After Attempting To Disentangle His Puppet Strings, Dave Hodges Trips On His Own Shoelaces

FLASH! A new QAlert has been posted which gives rise to speculation regarding The Great Puppeteer and one of his Puppets. Here is a screenshot.steve quayle q alert 2 2016 (2)Now who could Steve Quayle mean when he asks, Please check legitimacy of stories you send to me?  Is he referring to Dave Hodges, who is always trying to flatter his boss with his latest inflammatory speculations?  If you recall,  Hodges recently failed to convince his listeners that Nathan Leal was off base when he questioned Dr. Ted Broer’s interpretation of the gospel. After he was assigned the easy task of putting out the Leal/Broer fire, Hodges instead added wood to this whole matter where it became a bonfire.  Thus the head man, Steve Quayle, was placed in the awkward position of  having to publically discipline his minions and protect his inner circle of trust. If you read the above QAlert which had been issued February 3, 2016, you will notice that Steve Quayle, by setting forth his complaint against main stream news, has yet created another awkward affair.  By employing a double standard, which the average person hates,  he is in fact condemning his own alternative media agents.

We all know that one of the sponsors of Dave Hodges’ The Common Sense Show is Steve Quayle, who advertises  SQ, which is the web address of Renaissance Precious Metals.  On the left bar of Steve Quayle’s precious metals page is a Hot News section, which for February 1, 2016, is  headlined: We Haven’t Seen Real Chaos Yet, But It’s Coming and Gold is Going to Skyrocket  Knowing that the United States after World War II, had employed German Nazi scientists to build skyrockets, Hodges went to work on his next article.

One day later, on February 2, 2016 Dave Hodges wrote a post on his website called  Nazi Occupation Storm Troopers Have Take Over Eastern Oregon.  This is a rather catchy headline, which prompts  the question as to whether it represents tongue-in-cheek sarcasm, or an actual historical event.  So we read the first line to gauge the author’s intent.   “Steve Quayle has written one of the most informative and timely books of this era entitled, EMPIRE Beneath the Ice-How the Nazis Won World War II. In the book, Steve makes the point that the Nazis were never defeated, they simply transferred their centers of power.  Nowhere is Steve’s book more telling than it is in Eastern Oregon where the Gestapo has moved in with all the heinous depravity befitting the Nazi Empire.”

So based on the revelations of Steve Quayle, which conclude that the Nazis won World War II, Dave Hodges is willing to overturn all of our history books of the last seventy years, and to assert that in 2016  Nazis have taken over eastern Oregon.   But then we are thrown for another loop by the display of a photo underneath this first paragraph which reads, Banana Republic Amerika:  IDs checked at gunpoint.  Amerika?  That particular spelling used to mean that the Soviet Union had taken over our country.  And we know that  Dave Hodges has claimed that the Russian Bear is coming over the North Pole to attack us soon.  But Banana Republic?  I am getting a bit dizzy with this imagery.  Has Dave Hodges been reading V-The Guerrilla Economist’s website again regarding Panama?  I was under the impression by the cover of Steve Quayle’s latest book, which shows a UFO hovering over some sort of Nazi military operation, that he was talking about the conspiracy rumors surrounding Antarctica.

Let us proceed further with Dave Hodges Alternative Truth Revelations. But first a word from his sponsor.  Should we be looking beyond the little ad to the left of the article to the large ads sitting at the conclusion of this story?  Would Dave Hodges really use a recent controversial confrontation in Oregon as a means to sell more of his sponsor’s gold and also his latest book? Here is a screenshot of the rather large advertisements which are just below this article.steve quayle empire beneath ice on dave hodges (2)

Looking at the next paragraphs addressing the current tensions in Oregon where several persons were arrested and one person died,  Dave Hodges decides to aim his arrows at the law enforcement agencies involved in reviewing the identification of persons travelling on the roads nearby. At this point my inquiry today is not an examination of the causes, the facts, and the local, state, and federal laws applicable to this recent controversy. I am reviewing the use of  inflammatory language  by Dave Hodges as he pours gas onto an actual news situation, so as to avoid giving his readers an impartial analysis of the real events and their causes. When discussing the actions of law enforcement, he uses words such as Nazi occupation, Gestapo, unconstitutional, the Constitution, while not elaborating why such words even apply to this situation.

Dave Hodges then brings up an interview  he had conducted with Shawna Cox, whose son-in-law, after moving some guns to another location, died in a fire that very night.  I agree with Hodges that this strange timing of events is suspicious.  But since this event is  set against the backdrop of a story which would seem to involve the deliberate provocation of ranchers and law enforcement personnel,  the entire situation needs to be analyzed by impartial investigators.

Never one to be impartial,  Dave Hodges writes, “Nazis take delight in creating false flag events.  The Reichstag fire is a prime example of how Nazi’s do business.  And now we have a modern day version of the suspicious death of Shawn’s son-in-law.  When the smoke cleared from the Reichstag fire, Hitler was quick to blame the communists and they executed many communist leaders. After the execution of Lavoy Finicum this modern day version of the Nazis are seeking to vilify ranchers and move them off of their land once and for all.”

Are the Nazis the only ones who delight in false flag events?  What about the Mossad?  We really find very few members of the Nazi Party these days.  And since you bring up the fact that Hitler blamed the communists, who was it who supplied the money to overthrow the government of Russia via a Jewish Communist led revolution?  Are there not more Communists on the earth these days than Nazis?  Now I am not by any means undervaluing the criminal and murderous nature of the Nazis. But we find that more documentaries focus on the evil Nazis than on Stalin, who killed many millions more than Hitler did. Why are there not a higher number of documentaries done on Stalin?

The final words of Dave Hodges, just under the posting of the image shown below, are “There is no conclusion to this article as the tyranny continues, unabated.  Steve Quayle is correct, the Nazis are running  the show in Amerika.”  So the basis for the entire tone of this article is Steve Quayle’s opinion, which we are expected to believe has been properly documented in his latest book.dave hodges 203 2016 (2)

Perhaps the underlying motive for  Dave Hodges’ dis-information article is to be found in the next words and images.  We read “Donate to The Common Sense Show” and underneath this are two large ads for Renaissance Precious Metals and Stephen Quayle’s latest book, EMPIRE Beneath the Ice: How The Nazis Won World II. 

Steve Quayle wants a list of all satirical news sites that re-direct viewers away from truth and supply nonsense and dis-information.  Here is one.  It is Dave Hodges’ The Commonsense Show which you sponsor.

Thank you Dave Hodges for tying these two shoe laces together.




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