The Butler Did It

For some months now I have been a regular non-listener of the Hagmann and Hagmann radio show. Every now and then someone sends me an email asking me to comment on a particular portion of their show.  The latest request regards the October 14, 2015 broadcast on  Illuminati Corruption/Possession. I was asked to listen to two small audio portions at the 1.01.39 and 1.19.30 time marks where Doug Hagmann discusses a package which was sent to him which contained contents which were disturbing. Because this show also is a video of the broadcast, I was asked to observe the body language also.

It would do well for the reader to make their own observations if they are interested, by clicking on the link in the first paragraph.  At the beginning of the second hour, Doug Hagmann says he has been debating in his own mind whether to comment on this particular incident, but he decides to go ahead. He explains that his wife had brought in the mail and it had contained a package, which he took outside to open it up. He tells his listeners that he is not going to describe what was in it except to say that “the authorities have been notified”.  He adds that “if for any reason this poses a threat to my family, or us or this studio, God help the sender”. He threatens to pull out every stop to go after the sender.  Joe, who has just returned to the studio after a long absence due to the flu,  sardonically adds, “I hope it was not the flu”.

Doug Hagmann continues to address the sender with the knowledge that the authorities will be allowed to handle this matter.  However, he notifies the sender that if the contents are found to pose a threat against his family, “God help you because no one else will”.  He adds, “Trust me, we will find you and you better damn well hope that the authorities find you”.

At the 1.19.30 time mark, Doug Hagmann again refers to “the little gift we got in the mail”, adding that “it was not words on a piece of paper”. He says,  “I guarantee you that the authorities will be looking at this…that’s not a threat, that is a promise; my wife brings in the mail all of a sudden we have a crisis..”

The first observation on my part of course is, that if this incident really did occur, and a package with some sort of dubious contents was sent to threaten or intimidate the Hagmanns, that indeed the sender should be identified and charged  in accordance with the law.

Now I grew up in a newspaper publishing family, and my father regularly received letters, phone calls, visitations, and once a 4-5 foot cross which had been set on fire on my grandmother’s front lawn. My father had a wry sense of humor, and so most of these threats were ignored. My father was not given to threatening people nor to dramatic displays, so I never witnessed the type of thing which is regularly seen with Doug Hagmann, often in tandem with the histrionics of Steve Quayle. Looking over at the QAlerts for the past couple of days, I do not see that this recent incident of the Hagmanns  had been mentioned.

Now I am not a witness to the event described; therefore I do not know whether this incident actually happened or not. The problem which Doug Hagmann has created for himself is that he is not a believable witness.  Whether one examines the facts surrounding the mysterious phone call received from the Utah Data Center, or the so-called Swatting incident for which no police report was ever made, Doug Hagmann has displayed a flare for drama of the most illusive kind.

What I note about this recent story is that Doug Hagmann gives very little detailed information, which tends to make me think that this incident is not based on fact.  Normally when an event happens to a person which arouses a sense of fear, surprise, and concern, the witness is eager to tell every detail.  These details involve time of day, exact place, the exact sequence of events, who said what, what the package looked like, what was first observed that caused the recipient to feel the need to open it outside, who was called in to observe the package afterwards….  And then there is the matter of Hagmann saying he had notified the “authorities”.  What authorities?  Now normally, in cases like this one, the recipient of a suspicious package/envelope would call the local police or sheriff and make a formal report.  The police would then take the package and its contents as evidence, and determine if a forensic lab was needed to identify the nature of the contents, fingerprints, etc. A formal report would also be sent to the Postmaster General since the US mail was used for the purpose of delivering a suspicious package.  Presumably, if the contents were found to be highly dangerous materials, then  later the appropriate government agency would also be brought into this matter.

Doug Hagmann states that he will let these nondescript authorities (his godfathers? or whatever) handle this matter. But twice in the show Hagmann verbalizes personal threats that he will go after the sender himself, and adds “God help you because no one else will”.  I am not sure how his investigative skills can outmatch that of the police or any other agency which might become involved.  When he says “Trust me we will find you and you better damn well hope that the authorities find you (first)”, he is threatening to take personal vengeance against the sender.

I find this matter of personal vengeance interesting, as if Doug Hagmann considers that he has the individual capacity to take the law into his own hands.  The rule for a Christian is generally that “vengeance is of the Lord”.  Now the theme of my blog Tracking the Leopard Meroz deals with the quandary which one faces when someone psychically assaults a child, and there is not the physical evidentiary proof needed to be able to file an actual criminal report.  What I did in my case was bring my situation to the Lord, who sees and knows all, and who is a righteous judge.  My involvement in pursuing justice has to do with the observation of the tracks of the offenders.  If I see something, I bring it to the Lord’s attention, knowing that all such observations will be reviewed by God as to whether the facts I observe are true or not.  Vengeance is not mine to make, and if God decides there is merit to my prayer, it will be answered in truth and righteousness.

In the case of Doug Hagmann’s obscure reporting of this incident to his  listeners, he is not interested in laying out the truth of this matter.  His intent seems to be more focused on warning someone he feels he needs to warn, prior to him taking this matter into his own hands. If this incident is based on fact, then of course his warning is to the sender.  One question which was asked me, was whether one of his adversaries was being set up with  planted evidence.  I do not know. Again, if this incident is real and was meant to intimidate the Hagmann family, then it is a reprehensible act. But there are so many questions which need to be answered by Doug Hagmann, who is known for taking dramatic license with his story telling.  You watch the body language, and listen to his words, and tell me if you find him believable, or whether as the Brits say, The Butler did it.


4 thoughts on “The Butler Did It

  1. Doug’s announcement started at the end of the first hour of a three hour program.. I never heard the sirens of the fire trucks, police cars or other emergency vehicles that are normally sent immediately to examine a suspicious package. Doug never excused himself to talk with anyone. It was pretty much business as usual. Do you know if the studio is located in a very remote or rural area that would explain such a delay?

  2. I have no idea where the physical location of the studio is. I will have my expert on real time Google Earth examine this question. Remember that the Hagmanns live in EEiree Pennsylvania where all sorts of odd things go on.

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