**********MURDER HE WROTE********** starring Steve Quayle and Rick Wiles


In this latest saga, we find Rick Wiles, who seems totally oblivious to the dire warnings inherent in David Lankford’s latest dream, building yet another platform for snakes. On February 15, 2016, in an interview titled STEVE QUAYLE-THE DEATH OF JUSTICE, at the 51.17 mark, Rick Wiles begins, “One person that is going to be part of that platform is my long time friend Steve Quayle, and he is working on a new video program that is going to be part of our platform.  And so you want to make sure that you listen to tomorrow’s program.  I am going to give you more information about it. (the volume is then turned up on RW’s mic, and a dramatic booming voice announces)  Steve Quayle is on the phone from Bozeman, Montana!”

Rick Wiles:  Steve, what was the first thought in your mind Saturday, when you heard the news that Justice Scalia had passed away?

Steve Quayle:  Immediately?  MURDER.

RW:  Really?

SQ:  Yes, Sir.  MURDER.  There is a reason I say that is because again the Supreme Court is probably one of the most volatile positions now, that had needed a change.  And as the headlines progressed through the early hours of ah you know my becoming aware of it, and all the different stories being told, obviously they said it was natural causes.  Whenever I hear instantly natural causes, I go auhh, auhh.  Because it’s like the preparation, or the headlines have been prepared in advance.  Then we watch the whole thing unfold, it wasn’t a heart attack.  Remember, they said it was a heart attack, how can you determine a heart attack without an autopsy?

RW:  He was pronounced dead over the telephone.  How does the coroner get there and pronounce somebody dead by doing it over the telephone?  Are they doing it by Skype now?

SQ: Well, I think ah you know that the obvious statement is there was an expectation – the question that has to be asked, who stood down the Secret Service, that has the job of protecting Federal Judges?  But you know, Rick, MURDER is MURDER INC. now and it’s MURDER OF THE DAY.  Obviously, now we find that he had a pillow placed over his head.  But there is also other discrepancies, and I think it is a tragedy and a travesty that the highest judicial, and known as a Conservative, Catholic, by the way, is MURDERED.  And now anybody who makes a statement is considered or deemed to be a ah domestic terrorist.

RW:  What are some of the other discrepancies you’ve heard about?

SQ:  Well, first of all I think the way the bed was presented, ah you know he basically laid down and have given the, if you will, the nature of the CRIME scene, the different stories that are relating to how he died, the absolute out of character ah response of coroners, of the press.  Everything was pre-staged.  And I think that that’s what’s troubling to me the most, Rick, because again I think that there’s really something here, OK.  The pillow is left over Scalia’s head and obviously if you want to cover up a CRIME scene, you would have removed it.

Hands look peaceful like he folded his hands like there was no struggle and what’s interesting is that ah someone who may have done this may have straightened the bed.  I would think if you’re having a heart attack, unless it’s instantaneous, that there would be more mussing of the covers.  Now the other thing I find it interesting is the family’s not insisting that an autopsy, and you know this is troubling to me, because again it’s like I don’t know if someone has been threatened or whatever, but if the sheets aren’t rumpled, and you know no one that I know goes to bed and lays their hands down on their chest, and I’m just saying that again it was reported that it was a heart attack – no autopsy.  The coroner reports it over the phone.

The owners of the ranch are talking about different statements that are being contradicted in the main stream press.  So this is a Classic Cover-up.  By the way when I was up I got an email from Marshall and, and, the words that came to my spirit, Rick, this is critical, you know again, Weep America.  Weep. Your nation has become stolen from you. You have become a nation of MURDERERSNow that’s really heavy, OK?  That’s REALLY heavy.

RW:  I wonder if the pillow was checked for chloroform.

SQ:  Well, it could be due to, listen, they have a million ways to kill you.  Andrew Breitbart was..

RW:  He was poisoned.

SQ:  And Breitbart was hit with a psychotronic weapon.  You know they, they had Senate hearings in the seventies on heart attack weapons, you know.  I know  a talk radio show host that got zapped with one and he made it through.

Steve Quayle and Rick Wiles continue to talk about Andrew Breitbart’s death and the information he knew……

SQ:  And if people remember, Tom Clancy was also killed under mysterious circumstances, and Tom Clancy had made a similar statement.

RW:  Somebody did kill Justice Scalia.  Why did they leave the pillow on his face?

