A City Boy’s Nightmare: A Little League Team of Snakes

I was browsing through a large number of internet comments on the Nathan Leal/Ted Broer story last night.  Almost all of the commenters had enjoyed Nathan Leal’s past interviews on the Hagmann and Hagmann radio show.  Almost all were polite, sincere, thoughtful in their use of the Scriptures, and desirous of Christian reconciliation and repentance.

One person had noted that Donna Leal had said in late December that they had been threatened with a lawsuit over  “fair use” . In general, Fair Use has to do with the rules which define the use of copyrighted material for commentary purposes. In such situations it is not legally required to ask the copyright holder for specific written permission, but the source must be properly credited.  An example of this is the case of Nathan Leal’s audio, where he critiqued Dr. Ted Broer’s words on the Dave Hodges’ Commonsense Show and on the Hagmann Report.  Portions of actual audio clips were played so that his listeners could understand what was really said, and the tone of the discourse.

All main stream and alternative media news and commentary sites make frequent use of the Fair Use rules,  in order to flesh out their articles.  Both the Hagmann Report and The Common Sense Show also highly depend on Fair Use privileges, so it is a wonder that any legal threat against Leal would involve this particular issue.

Two other commenters in the Nathan Leal discussion made mention of Steve Quayle’s January 29th post in his Dreams and Visions section of his website.  This involved a dream of snakes, which Pastor David Lankford had related to him.  Having lived in Texas and Mississippi since 1983, I have seen many snakes in my yard; most were harmless, some were six footers with a body having an eight inch circumference, some were pit vipers, rattlers, or coral snakes. In a few instances, my husband was forced to kill a snake for safety’s sake, by directing a sharp shovel downward to cut off its head. Once or twice we had a snake in the house,  because one of our kittens had carried it inside to proudly show it to us.  After reading the dream below, my guess is that we are dealing with a City Slicker who had a nightmare.

david lankford dream jan 2016 snakes (2)It was interesting to me that a number of the polite supporters of Nathan Leal  thought that Lankford and Quayle’s  negative use of the term “snakes” was meant as a reference to them. Lankford says initially that these snakes were friendly to them,  so that “you can even pet them”. Many of these Leal supporters had been regular listeners of the Hagmann Report, until the Leal/Broer controversy forced them to take sides.

Lankford says that these snakes were all the same, but different sizes.  This he interprets to  mean that the snakes were the same, but had “different platforms”.  He tells Quayle that “we were going to kill them”.  Different platforms?  You mean that some made comments via the chat rooms of Blog Talk or You Tube, or via forums or blogs?  I gave a sigh of relief when Lankford had said that some were friendly to them-that would certainly rule me out as a target of this dream.  Then he infers that these snakes, which were in the House of the body of Christ, were playing on Little League Teams and causing a mess.  And Steve Quayle thought that this strange quagmire of anxieties was something that needed to be shared with millions of people?

According to Lankford this mess is about to come to an end soon, through the use of ammunition of a lesser caliber, once he is done preaching on Jonah. Steve Quayle has the last word as always.  He warns,  APPLY THIS TO LATEST ATTACK ON DAVID AND I- TAKE IT TO THE LORD IN PRAYER! “SLANDER TO THE HEART” IS WHAT A BULLET TO THE HEAD IS LIKE- YOU CAN’T RECALL YOUR BULLET (SLANDER) ONCE THE HAMMER DROPS!  This comment by Quayle is not part of the dream (we hope).

So what was the latest attack prior to this particular dream?  Was it John Little discussing Nathan Leal’s experience with the Hear the Watchmen conference?  Was it Tracking the Leopard Meroz, who the day of the dream posted Cloven Tongues of Strange Fire:  The Continuing Controversy of The Hear the Watchmen Conference, which made mention of both Steve Quayle and Pastor David Lankford?  Was it someone who had sent them an email, asking them to repent?

Let us finish this post with a link to Rebel Planet Dispatch’s Marcel Cousineau, who wrote an excellent commentary on January 30, 2016 called Simple Biblical Insight Into David Lankford’s Dream.  This post displays interesting insights, and is written with a heart of brotherly love. I hope that no one would classify Cousineau as a snake in the house of the Lord, deserving of gunfire from those anointed Watchmen, Lankford and Quayle. Maybe we should all just slither away, as the low caliber bullets start to bounce off the walls.


2 thoughts on “A City Boy’s Nightmare: A Little League Team of Snakes

  1. I consider DL’s behavior to be the most egregious in this whole dust up. If he truly is an evangelist and a pastor, he would speak God’s truth clearly, with boldness and lead these men to reconciliation. That would be the only truly acceptable action in God’s eyes, assuming all parties are really Christians with a desire to obey and please the Lord. And those who are not need to either repent or be cut loose. It seems at this point that the incident will be swept under the rug by the principal parties. John Little did all he could and I applaud his determination to get to the truth.

    I find it somewhat appalling, arrogant and deceitful that those with a public platform, such as these various radio show personalities, who air daily for several hours, do not have and welcome discourse through a public forum about the ideas and subjects talked about on the shows. They want the support of people through listenership and donations to them directly as well as through their advertisers but not feedback and certainly not dialogue. They want sheeple, just as much as The Powers That Shouldn’t Be.

    (This is what happens when I write before eating breakfast :))

  2. This is the first time that I am looking at this site. I have been reading and listening to various programs and sites these past few weeks and I really am saddened by what I see. Public bickering is slander in my opinion. Where is the fear of the Lord when we talk like this ?? If you have something against someone , go to them privately. I am amazed how people are also getting involved when it has nothing to do with them ! And the fear mongering ! So much talk about all the bad things that are going to happen. Where is the balance in all of this ? Yes, we need to know, but we really need to be walking close to God and get rid of the sin in our lives that so easily besets us. One thing that I find that is lacking in all of these interviews, teaching and preaching is a lack of the fruits of the spirit. I don’t like the fruit that I am seeing. I see a lot of arrogance and pride. We need to keep our eyes on Jesus and not so much on these men.

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