Kudos to Nathan Leal of the Watchman’s Cry for Standing Up (For a Few days, Anyway) To Dr. Ted Broer, Hagmann & Hagmann and Dave Hodges

“We cannot tolerate improprieties as to the gospel”  Nathan Leal

Nathan Leal of the Watchman’s Cry:  A Herald to Prepare has long been part of the inner circle of repeat guests on the Hagmann and Hagmann radio show.  On December 18, 2015 he was listening to Dr. Ted Broer on the Hagmann and Hagmann radio show, and became disturbed by the linking of certain New Age terminology relating to the chakras as well as to the pineal gland, as the Third Eye,  with our ability to communicate with God in the “thirteenth dimension”. Nathan Leal points out that when we are saved we are connected to the Lord in the spirit, and not through a renewal of the pineal gland or the third eye. When Nathan Leal called Dr. Broer at home to discuss these concerns, he was reproved for calling at dinner time, asked if he had a degree in biochemistry, and apparently was hung up on.

On December 23d, Nathan Leal sent a letter of resignation to Hear the Watchmen.com which is sponsoring a conference on March 18-20,2016 in Dallas, Texas.  Nathan Leal had been asked to be a primary speaker at the revival aspect of this conference.  This website now lists the “Inspired Speakers as of 1/1/16” as Doug and Joe Hagmann, John B. Wells, Pastor Billy Crone, Pastor David Lankford, L.A. Marzulli, Paul McGuire, Rev. Flip Benham, Coach Dave Daubenmire, Gregg Jackson, Dr. Ted and Sharon Broer, and John Robberson.  Nathan Leal’s name has been removed.  The banner adverstising this conference says, HEAR THE WATCHMEN “God does not call the qualified he qualifies the called”.  The End. Jesus Wins.

God does not call the qualified?  So why does Dr. Ted Broer think that Nathan Leal needs a degree in biochemistry to question a statement he makes?  Nathan Leal says that he responded to Broer, asking him, “Do you have a degree in theology?” The Bible says in Psalms 62:9 says, “Surely men of low degree are vanity, and men of high degree are a lie:  to be laid in the balance, they are altogether lighter than vanity”.

Also on the Dave Hodges Commonsense Show,  Dave Hodges defends Dr. Ted Broer’s version of events, calling this matter trivial.  However, Nathan Leal quotes in his version of events, Galatians 1:6-10 which says, “I marvel that ye are  so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel:  which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ.  But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than this which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.  As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.  For do I now persuade men, or God?  or do I seek to please men?  for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ.”

Nathan Leal has created an audio dated December 30, 2015 called Audio Message- Why I Resigned from the Hear The Watchman Conference- Nathan’s Expose.  In this audio he details his concerns regarding deception in the church, noting that his calling as a Watchman requires honesty and integrity.  He reminds his listeners that “teachers will incur a stricter judgment”, and warns those who call themselves Watchmen and are public figures that use the alternative media, whether through radio or websites, that they will be held accountable to God.  Leal says that he followed protocol in discussing his concerns with everyone involved, including the upcoming conference participants.  He was apparently not well received; some never returning his calls or dismissing him.  He says that now he is being “tarred and feathered” as hateful and judgmental.  It is obvious if you listen to Leal’s audio message, which includes partial recordings from the Hagmann and Hagmann and the Dave Hodges’ shows, that this serious topic is being spun as a trivial matter which was hyped up by Nathan Leal.  The actual issue which Leal has brought up has yet to be honestly addressed by either Dr. Ted Broer or the “Watchmen” radio hosts.  To properly understand the subtlety of this particular concern, I recommend that you listen to the Audio Message yourself, and do your own evaluation.  Leal suggests that his audio will probably be up just for awhile, so now is the time to listen to it.


UPDATE January 5, 2015

Michael Erevna, over at his website Revelation Now.net, has posted his commentary on Nathan Leal to remind us of the time that his original research had been stolen out from under him in order to advance the Hagmann/Leal agenda. This article is entitled Lying, Unethical, Nathan Leal:  Cries Foul.  Aurora Justicia has left two comments under this article, noting that the inner circle of trust of the Hagmann/Quayle Watchmen group is being destroyed from the inside out. Now that Nathan Leal has taken his stand, he will never again be a featured guest on the Hagmann and Hagmann show, nor will he ever be invited to one of their sponsored conferences again. These persons never forgive a betrayal or a slight.  The strange thing about all of this is why Nathan Leal stood up on this particular issue, when to my knowledge he never stood up against any of the other public sins of this group before.

UPDATE January 8, 2016

The audio by Nathan Leal explaining the reason why he resigned from the upcoming conference in Dallas has been taken down from his website.

Steve Quayle and Pastor David Lankford discuss this matter on the Hagmann & Hagmann Report which can viewed here.