SQ:  I think it’s a if you will a cult(occult?) type signature of a specified killing, in other words you know, We can get you wherever you are.  Keep your mouth shut.  Now Scalia was going to vote on some pretty heavy measures you know, and  one of the things as you know, the NRA, National Rifle Association came out and said, understand people that ……( discusses this subject further)…

But you know, Rick, this has all the classic overtones of the octopus like tentacles of ah anybody that could stand in the way of the destruction of the United States and I want to point something else out to everybody last week……(discusses how the news of Scalia’s death caused him to stay awake all night)…But Scalia, this is such an in your face statement that We’ve got the country.  And I think that’s whats tragic.  If there isn’t a screaming, if there isn’t a demand for autopsy, if there isn’t an independent investigative arm, then you know this – then you know that basically the statement has been made from the people behind this that We can kill anyone anytime anywhere and there is nothing you can do about it.

RW:  It has all the hallmarks of a fascist police state.

SQ:  Well you know we have, ah, I have maintained the Nazis never lost the  Ha Ha! – lost World War II.

The above is a partial transcription of about eight minutes of an audio published at TRUNEWS on February 15, 2016, called STEVE QUAYLE-THE DEATH OF JUSTICE.    Rick Wiles sets up a question from the very start, to which Quayle answers MURDER.  We are dealing with a scripted dialogue which sparks the listener’s  imagination into accepting a judgment without first hearing the evidence

I have entitled this propaganda piece MURDER HE WROTE, and highlighted some of the highly charged word components in blood red. Rick Wiles plays the part of Inspector Clueless. Steve Quayle, plays the part of The Obituary Columnist of TRU-Lies NEWS, and after immediately tossing the  MURDER card on the table, the imaginations of these two men run wild.   The very real possibility that Justice Scalia might have passed away quietly due to his advanced age of 79, and declining health, is cast aside. The possibility that the family, who  believed that they were dealing with a natural death, wanted to make sure that persons in the Alternative Media were kept away from private family matters, is never given any credence by Wiles and Quayle. And you will note that neither men properly honored the memory of Justice Scalia; he was just a prop piece in this propaganda play.

Rick Wiles and Steve Quayle engage in much Pillow Talk, and Steve Quayle tells us that his spirit gave him yet another revelation of the destiny of America. Possibly becoming terrified of his own pillow, we are informed that Steve Quayle lost a whole night’s sleep over this news report.  When they run out of facts on Scalia’s death,  they bring up the old conspiratorial theories which were proven unfounded, as to the causes of the deaths of Andrew Breitbart  and  Tom Clancy.

Does anyone remember who shoved these strange murder theories in our face, in the first place?  Why it was none other than that Alternative News con man, Jim Garrow, who the last time I had heard,  had been placed under house arrest.  If you have forgotten who he is, I will refresh your memory with this article.

Jim Garrow claimed to be a former CIA agent, but there are those who consider him to be a fraud, and think that the real CIA ought to investigate him for unlawful impersonation. Jim Garrow wrote a book called The Pink Pagoda, which is reviewed here in depth by Research-China.org.  This book review is thoughtful and thorough , and mentions an interesting character in the book called Yoda.  Does anyone recall the series of talks given a couple of years ago by a mysterious operative called Yoda on The Hagmann and Hagmann radio show?  Jim Garrow, and therefore Yoda by implication, have been accused of child trafficking in China.  Here is an article by the Teapartycrusaders.com who wrote on February 22, 2015, INCREDIBLE: Ex-CIA Agent claims Obama had Breitbart and Clancy Killed.  There are many more such articles on the internet with regard to Jim Garrow, if you want to read further about this man.

In the audio, Steve Quayle-The Death of Justice,   Rick Wiles and Steve Quayle have made an astounding assertion of MURDER without any evidentiary proof.  And because of the lack of facts, they interject into their accusation a bunch of unfounded accusations made in the past by Jim Garrow. We observe the relationship of Garrow and a government operative named Yoda.  All of these men have had a close working relationship with Doug Hagmann.

And finally, note that Wiles and Quayle declare America to be run by fascists and Nazis, which of course leads into promoting Steve Quayle’s most recent book.  If you look at the script of MURDER HE WROTE, Steve Quayle is trying to use this platform to inject fear into someone; other Federal Court judges, perhaps?  Other people he personally dislikes, who refuse to be silenced, because they have evidence of wrongdoing?

These men have not honored the memory of Justice Scalia.  What they have done is to use his death for their own self-serving  base motives.  Certainly, they could have examined all sides of this story in an objective manner, without coming to the conclusion that this death could only be MURDER.

UPDATE: 2/18/2016  Someone just emailed me this article on the pillow controversy.

UPDATE:  4/28/2016 A reader sent me these two links on Prazor, the new platform which Rick Wiles was creating at the time of this article, and which was obliquely referenced in paragraph one. The link to this trademark is found here.





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