Paul McGuire, Senior Pastor of the Mailbox Church

I have begun to study Paul McGuire, and the twists and turns to his saga are many, so let us begin at the beginning.  Let this be Part One, or rather let us start by looking at one tiny facet of this Rhinestone Cowboy, who appears to live on Stevenson Ranch, California.  While he is beloved by many Hagmann and Hagmann listeners, and endorsed by Steve Quayle,  I find him to be the Big Snooze,  whether his voice is carried  on radio, or whether his good looks are displayed on a video. But after all, what is my little opinion?  Paul Mcguire is the Senior Pastor of Paradise Mountain Church International.paul mcguire

This church has an EIN Number 90-0486140 and was registered with the California Secretary of State on January 28, 2009 under file C3188770. When I went into Google maps to view the address of registration, it appeared to be a residence, perhaps where Paul McGuire lives with his congregation in a home church consisting of his family, and maybe a dog, cat or parakeet.

Paradise Mountain Church International has its own website, which was created on December 13, 2006, and registered at the same residential address in Stevenson Ranch, California. And so, we must rely on the information on this webpage to provide us insight into Paul McGuire’s church vision.

The first thing we notice on the home page is that PMIC is “A local church celebrating God’s love with an emphasis on the prophetic word.”  Below this is featured the scripture verse, 2 Chronicles 7:14, which on the left side bar says, “If My people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”  Remember the capitalized  word My, you will need this information later.

On the left side we are given the physical address of Paradise Mountain Church International as 25876 The Old Road #136, Stevenson Ranch, CA 91381.  In the main body of this page we are welcomed with the greeting, “Paradise Mountain Church International is a local church with regular meetings, where we worship the Lord, teach the Bible, pray for the sick, and minister to the needy, elderly and widows.  We celebrate the love of Jesus with all people and welcome them into our family no matter what race, ethnicity, or where they are on their spiritual journey.”

This introduction continues, “On July 23, our Senior Pastor Paul McGuire gave one of the most important prophetic messages of his ministry, entitled, “America’s Future”, sponsored by Paradise Mountain Church International.  Please be sure to check back regularly for upcoming meetings in 2015!”

Well, I am eager to find out why he refers to the services of this church as meetings, rather than services, so I go to Google maps and enter the address given and discover a shopping mall, which is a short drive from the residential address.  I look around but cannot locate where #136 is.  I email a friend who is quicker at these things than me, and she tells me to enter the address into the search engine, and what pops up is the UPS Store!!!  So Senior Pastor McGuire has a mailbox church?  In case you think I am mistaken, here is what Paul McGuire’s blog has to say on this stevenson ranch

He wrote on June 2, 2014, “As many of you know we have been holding regular local meetings since around 2007.  We are in the process of putting up a new website and communicating to people interested in the church through social media.  We will continue to make the times of the meetings available through websites and social media dedicated to that purpose.  We have been holding meetings at a local church, but we have decided not to promote the name of that church to the general public.  They are a completely distinct and separate ministry.  Unfortunately, a few people would call them and burden their staff with questions and in some cases were rude.  This is unacceptable for true Christians to do.  As such, we are not setting up distinct internet information for the church.  Please keep us in your prayers.  God is doing great things!”

So there was someone out there who wanted to attend Paradise Mountain Church International, and no one would tell them when the service was scheduled to meet. They probably checked the address at the shopping mall and found that there were no church services going on in the mailbox.  Most likely when they began to suspect that this church was an internet illusion, and the only reality of it happened to be that you could put money in the plate as it passed by, they got miffed and were as rude and as unchristian as Jesus was, when he overturned the moneychanger’s tables.

To remedy this matter, Paul McGuire created a Facebook page for Paradise Mountain Church International.  He posted on June 2, 2014 that this site was “dedicated to the mission and activities of the ministry and not just one individual.  We will be posting all the info you need in (sp) soon!”  Excited by this prospect, a very nice looking woman commented on June 10, 2014,”Please post your sermons and Thank You!”  Yes, I too would like to hear the church sermons made public, which supposedly were given at some secret church compound, hidden from the general masses of people by which, incidentally,  Jesus Christ had bled and died for.