Websites/Videos which have commented on Nathan Leal in the past

For some reason, I have never felt led to write a post on the prophetic insights of Nathan Leal.  Based on behind the scenes comments I have received, there has been an ongoing controversy about him over the years which involve false prophecy, plagiarism, his actual wealth while claiming low income, the true state of his health, etc. If any one sends me a link on a website or video which has discussed these issues surrounding Leal, I will link it here.




watchman’s cry forum-correction vs. attack

John Little has some interesting comments here at omegashock.com  and here


Screen shot of comments by John Little

Screen shot of comments by John Little

screen shot of comments of John Little of Omega Shock

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13 thoughts on “Kudos to Nathan Leal of the Watchman’s Cry for Standing Up (For a Few days, Anyway) To Dr. Ted Broer, Hagmann & Hagmann and Dave Hodges

  1. Good Grief, this latest Leal saga couldn’t get any better, a typical Leal move on the chest board of charades. On top of it all, Leal gets ‘kudos”, astonishing, but true. Leal tries to be clever, but he has long been exposed by those in the know, those that he has caused heartbreak, and even worse, those whose futures have been devastated.

    Behind Mr. Leal’s “godly motive” (small g), is that he wants to quickly and publically remove himself from the “Circle of Trust” of the Quayle and Hagmann organization. Why? Because he knows what is coming down. I had warned him in advance in a taunting manner, by email that the ax was soon to come down on his long time buddies. The charade would soon be over. I also threatened him with a lawsuit for his plagiarizing of me that had gone on for a period of years without my knowledge or consent, and which helped exceedingly to make him famous. Mr. Leal, in interviews, not only parroted me word for word, he also, in interviews, used my odd quirky expressions as well, No, I am not crazy, nor suffer from delusions of grandeur. Many of my personal emails to Leal, without my knowledge or consent were used by him in interviews and “Ministry Audio Messages” and often he claimed that GOD TOLD HIM – THE HOLY SPIRIT TOLD HIM. That is Blasphemy. The man is deranged.

    I first heard a Leal audio around 2008. I only heard one audio message and immediately jumped to the (false) conclusion that this was a man of God. How it all began is, I, believing that Leal was a man of God, would send him emails now and then over a period of years. The emails were my testimony, my Biblical analogies (one that I had created over 30 years ago), my Biblical beliefs / insights, my opinions of current events, my personal experiences, and several prophetic words that I was given by the Holy Spirit. I also emailed Leal a Biblical analogy that I had created on his behalf based on the ancient Prophet Jeremiah, posted in defense of Mr. Leal against his many adversaries on the Christian Mingle Forum.

    I was a member of the The Christian Mingle Forum, and members ousted Mr. Leal as a wolf in sheep clothing, a man who plagiarized numerous people and whose endless dreams / visions were pure works of fiction. I was horrified and instead of researching Mr. Leal, instead of checking out his website as I surely should have done, (I was not following his website, I only listened to audios when he sent me a link) I created my Jeremiah analogy and published it on the Christian Mingle forum in his defense.

    My analogy in summery: Jeremiah had warned his people for over 40 years of what was coming because they had turned their back on God and they would not repent. The judgment of God would soon befall them. Jeremiah was not believed, he was hated and chastised by his own people and he was even put in prison for telling the truth! When the judgment that Jeremiah had warned of came to pass, it was even more perilous than Jeremiah knew. Therefore, I reasoned, because Mr. Leal’s dreams / visions had not come to pass did not mean that they were false, etc., etc. I published this on Christian Mingle Forum around 2011 and emailed a copy to Leal. Leal still uses this analogy of mine in his defense whenever he is criticized. In my ignorance, I unknowingly assisted this fraud to continue on with his wickedness.

    Around Dec 2013 or Jan 2014 I heard for the first time Leal on a Hagmann and Hagmann radio show interview. I heard myself being parroted word for word and stood numb with shock. After the show, I went to his website and couldn’t believe what I found. Good grief, massive plagiarism of my work, my information, etc. It was only then that I realized that the people on the Christian Mingle Forum were right and I was wrong, terribly wrong. I was stunned to learn this man is a thief and wicked fraud. What betrayal, what a shock.

    This latest Leal saga is so funny. Approximately nine months ago or more I posted on a Christian website that, with the exposure of Quayle and Hagmann as frauds, the question remained was, would Leal throw them under the bus? Only time would tell. That was the question. (I don’t know if Leal saw this posting, however, I do know that he skims the internet to find what is written about him) LOL…It has come to pass, and I called it. That is the mode of operation. They are all cut from the same cloth. They made Leal famous with his monthly interviews even after I had informed Hagmann (in an open email to both Hagmann and Leal) that Leal was plagiarizing me, (I didn’t know at the time, but in the past, Hagmann himself was successfully sued for plagiarism.) Then they, the Hagmanns, get thrown under the bus after they helped make Leal famous. They had all worked together for years, helped each other, covered each other, prospered each other, but when it comes down to the wire…it’s each man for himself. That is how the Adversary works, and the Adversary loves it. The Adversary is the master of deception.

