embarrassment. Some are really paralyzed with fear and may still be very confused. Like you and I, some have asked for help and may have received help; but, I have also heard some of these very same “Watchmen” publicly put our precious brothers and sisters down for expressing the very fear that they themselves have evoked.

    God have mercy

  8. Lots of “good intentions” in the Alt. Christian Media. Really. I think most feel they are providing a Godly service. I don’t fault them for that. Many of them have shaped my world view in a good way. Opened my eyes to things I would have never been aware of. So, kudos to those whose hearts are in the right place.

    The thing that bothers me the most is that when they are dead wrong, or their prognostications prove to be wrong, nobody seems to be man enough, or Christian enough, to admit they were wrong. No retractions. Maybe they just think that “overall”, in the great scheme of things, they are right. And so the wrongs should be dismissed or ignored. That doesn’t excuse the wrong. People should be ready to admit when they are wrong. The real measure is to not say things that are wrong in the first place, and making sure you are right before saying it. It makes the job of correction a lot easier.

    That being said, we can ALL be wrong. The real test is to admit it.

    In the case when I called out Doug on the YouTube channel for his UN-Christian-like behavior toward an evil man, his ignorance or dismissal of it was the test. Fail. If you are persecuted, you count it as joy, for doing the work of The Lord. You don’t lash out with threats. OK, in the heat of the moment, perhaps, but after a cool-down and prayer, the Bible is clear. Pray for your enemies. Bless this who curse you. And retract your curse.

    Back to false reporting:

    If your “source” ends up being unreliable, then you should probably stop using that source. “Hawk” is a textbook example. Or the people Hodges is talking to. I’ve listened to “Hawk” a few times. Even in my most gullible moments, that guy struck me as a complete fabricator. Or someone with questionable sources. Every single time I listened to him, my mind told me, “Don’t”. And so, for three years now, I haven’t. One can only guess how many times he has said that the Russians or Chinese were in his backyard when I wasn’t listening. Maybe he will be proven right some day. But it wasn’t in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, or in 2016 so far.

    Hodges, well, just doesn’t connect with me anymore. I’ve sent some links to his articles to friends in the past (thank God I can still call them that) and thought he had “hit that one out of the park”, but then whatever he had to report or say completely fell to the ground. Another “don’t bother”, in my book. Note: his headline lingo has become so familiar to me that I no longer have to guess on SQ’s site who the source is. It’s so full of “Hodges Hyperbole” that it is now obvious even before I click the link. I can just skip it now. A few times, I commented on Hodges site the fact that his articles are full of typos and other editorial problems. I mean, if you’re an educator, and you have an international audience, would it be too much trouble to have someone proofread your work? I know, maybe it’s too much to ask, and probably a bit petty. He won’t allow those comments to be shown. In fact, his comments section is typically vacant now because he has denied so much commentary that nobody bothers to comment anymore (my assertion). Either that, or nobody reads it.

    I know this is another epic rant, and it may seem that I have an axe to grind. If so, this is it. My axe:

    I think this could all be corrected if the ACM body, as a whole, could just admit their limitations, and say that their sources are, in fact, potentially impeachable, and anything they report is subject to correction, change, whatever, we wouldn’t be in this mess. Oh, sometimes we get disclaimers that certain guests come on with financial advice, but can’t “legally” give such advice, so there we have the legal basis of non-culpability. Or that many of the guests have their opinions. It’s a show, people. Shows need an audience. Bring on the interesting guests and we’ll have a show.

    But don’t call it a ministry, in the Biblical sense, and don’t ask for tithes. It is clearly NOT a Biblical ministry, anymore than “It’s Supernatural!” or “The Jim Bakker Show” is a ministry. Just no. No. And not on “Alex Jones”, either, good grief.

    So, call it “entertainment”, no more. Then perhaps we could just admit that we don’t really know anything solid, and we are just bringing whatever we can find to the public attention, and you should sort it out for yourself.

    We have years, if not decades, to go in this journey.

    I can’t count the times I’ve heard someone say, “Take it to The Lord in prayer.” Another “legal out” for the prognosticators. If you are a marginal or baby Christian, and you don’t hear from The Lord in the way that these super Christian folks, prophets, tongue-talkers, claim to, then what are you to do?