Well, why don’t we continue back to the Church website and see who the deacons, elders, and ministers of Paul McGuire’s “We” language, which he uses when speaking of this church. I go to the About Us Page, and we find a write-up of Paul McGuire, Senior Pastor. We find that he is a “licensed minister through both Paradise Mountain International Church and the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel.”

Now when my internet friend read this, she nearly fell over laughing, because as she had observed, he had ordained himself at the church he had created!  Now I cannot discover any other ministerial staff at Paradise Mountain Church International, other than  I, Me, Myself, and Mine, Mine, Mine.  But don’t worry.  None of these dignitaries, including the dog, the cat, and the parakeet have any intention of letting you into their secret private church services.  We are told by Paul McGuire himself that Paul McGuire (I, Me, and Myself) is a “professor and taught at Jack Hayford’s King’s College and Seminary for over 20 years, until the school located to Texas.  His ministry has been publicly endorsed by Jack Hayford, Francis Schaeffer, Edith Schaeffer, Tim and Beverly LaHaye, James and Shirley Dobson, Dr. D. J. James Kennedy, and Pastor Chuck Smith, the late Dr. Bill Bright and many others.”

So Paul McGuire could care less what you think of him.  Think I am kidding? Here is a screen shot of Paul McGuire’s answer to a letter written to him and posted in his Mailbag at   In his answer, he snidely asks the letter writer, “What respected Christian leaders endorse you?”  So much for the least esteemed of the church being able to judge matters in the church. And in case you happen to disagree with the letter writer’s thoughts, how come Paul McGuire never reproves Steve Quayle for putting his personal opinions on the same level as prophecy?   Oh, yeah, that’s different.   Steve Quayle is endorsed by the same folks who endorse Paul McGuire.

paul mcguire mailbag





7 thoughts on “Paul McGuire, Senior Pastor of the Mailbox Church

  1. Would anyone have an idea as to why Mr. McGuire incessantly flicks his tongue like a snake? It is not normal for humans to thrust out their tongue relentlessly. It is repugnant and nauseating to witness. Could it be a medical/mental/emotional syndrome? Bizarre indeed.

    I find this video of Mr. McGuire repulsive and scary. Watch his tongue.

    Note: For quite some time a video was posted on Youtube about the excessive, off the wall, tongue flicking of Mr. Paul McGuire. The video paused, came to a complete stop, to show Mr. McGuire’s tongue flick out to nearly the bottom of his chin! It was absolutely appalling and weird. The video was called, Paul McGuire BUSTED, or something like that. The video has just disappeared. I wonder why. This one, I assume, shall disappear as well.

  2. Thanks for posting this video. I do not know if McGuire is such a nervous speaker that his mouth gets dry, but the effect is, as you observe, very disconcerting. Years ago I was told that it did not matter who quoted scripture; scripture is scripture. There is truth in that; yet I had always wondered what would the difference look like if a true believer read a passage from the Bible out loud, versus a Satanist who reads the same passage. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks; therefore would there not be a visible difference seen in the two readers? It is not just the words which one speaks, there is also the intent of the heart which affects the result of those words.

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  4. It’s called tourette syndrome. He has a nervous tic. Tics are sudden, repetitive, nonrhythmic movements (motor tics) and utterances (phonic tics) that involve discrete muscle groups.[5] Motor tics are movement-based tics, while phonic tics are involuntary sounds produced by moving air through the nose, mouth, or throat.

    • I do not know if a doctor would officially diagnose the involuntary facial movements as Tourette syndrome. But I do agree with you that these involuntary movements stem from a nervousness which detracts from a speaker’s ability to communicate confidently with his audience.

  5. I found your blogposts about the “Reverend” McGuire very enlightening, with facts that I have verified for myself, and to my satisfaction as an auditor for a State Tax commission. I was intent upon exposing this fraud on my blog, The Local Malcontent, this week.

    Congratulations, keep up the fine work, and go get em, Tiger!! Er, Leopard~!!

  6. P.S. I still intend to expose this mailbox pastor for the irregular fellow he seems to be, at The Local Malcontent, and would like to ask to please refer in part(s) to this blog, with both credit and links, if you wouldn’t mind? Thank you in advance, LMC

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