    Below is the link of the Hagmann Radio Show where Nathan Leal requested that Steve Quayle join him on the show. Leal actually requested that Quayle join him on the show, but now he wants to throw Quayle under the bus? This is riotous. Leal boot licked Quayle for a long time and it is common knowledge of those who know Leal that he always wanted to be another Quayle. It is also interesting that Leal is not the only fraud who wants to be another Quayle, but leave that thought for another day.

    Donna A Leal •
    Owner at Self-Employed
    Thank you Doug and Joe. You are a real blessing to us. Thank you Steve it is an honor for Nathan to do a show with you. Blessings all.

    I received an email from Leal stating that he was invited to host a Steve Quayle Survivalist Radio show and he requested that I write Steve Quayle extolling Leal in the hope that Leal would be hired as the permanent host. I did as requested. (this was before I knew who and what both Quayle and Leal really are.) Leal was hired for Quayle’s radio gig.

    Leal left his own “ministry”, The Watchman’s Cry” and became a SURVIVALIST RADIO HOST for Quayle’s show. It was a masterful Houdini exploit…Overnight a completely different dude…Leal was now a hard core Survivalist right down to the nitty gritty. I was taken aback by this turn of events and found it puzzling, but let it pass as I was busy with other things.

    It turns out there is a PRIVATE CLUB of Steve Quayle’s loyal followers, called The Remnant. One can join by invitation only. Coincidently, I had been invited to join this private club around the same time that Leal became the Quayle Survivalist Radio Host. I had thought this club was Christian based, but to my surprise, it is a club of mainly survivalists who share information. A nice group of extremely informed off-the-grid independent type and their focus is survivalist mentality and the sharing of local news. Quayle was their “Idol” They looked to Quayle with unabashed loyalty, almost cult like. To my knowledge there were definitely some “true” Christian members, because a few contacted me privately to warn me not to bring up Biblical topics that were controversial, otherwise I would be eaten alive. I did not heed the warning, and yes, I was eaten alive, however, a few true Christians did come to my defense, some publically, some privately, some both. These were beautiful true Christians with pure hearts who went against the tide to stand for truth. I will always admire them with gratitude. However, I quit the club rather quickly as it was a bad experience because I was not free to speak of my Biblical beliefs as I wished to.

    When I left, Leal was their Survivalist Guru. They took to him immediately. He became leader number two and sounded exactly like Quayle, the only difference was in the voice.

    I was taken aback, surprised at this turn of events. At this time I still did not know who Leal REALLY was, or who Quayle REALLY was. At that time I liked Quayle myself, but I was still taken aback at how he was adored by this group, after all, he is just a man and no one is infallible.

    Then, many of Leal’s followers from his website, The Watchman’s Cry, dropped Leal like a hot potato. They publically chastised him for turning his back on God and becoming a hard core survivalist. These people were Leal’s bread and butter, they were his cash cows. Suddenly, Leal resigned from Quayle’s Survivalist Radio show as host and went back to being a “god” person on his own website. In another Houdini feat, Leal worked at redeeming himself to his lost flock. As I told Leal, and repeat it here, Leal can be anyone that he needs to be in order to enrich himself. The “god” business can be ruthless yet extremely profitable. That makes it all worthwhile.

    Mr. Leal is a known plagiarist of many, which makes him a liar and a thief. That would be a deliberate liar and a deliberate thief without the fear of the Judgment of the Lord God Almighty. As I told Leal, and I repeat here, either he has no fear of the Lord God or he does not believe the Lord God, because the Lord says all liars shall be cast into the Lake of Fire for eternity. He is incredibly arrogant. After I confronted Leal (the first time) for plagiarizing me he made an audio that anyone who comes against him, a man of god, (small g) is a Judas. How pathetic and impotent of him. What an incredible narcissist. I am the “Judas” who he has plagiarized (one of many it turns out) who helped make him famous by his theft of my work. What a wretched ruthless dude. Is his conscious seared, is it too late for him to repent? I hope not. Shortly after I was deemed a ‘Judas” I emailed Leal again with the Good News of the soon to come Libel case against his cronies, Quayle and Hagmann. A solid Case I might add. Again, I threatened him with a lawsuit for his plagiarizing of my work. Leal then did a TOTAL overhaul of his website. It is no longer recognizable at all. The massive plagiarizing is deleted. Much simply has evaporated like it never existed. His extremely bizarre Lupus announcement was also deleted and redone.

    Mr. Leal is a pathological liar, does not know the Bible and most, if not all, what he says is either plagiarized or simply a pack of lies. He messes up Holy Scriptures to such a degree that it is horrifying. He claims to have multiple dreams, visions, sleep visions, or whatever else he calls them, of whatever is the hot topic of the day.

    Regarding Leal’s endless dreams / visions / open visions / sleep visions / dreams that turn into visions, etc.; Leal states that he does not know which dreams / visions are from God and which are from too much pizza. In conclusion, Leal is free from all responsibly and people must use their own discretion. But of course, this too likely has been removed from his website in its newly cleaned up version.