    (I don’t deny the gift of tongues, but I also don’t believe those with gifts are infallible. Any gift can be misused or faked or otherwise.)

    Mars. Brother. I gotta say this: I listened to your show last Saturday night, for a bit, and I didn’t really see much difference in what the Hagmann’s are doing and what you’re doing, in the general sense. News stories, tenuously tied to Biblical prophecy, and maybe some fleshly political interest items. I don’t condemn you for that, and I see value in it, but overall, it seemed to me to be more of the same sort of thing. I won’t assign any motive to your commentary on these pages. We’re all doing what we can. Keep doing what you’re doing. As long as you’re not deceiving or leading folks down the wrong path, who can fault you?

    I’m a little more outspoken now than I once was, and a lot less bashful about the ACM than I ever was. Hopefully, I’ve presented my thoughts in a way that is productive. Even if we have to deal with folks who don’t quite have it right, we must admit that we all “see through a glass darkly” and hopefully all batting for the same team.

    If you’re in one of these “Internet Ministries” and you’re leading folks down the wrong path, and portraying things that aren’t true, then shame on you. But I’m not always right, and if I do the same, then shame on me. And God help me to be right more of the time and be able to admit when I’m wrong.

    God Bless all of you.


  9. Karl, years ago some of my thoughts were shaped by the short wave ministries, which provided a foundation for the present day Alternative Media. I agree with you that no matter who they are, whether the intentions were originally to provide a message or to make money, it all sounds the same. The reason it sounds all the same is that there is little depth of thinking given by the messenger. And the constant pounding of the ocean waves of current events being given in an alarmed tone of voice does nothing to produce any real thinking. I have been looking at some of these Alternative News sites which use Facebook to post current events, and there is almost a competition to see who can be the first to post an article that is of concern. Comments are made, yet there is no real interchange of thoughts which represents a real discussion taking place. And then there is the constant vile language and images intertwined with all of this.

    Christianity in all of its reality is deep. The Holy Spirit reveals to the genuine believer insights which are unknown to the natural man. The sinner, to know anything at all, must acknowledge that he/she is in fact worthless apart from the spirit of God. There is a lamentation in Job 9:20 which says, “If I justify myself, mine own mouth shall condemn me: if I say, I am perfect, it shall also prove me perverse”. Knowing such, the believer in Jesus Christ is humbled and therefore reduced to a position of real learning of the truths of God.

    Alternative Media personalities promote themselves and their friends and build up “numbers” of followers. It is my opinion after questioning the reality of the numbers quoted, that even this is falsified. So will God say, well done faithful servant, to someone who says they promoted a warning over and over and over ad nauseam? Maybe it is nothing but the work of a devil, trying to get “Christians” to speak clichés, rather than to take a little time to ponder what the Scriptures really say. While I have not been writing much on the lesser lights of Alternative Media, I have been over there asking uncomfortable questions. I do believe that there are some persons in this Alternative Media who have good intentions, but when the model of success promoted is someone like Alex Jones or Doug Hagmann, those good intentions will not produce the fruit which comes from modeling oneself after the heart of God.

    My own life has a very small sphere of influence, and has been circumscribed by the small orbits of friends, family, this blog, volunteer work at a food pantry and nursing home, and strangers whose road intersects mine. If there be anything of value in my efforts, God will show it as proved by fire, meaning what remains, if anything, must have its source in Jesus Christ, or it is nothing.

    A friend of mine, who is friends with someone who counsels victims of Mind Control, examined the comments made by The Hollywood Insider on this blog. I found it interesting that he thought more than one person wrote those comments. I do not know, of course if this is true, but what I predict is that the lack of self reflection, in light of real facts presented, will be a mountain which the speaker will find harder and harder to climb as time goes on. In the meantime, Christians who are searching for fellowship and unity with sincere believers are having a difficult time, and feeling alone in this vast sea of false professions. God knows we have all endorsed persons who later we admit with embarrassment, that we were deceived by their truths mixed with falsehood. It is not an easy time to live in, but all in all, we need to ponder God’s truth by leaning on the Holy Spirit in the faith of Jesus Christ.

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