The Jailhouse Memoirs of a Shock Jock

It was a dark and stormy night, when I was captured and thrown into a lonely jail cell to write my memoirs.  The single lightbulb above cast a greenish hue on my orange jumpsuit which was  tightly  stretched over my rippling muscles and bulging tummy.  I stared at the copy of the mug shot which had just been taken, and wondered what was going to happen to the handsome man with the intense eyes, Spanish Pirate hairdo, and hard set jaw.

It had not been more than a month before, that this same daring man had left his apartment in Cincinnati, of all places, to head out to the high desert of Oregon.  Suddenly pulled over by the police who trembled at his mere presence, he found out that he was on a terrorist watch list.  As he tried to explain that there had been a mistake, that he was supposed to be on a WATCH ME list, the cop explained that he fit the profile of a terrorist.  He was after all, a bad boy with a foul mouth, not one of the original founders of the thirteen colonies, he possessed only an ashtray and an unlicensed gun, and thought that rules were for other people.  The Shock Jock tried to explain that the original founders had it all wrong when it came to Free Speech.  As a Shock Jock,  he believed that the exceptions to Free Speech were free speech. So the cop let him continue on to meet his Destiny as a Movement Spokesman, which later, his lawyer told him to deny….Intro to the Memoirs of Pete Santilli, as drafted by a certain Ghost Writer with the initials JW

This photo provided by the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2016, shows Peter Santilli, one of the members of an armed group occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge as part of a dispute over public lands in the Western U.S. Santilli and several others were arrested on Tuesday, Jan. 26, prompting gunfire and leaving one man dead during a traffic stop along a highway in Oregon's frozen high country. (Multnomah County Sheriff via AP)

This photo provided by the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2016, shows Peter Santilli, one of the members of an armed group occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge as part of a dispute over public lands in the Western U.S. Santilli and several others were arrested on Tuesday, Jan. 26, prompting gunfire and leaving one man dead during a traffic stop along a highway in Oregon’s frozen high country. (Multnomah County Sheriff via AP)

I have made mention of Pete Santilli on two occasions here, at Tracking The Leopard Meroz; once in regard to Larry Nichols, as a Clinton hit man, and the other time concerned a certain Alternative Media metals dealer.  In both examples, I had to temper my remarks in light of Pete’s bad boy image and foul mouth, which he thinks are the very essence of his charm.  Until recently I had not followed the Oregon standoff, but when reports came out that there had been a fatal shooting, and several arrests, including that of Pete Santilli, I decided to read up on this story. Since this entire event was geared to undermine serious public discourse, I am happy to see that Mr. Santilli is now investigating himself from within a jail cell by writing an unbiased account of his own part in this Shock Jock Drama.santilli

Part of the reason why I avoid reading about ill advised protests, is that as some of you will recall,  I went to college during the Vietnam era, when student led demonstrations were prevalent, but rarely instigated at the grass roots level.  At that same time I also held a work-study job at the University of Washington parking ticket division, which was housed with the campus police department.  When one day someone had left a poorly made explosive device under a stack of college newspapers on the counter where I worked, and it did not go off as planned,  I  began to ponder the fact that someone was out there who was willing to kill an innocent person for the sake of their “cause”.

There are usually several facets to any story, and in many protest events,  free speech and  justice are rarely the real issue. And as usual, this Oregon Standoff was just another protest based on the lowest common denominator of any civilization, the golden rule of Me first-You never outlook on life.  Now it has been years since I have been to Oregon, but what I remember about that state was that they had signs posted all over which read, “Thanks for visiting-but please don’t stay”. Why the current interlopers did not understand that they had overstayed their welcome, just goes to show what bad manners they have. They did not even bring enough snacks to this protest, and expected others to provide for them!  What nerve.cliven-bundy-oregon-standoff-snacks

Pete Santilli, who has always expected everyone else to give him the benefit of the doubt, apparently has managed to use up all of his “benefits” in Oregon.  The judge did not buy his first amendment rights argument, wherein he felt he was entitled to have Press privileges while at the same time calling for 100,000 persons to come to Oregon in order to obstruct the legally based remedies to this standoff.

At the beginning, one of the focal points for the protest involved the legality of the arson charges involving the Hammonds. I see that yesterday an opposing opinion had been expressed about the hero worship of the Hammonds, in a guest column in the Missoulian, called “Learn the Backstory on Malheur Standoff”  written by George Wuerthner.  The author is an ecologist who has studied  and written about public land issues over a long period of time.  He writes in response to the false information which had been put forth by Senator Jennifer Fielder of Thompson Falls, and addresses the arson charges against the Hammonds, and the dangers which their actions created for others.  The comments below this guest post are also interesting to read,  as well.  Perhaps Pete Santilli likes the Hammonds because they share something in common; a self serving attitude which never considers the consequences to society as a whole, let alone to themselves in the end.

I have excerpted below, a portion of an article which came out yesterday by Kevin Hardin of the Portland Tribune called Pete Santilli:  Free Speech Champion or Loud Mouth?  It points out one of Pete Santilli’s legal fallacies.pete santilli KOIN (2)

One article which sides with Santilli’s actions was posted February 2, 2016 by The Rutherford Institute called The Rutherford Institute Warns Against Government Attempts To Intimidate Journalists by Prosecuting Radio Shock Jock Pete Santilli Over Oregon Standoff.  Several pages which were extracted from the January 26, 2016 affidavit given by Katherine Armstrong, Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation,  make for interesting reading on the documented actions of Pete Santilli, which led to his arrest.

I can hardly wait for the publication of The Jailhouse Memoirs of a Shock Jock.  As soon as it comes out, you can be sure I will be comparing it to the transcript of the trial, and the legal filings of  Santilli’s attorneys.  Hope someone remembered to bring some snacks to weather out their new ordeal.

UPDATE: 2/18/2016

2-11-16 nev-clivenbundy indictment

Challenging the Rhetoric: Deb Jordan say YOUR Free speech is being used to convict Pete Santilli for his free speech



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