    For self entertainment I took apart one of Leal so called visions. It was great fun to do and turns out it was nothing but a work of pure fiction and showing much ignorance of the topic. In his own testimony of his “vision”, he is caught in a blatant lie. He said that there is no information about what his dream/vision revealed. (Tunnels in Jerusalem) he claimed that after he had his dream/vision or whatever, he tried to research it, but could find no information at all. ??? Google, and in an instant, endless information pops up regarding the tunnels in Jerusalem. (but of course he knows that, he just want someone to say…Nathan, your vision/dream was true, there are tunnels under Jerusalem!) LOL. However, any student of Bible prophecy would be versed regarding the tunnels in Jerusalem. Moreover, the tunnels are a huge tourist attraction, for Jews and Christians alike. But Leal does not know this. Also, according to his testimony, Leal doesn’t know the difference between Israel and Jerusalem and that is disgraceful. Additionally, in this same tale, Leal showed his ignorance of the Old Testament by giving inaccurate information of the Temples of ancient Israel. I believe this man is deranged and I pity him.

    I had already learned that Doug Hagmann and Steve Quayle were frauds, and of course, Nathan Leal. Douglas Hagmann had invited me to join his staff as a published writer. Thank God I gave no response. (this was before I knew what he really was about) The highly respected WND website, also unsolicited, invited me to submit work for possible publication, but I declined, because Biblical prophecy is my passion, and I cannot separate current events from Biblical Prophecy. WND is a mainly news, political current event website, however, a most worthy website indeed.

    I have been a student of Biblical Prophecy since 1981. I telephoned The Hagmann radio show several years ago giving the prophetic word that I was given by the Holy Spirit in October 1993 regarding America. America is The Biblical End Time Babylon the Great and she shall burn as Sodom and Gomorrah in God’s Holy Judgment. I gave Scripture evidence for proof. I also said that Obama is the Last President. That the Statue of Liberty indentified America as End Time Babylon, as well as other information along with my opinions / beliefs. The Lord, by the Holy Spirit, had shown me in 2003 the identities of the Two Witnesses of Revelation and I found confirmation in the Holy Scriptures. That was extremely exciting. I have published that revelation on several websites over the years. (I care not who rebukes me, nor am I interested in debates or arguments, because I know I speak the truth and that is all that matters to me)

    As I write, Leal has posted on his website, Babylon America — The Fall of the Colossus. I can tell you where he plagiarized this from. He states that he shall continue this topic, so I can show you what he will further post before hand and prove it is plagiarism. I will wait until he does it all…LOL. In this article he mentions the Statue of Liberty. That is because some years ago, I had emailed Leal that the Statue of Liberty identified America as Babylon the Great, but forgot to tell him how. So he got it wrong. (I believe that Leal actually has a folder on me, because all the info in my emails to him are repeated by him over and over again, and much of the time he claims that “God told him.”) Another time, when explaining to him that America is the Biblical End Time Babylon the Great, I mentioned Jeremiah 51 and Revelation 18 and Isaiah, but forgot to give the chapter / verse of Isaiah. Leal then goes on Hagmann’s Radio Show and parrots me, talking about America being Babylon and says to the listeners, “It is in Jeremiah 51 and Revelation 18, and Isaiah,…I’ll get to Isaiah later”….but of course he never gets to Isaiah later because I didn’t give him the chapter / verses in Isaiah. LOL. The plagiarizing is so extensive that I cannot mention it all.

    Mr. Leal’s background needs to be researched. Who is he? He claims to have attended seminary. O.K. What are the dates and when did he graduate? Did he ever Pastor a church? IS HE A PASTOR OR NOT? Is there any truth in him? It is a fact that he does not know Holy Scripture, but then again, most seminary students don’t. His website “ministry” keeps him prosperous making one audio a month and bingo…keep pressing that PayPal button.

    In 2008, when I first heard an audio by him and believed him to be a man of God, I went on his website, The Watchman’s Cry. There posted was an intimate pitiable detailed story of Leal’s woeful predicament. Leal stated he suffered a leg injury that left him disabled and that he could not afford desperately needed medical care, nor could he afford medical insurance. He was forlorn and shopping in second hand stores. He was mentally tortured. (I had the impression that he was desperately poor and wondered if his wife gave birth in a charity ward or a home birth.) He claimed that God “afflicted” him to teach him humility. He said that he was humiliated to have to sit in a cart while shopping in the food market. PLEASE NOTE: THIS WAS POSTED ON LEAL’S WEBSITE IN 2008.

    Years later I learned that Leal was not poor at all, he has a farm with goats and chickens, and a ‘former’ friend of his claimed that Leal had an arsenal of high tech weapons. This former friend exposed Leal as a fraud in a youtube video.

    Leal’s mournful posting was eventually deleted. Then reposted—totally re-worded and toned down significantly, not nearly as dramatic or desperate and the intimate details were gone as well.

    Fast Forward for the Kicker and this is a whopper. I believe it was in 2014, that Leal, with the utmost dramatic flair, announced on his website that he has been a victim of deadly Lupus for ten years. He stated that he and his wife wanted to keep this a secret for ten years but have decided together that the time had come to let the world know. The World…wow. Leal continued with an extremely bizarre Lupus saga claiming that he believed himself to be in DECLINE, THAT HE WAS ALMOST SPENT! HE HAD ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE. HE WAS BEDRIDDEN, BUT KEPT A NOTEBOOK AT HIS BEDSIDE TO RECORD HIS MANY DREAMS! Yet there was no hospitalization, no medication, no doctor’s prognosis. Who could believe such a peculiar tale?

    Why would Leal give the most intimate blow by blow details about his pitiable situation of 2008, yet keep SECRET that he was suffering from Lupus as well. He claims he has had Lupus for ten years. That means Mr. Leal was suffering from Lupus in 2003, but there is no mention of that in his intimate pitiable 2008 account, only his disabling leg INJURY, whereby he lacked medical care, was in desperate financial circumstances, and that God afflicted him to teach him humility, with no mention at all of Lupus.

    Leal has now published more questionable info about his deadly disease.

    On Leal’s website a DIRECT QUOTE: (do not know if this is still on Leal’s website as Leal has done a COMPLETE overhaul of his website, which is now unrecognizable; and nearly everything has been deleted.

    Direct Quote:
    “I received a few admonishments from some of you who told me that I should not use the term, “having a foot in the grave.” If my use of that statement offended some of you, I apologize, but my friends, this was where I have been over the last year. My body has been under massive attack and my strength and health was depleting. I was in decline! I was concerned that I was almost spent!”

    Yet, on Hagmanns show, regarding his Lupus announcement, which is taped, Leal stated that he did not need any meds, he was doing fine. That he took a steroid drug just ONCE years ago and never again. That he has not been on any kind of medication since. But he said on his own website that he was bedridden, in decline, with a foot in the grave, and a notebook at his bedside to record his dreams. No meds? No doctor? No hospitalization? Would a physician leave a patient in this grave condition without treatment? How gullible are people?

    THERE’S MORE! During an earlier interview on Hagmann and Hagmann show, taped and dated May 2, 2013, Leal mentions that he was chopping wood, doing chores, and running errands….while he was seeking God. Wait a minute! This is during the same time frame that Mr. Leal claims he was in DECLINE, THAT HE WAS ALMOST SPENT AND WAS BEDRIDDEN WITH ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE! THE SAME TIME FRAME! So Mr. Leal was under massive attack of Lupus, but Mr. Leal states during an interview on the May 2, 2013 interview of Hagmann and Hagmann radio show (before his “Lupus” announcement) that he was chopping wood, doing chores, and running errands during the same time period.

    ADDITIONALLY, during this same time period, Mr. Leal was also stalking and harassing a website host online and tracked him on a social website using false I.D. He also contacted others thinking they were relatives of this website host, claiming to be his friend. Mr. Leal actually had the wrong people. This website host, who had been a former member of Leal’s The Watchman’s Cry, had exposed Mr. Leal, as a fraud and in retribution, Leal was stalking and harassing him…during the same time Leal claimed to be bedridden, helpless with a foot in the grave! I shall not name the website host without his permission, although he has published the shameful act online. Mr. Leal also, in a Hagmann interview, spoke of the exhaustive work that he did on his farm, as well as eight hours spent cutting fallen trees after a storm with an electric saw to help out a neighbor. This is not possible for someone lacking strength. Leal must be in great health. (This interview was quite sometime after his Lupus bedridden announcement. Leal apparently forgot that he is supposed to be a very ill man.)

    Leal stated on his website, that he believes that God is going to give him a miracle and he is going to “beat this.” In utter contempt I emailed Leal regarding his Lupus story. A relative of mine had recently died of Lupus and another relative suffers from it. If Leal claims to be suddenly healed, as he hinted he expects a miracle, he had better be prepared to show proof that he had said ailment in the first place. Lupus does not “go away.” God DOES DO miracles. A miracle is when evidence shows an affliction/disease exists, and through the power of prayer and mercy and compassion of God, and without medical intervention, it disappears. The medical profession’s only explanation of such an event would be that it was miraculous, of divine intervention, and that would be correct. I did not get a reply from Leal, BUT Leal removed his bizarre Lupus story and replaced with an extremely diluted version. The Lupus topic is a closed one now and is only mentioned as an excuse not to respond to emails. The only mail Leal is interested in is PayPay. He is too busy to have his precious time interrupted with emails from his gullible followers.

    Someone I happen to know sent Leal an email, questioning his background and his dubious claims of Lupus. His wife Donna replied and said that Leal does has Lupus and that she (Donna) RESEARCHED LUPUS HERSELF. So, apparently, Leal’s wife Donna is his physician. Donna Leal apparently diagnosed her husband. What a team.

    Of all the plagiarizing that Leal did of me, one particular incident hurt deeply. It was an analogy that I had created about 30 years ago. I had published it on the Christian Mingle forum before I had emailed it to Leal. It is about the false teaching of a pre-tribulation rapture. I created this analogy because of an awesome profound personal event in my life, one that I shall never forget and one that I was mightily blessed by. I shared my analogy with Leal, as I had with many people over the years. To hear Leal repeat my analogy, word for word and claim as his own on the Hagmann radio show was devastating. It was like he defiled something sacred.

    When referring to Leal, I never use his first name. The reason being, Leal frequently refers to himself in the third person. In interviews Leal will say in the third person, “But Nathan,…Nathan why,…Nathan this,….Nathan that. It is peculiar to constantly refer to oneself in the third person, but Leal knows exactly what he is doing. An extreme narcissist, Leal wants to be known by his first name…as in Madonna, Cher, The Donald, etc.

    Something I wonder about: Douglas Hagmann website had a Logo, The Circle of Trust, which named the characters in the Circle. Suddenly this Logo was taken down. Why? Was it because I had emailed Leal, taunting him of what was coming down, that the charade would be busted, before even Hagmann or Quayle knew? Did Leal ask to be removed on some pretext or another and the entire Logo was taken down? Something caused that Logo to be taken down, and Leal, out of the entire “Circle” is the only one who jumped ship. Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive.

    Leal gets Kudos for jumping ship, to avoid the scandal that he knows is coming (that he had been warned of in advance, he knew before Quayle and Hagmann knew, because I told him.) He also quickly cleaned up his website which is now absolutely unrecognizable.

    Jonathan Kleck has made incredible videos showing events past and future found on American currency. All his many videos are absolutely amazing. He has given astonishing insight of the Nephilim that could only be given by revelation by the Holy Spirit. He was the first and the original to expose the Super Bowl Occult Symbols. Dozens of others followed suit. Not only the Super Bowl, but Occult Demonic symbols everywhere has been exposed by Jonathan Kleck. This is what Jonathan Kleck does, exposes the occult and at the same time leads people to the Lord… His website is not one of the Darkness, but is of the Light. The Lord Jesus is lifted up and praised. Jonathan Kleck was independently wealthy having all the toys and luxuries of the world and when he was converted by a supernatural event, he gave it all up, including a prosperous business to serve the Lord Jesus. He lives a MODEST lifestyle. He GIVES AWAY many of his astounding videos. He tells people to share his videos. He is devoted to the Lord Jesus and his message is, Lead a Holy Life, Be Ready For the Lord Jesus, For His Coming Is At The Door. And he was mocked…it is sickening. But when one is truly of the Lord, one should expect to be persecuted. The Lord Jesus said, “If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.” John 15:18 So Jonathan Kleck is blessed by his persecution.

    I happen to have known personally two people who have had supernatural conversions on the spot. Both were Jewish, one being an Orthodox Jew. They both then devoted their life to Jesus, to lead others to Jesus. But they would be mocked it seems, for their conversion was not “typical”, it was incredibly Supernatural event and God used them both mightily for His Glory. What an inspiration they were, what an honor to have known them. One of these gents is well known, but I will not name him. I have one of these precious gents testimony on tape and it warms my heart to hear it over and over again. It is encouraging and a blessing, God is awesome. I, myself, have had more than one extraordinary miracle in my life, thanks be to the Lord God Almighty for his Goodness and His Mercy.

    The kudos poured salt in the open wounds of Leal’s victims…there are so many. My heart goes out to them. Surely God has compassion for them. God will expose what He will, when He wants to do so.

    Entire websites are devoted to exposing Leal by people who knew him or were former members of his “Ministry.” They are doing a good work and hopefully will save others from grief and sorrow.

    Here is a former member of Mr. Leal’s “Ministry.”

    I was a forum member at Watchman’s Cry, joining in 2008. At first, I was delighted, thinking I’d found a place to belong. There were times a red flag went up, but I ignored it. Daily I checked in over there, chatting with others and reading the countless “dreams and visions” that Nathan posted. I found myself reading the Bible less, depending solely on the constant ramblings and revelations of Nathan.

    Then in the Spring of 2009, after nearly a year of reading and listening to all of the conspiracy theories and fear mongering, I convinced my husband that we needed to heed all the warnings, sell whatever we couldn’t carry, and leave the state. My husband quit his job, our children were uprooted, separated from family and friends, and we left.

    What followed was almost 3 years unemployment and extreme financial, marital and physical hardship. Spiritually, I can’t even put into words the effect.
    A very difficult time!

    I’ve since been shown how wrong that so-called ministry is, and how wrong I was to give it any place in our lives.

    I thank God daily for His mercy and grace.

    In Closing: “And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.” Revelation 22:12

    • I’m so sorry for all the grief that wolves in sheeps clothing bring to the True Worshipers of Christ Jesus with their deceit. I can’t even imagine the grief that God Almighty feels but I do know that the time has come for His vengeance. In July of 2015, the Lord revealed to me that the CLOCK STRIKES 3:13 and gave this scripture in Isaiah 3:13 “The Lord TAKES His place in court, He RISES to JUDGE the people.” ” Adonai rises to ACCUSE” Blessings!

      • Jeremiah 23:25 I have heard what the prophets said, that prophesy lies in my name, saying, I have dreamed, I have dreamed.
        Ecclesiastes 12:14 For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.
        1 Corinthians 4:5 Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord come, who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts: and then shall every man have praise of God
        Deuteronomy 23:5 Nevertheless the LORD thy God would not hearken unto Balaam; but the LORD thy God turned the curse into a blessing unto thee, because the LORD thy God loved thee.

    • You say that Obama is the last president, via prophecy. Did that come to pass? How then can you point the finger at Leal?

      • You may not get an answer from AnnetteMarie on your question. I attempted to have a peaceful dialogue with her via email, and it failed. As far as I know, she does not read this blog anymore.

      • Scoopie, thank you for asking. I have been given several prophetic words from the Lord. The first one, in April 1993, has all come to pass except for the part of the judgment of America as Sodom and Gomorrah. I believe that is soon. In 2003, the Lord also showed me the identity of His two witnesses of Revelation. I shared it with many and was insulted and rebuked, including by Leal. God showed me this in an elementary way, a very simple way that I would easily understand. To make a long story short, God’s two witnesses have always been here. God’s first witness is the ancient Hebrews, Israel, the OT. They are God first witness, the only people who knew God, the only people God revealed Himself to. God’s second witness is the followers of Lord Jesus, the true Christians, the NT.

        Think it was in 2010, that God showed me that the Mark of the Beast will change mankind’s DNA. God showed me this also in a very elementary way, a very easily understood way. It all came together, but not by my own intelligence. I telephoned this on the Hagmann and Hagmann online radio show. Approximately a year or so later, Tom Horn published a book repeating what I had said. Later the highly respected Bible scholar, Doug Hamp, published a book with the same theme. Douglas Hamp gave Tom Horn recognition for coming up with the idea that the Mark of the Beast shall change mankind’s DNA. Doug Hamp is such a gentleman. Tom Horn never contacted me, and said in an interview,…..”some people believe the Mark of the Beast will change mankind’s DNA.” Who is “some people?” No one before me had made such a statement. Of course, Steve Quayle is an associate of Doug Hagmann as well as an associate of Tom Horn. I have learned that plagiarism is extremely common.

        I wanted to give you a back up before I explained my belief of Barack Obama. There were certain prophetic things that the Lord showed me that have come to pass and also, giving understanding (and not by human understanding, but revelation by the Holy Spirit.) The Obama thing is something else, and I should not have coupled it in the above with what the Lord showed me. This is my Obama thing:

        The FIRST time I saw Obama on TV, I had no idea who he was, nor knew anything about him. When looked at his image, I was overwhelmed with a sense of utter evilness and stared as one would facing an evil demon. Sorry to sound so dramatic, but it was a horror. I have never reacted to anyone like that before in my life. Ever since then I could not bear to look at his image or hear the sound of his voice. I still can’t, it sickens me. However, avoiding his physical image as best as possible, I researched him and learned just about everything that is known today. I called talk shows and did online blogging exposing what I had researched, all to no avail, because the shadow government had decided to select him to take down the U.S. for their new world order with Obama using the race card weapon. This Obama reaction of mine was no small thing to me. It was, and still is, awful. In my heart I sensed Obama to be utterly evil, (and still do, of course) and I was convinced he would be the Last President, that he would be God’s judgment on America, for surely Judgment is coming, I have no doubt of that judgment is coming. It was not a saith the Lord, it was in my own heart, my mind. That’s why I should not have coupled it with the prophetic words that I was given by the Lord. When Obama was elected in 2008 I was devastated even though I knew a few weeks in advance that he had been selected for president. I knew because he had secretly attended the Bilderberg Group meeting with Hillary Clinton, held in Chantilly VA. That is a story for another day, however, leaks of the meeting and along with a speech Obama made directly after the meeting, made it perfectly clear to anyone following the saga that he had been selected President. So I understood in advance, again, not saith the Lord, but following up and research. I voted against him of course, and that was the last time I voted. I knew he would be ‘elected’ a second time, (and he said as much himself on a hot mike.) Again, it was not, a saith the Lord. When he was ‘elected; the second time I wept even though I knew he would be elected a second time. I truly believed he was, and is, utterly evil. I repeat, in my mind I was convinced he was the Last President. Obviously, I was wrong. It is only by God’s mercy that America has been granted a little more time, a little more time to REPENT, because the Judgment of America is at the door. Why does Obama’s image, and / or his voice overwhelm me with utter evilness? He sickens me. How is it that I have never experienced anything like that before or since in my life? There is something very, very, wrong.

        I apologize for being unclear, that it was not a saith the Lord, that it was in my own heart, my mind. I was absolutely convinced that he was the Last President, because the entity, (I do not refer to him as a man) is utterly evil. I do know we are in the Last Days and Time is Short and America shall be judged as Sodom and Gomorrah.

        As far as Leal is concerned, I pity him and I hope for his sake that he repents. Mr. Leal is a big time plagiarizer, and even worse he claims God told him, the Holy Spirit told him; that is BLASPHEMY! It is evil. Lie for what? To go to hell? The Lord says we must pray for the lost and pray for our enemies. I do that, and sometimes I fall, am convicted, and then repent. Sometimes it is hard, but we must forgive. We must absolutely forgive all, otherwise we are not forgiven, and we all need forgiveness, we all need to be redeemed by Lord Jesus. However, I do believe that God wants the wolves in sheep clothing to be revealed. Lord Jesus warned us to beware of the wolves.

        People must stop looking to man, and instead, look to Lord Jesus. He is the only Way, the only Truth, and the only Life.

  2. Thanks for your lengthy comment, giving us your background knowledge on the Nathan Leal story. I have found him hard to listen to because he comes across as so naïve and unmanly. The Kudos I gave him is for the fact that Leal outed Dr. Ted Broer for teaching another gospel which is very much rooted in the flesh, and actually separated himself from this group. I am not quite sure how to label this type of teaching which is promoted by Dr. Broer and others in this group, a sort of Christian Kabbalah, I guess. The Kudos I gave him also has sarcastic undertones, as it is good to see the inner circle of trust being divided. It was fascinating to see how Leal was treated by Broer, who disdainfully did not even want to acknowledge him as a fellow traveler in this alternative universe. While V and W left quietly, Nathan Leal did not, and that was interesting in and of itself.

    • I’m a regular listener of the HH show. I’ve listened to NL and TV on many occasions and both introduce unbiblical views. TB talks about new age concepts and NL makes prophetic claims that don’t marry with scripture. I’m relatively sound in my knowledge of scripture and test all things, but newly saved ones can be misled. I’m disappointed that this spirit of the flesh has manifest so publicly. It’s not a good witness. This is not the first time the HH show has brought individuals on who preach another gospel. I recall on so called minister “channeling” messages to various members of the listening audience. I’ve never heard him on again after that. I think Doug and Joe need to be more discerning. We live in spiritually deceptive times and it’s very easy to be caught in the Devil’s snare. Shame it’s come to this, just not surprising.

  3. The Haggmans have fallen into a trap prepared by Satan. Ted Broer is a teacher of new age doctrine, as is Michael Tyrrell of magical frequencies Wholetones, which is basically Naad Yoga with a christian veneer.

  4. I hope that anyone reading this article and especially these slanderous comments has the wisdom and discernment to identify the spirit(s) behind the typing and see the fruit (or lack thereof) in the participating individuals.

  5. A true prophet does not make money off Jesus name. A true prophet is known true because ALL he prophesies comes to pass just as it is stated. The Lord (I AM) doesn’t set it out in obscure riddles and back channels. These modern day prophets have all got a small part of truth of how things MAY go down. In truth only the Father knows all. We are told to watch the seasons and stay ready to give a witness and account. Not to save our lives or spread fear to try to convert those around us. Fear is an emotion and it is of the enemy. Do evil entities exist? Does the government have supernatural technology? was most of man’s “discoveries” handed from fallen angels? Yes. It is obvious if you know the Lord. There is a reason the new name of many of these new enlightened folks arena is called fear porn. Is there a conspiracy? yes it’s that of our enemy and his fallen ones. They have been allowed to run with evil men behind the scenes and sometimes even in broad daylight. The people were warned that we battle powers and principalities , (ideas and spiritual powers) the modern church has forgotten that in context of the humanist revolution and the renaissance. Read your Bible and “the spirit of fear” by Steve Van Nattan. Quit trying to predict or figure it all out. Pray and watch and be at peace filled with the joy of the Lord.

  6. Similarities, as few as they may be, may cause one to “conclude” that they make two different things identical. Dr Broer’s unfortunate use of the term “third eye” has contributed to this. *

    Pagans worship the sun and the sunrise. Does this mean that Malachi 4:2 is promoting sun worship?

    Malachi 4:2 “But unto you that fear my name shall the SUN of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall.”

    I wouldn’t draw that conclusion.

    I think that Dr Broer is trying to explain the “mechanics” behind what happens spiritually. However, since those mechanics are similar in a few ways to what New Age teaches, an assumption is made, a conclusion is drawn, and there goes the whole ball game.

    Mankind corrupts everything that God gives him.

    New Agers did NOT create the pineal gland, or any other part of the body. Period.

    * I would use the term “spiritual eyes”, and NOT “third eye”. A person can have physical eyes and still not see. Deuteronomy 29:4. Isaiah 29:10. Romans 11:8.

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