Doug Hagmann: A Man in Deep Trouble

Proverbs 14:25  A true witness delivereth souls:  but a deceitful witness speaketh lies.

On August 3, 2015, Douglas Hagmann published an article entitled, Planned Parenthood, unequal justice, and dark forces which can be found at Canada Free Press, or at The Hagmann & Hagmann Report. Most of us can agree with Doug Hagmann’s comments on the darkness of the purposes and deeds of Planned Parenthood.hagmann lion

But what is most interesting about Hagmann’s article is the darkness of his own philosophy.  This he discloses in his opening sentences, saying, “As an investigator and in particular, when I was working as an operational asset for the FBI in the 1990’s, I was particularly good at securing covert video like that captured by the Center for Medical Progress of Planned Parenthood.  In fact, I was used because I could convincingly present myself to the subjects of investigation as someone I was not, and secure the needed evidence that served as the basis for immediate raids, arrests and sometimes later, as courtroom exhibits for a jury to see”.

The theme of this post centers on Doug Hagmann’s statement, “I could convincingly present myself …as someone I was not.”  Now this statement was made by a man who professes to be a Christian, and one who once attended some sort of seminary.  I presume this seminary experience was shortlived, as Hagmann is very often uncomfortable discussing the Scriptures with on-air callers, and often defers comments to Pastor David Lankford, who he considers to be an expert on such questions.

On July 30, 2015, a few days prior to the above quoted article, Douglas Hagmann interviewed the former associate of the Clintons, Larry Nichols, on the Hagmann and Hagmann blogtalk radio show.  When the subject of  Larry Nichols’  September 24, 2013 radio interview with Pete Santilli was brought up, wherein Nichols claimed that he had killed people for the Clintons, Doug Hagmann hemmed and hawed,  barely able to get out a coherent statement. Listening to this awkwardness,  Larry Nichols  graciously took over to state in a straightforward manner what Hagmann, as radio host, found  difficult to state with his own lips on-air. One wondered who had scripted this show, if not Hagmann himself. But it was evident, that the Hagmann show had been chosen to overturn the negative publicity which Larry Nichols himself had generated by his own words.

Months before the Hagmann interview, on December 29, 2014, Nichols had been interviewed by Veterans Truth Radio, and had himself already backtracked from his hitman declarations, saying that he had taken pain medications after some surgery, and was not responsible for his words that day. The Politics Forums website links to this interview.

Now it is interesting that Larry Nichols, who claims to be a Christian, had no problem throwing Pete Santilli under the bus, in order to provide a cover for himself when people began to wonder why Nichols, the self-declared hitman, had not been investigated for murder. Although I do not think highly of Santilli,  I listened with interest to the tapes he played in his own defense against the Larry Nichols turnabout.   I came away convinced that  Santilli had been treated unjustly by both Nichols and Hagmann.  The taped recordings are evidence which  reveal that Nichols sounded  lucid and not under the influence of drugs in the interview in question.  On Santilli’s show, at about the 44 minute mark, we also can hear the awkwardmess of Doug Hagmann’s words on July 30, 2015.  Pete Santilli’s defense can be found on Youtube, episode #1032, Clinton Hitman Confession: “I Committed Murder for The Clintons”.  I recommend that the reader listen to this show and determine for yourself that  Hagmann and Nichols have indeed tried to rewrite history.

It appears that Larry  Nichols  is being scheduled for several future shows, as a repeat guest on Hagmann and Hagmann blog talk radio.  One must wonder why, and who has directed Doug Hagmann to highlight Larry Nichols “insider revelations” and counsel.

To any listener or reader of Doug Hagmann who thinks that he is a great Christian, please read the following comments made by the late pastor, A. W. Tozer on the subject of  a Christian who has the ability to “convincingly present himself as someone he is not”. In the mid 1950’s, Tozer published a booklet called The Menace of the Religious Movie. He makes some interesting observations that also would pertain to religious radio, or perhaps being an actor for the FBI.

We must remember that the Hagmann & Hagmann radio show is at heart a religious production.  Steve Quayle and Pastor Lankford are regularly featured discussing the Scriptures,  and giving on-air communion, or the Lord’s Supper. So when Hagmann, explains to us  that one of his personal attributes is that he is a great actor, or hypocrite, he is a man in deep trouble.

The following is excerpted from A. W. Tozer’s booklet, reprinted by James L. Snyder under the title, Tozer on Worship and Entertainment.  Tozer highlights one of his arguments as “The religious movie is a menace to true religion because it embodies acting, a violation of sincerity.”  Then he continues to say, “Without doubt the most precious thing anybody possesses is his individuated being; that by which he is himself and not someone else; that which cannot be finally voided by the man himself nor shared with another.  Each one of us, however humble our place in the social scheme, is unique in creation.  Each is a new whole man possessing his own separate “I-ness” which makes him forever something apart, an individual human being.  It is this quality of uniqueness which permits a man to enjoy every reward of virtue and makes him responsible for every sin.  It is his self-ness, which will persist forever and which distinguishes  him from every creature which has been or ever will be created.”

“Because  man is such a being as this, all moral teachers, and especially Christ and His apostles, make sincerity to be basic in the good life.  The word, as the New Testament uses it, refers to the practice of holding fine pottery up to the sun to test for purity.  In the white light of the sun all foreign substances  were instantly exposed.  So the test of sincerity is basic in human character.  The sincere man is one in whom is found nothing foreign; he is all of one piece; he has preserved his individuality unviolated.”

Four paragraphs later, Tozer continues, ” No one who has ever been in the presence of the Most Holy One, who has felt how high is the solemn privilege of bearing His image, will ever again consent to play a part or to trifle with that most sacred thing, his own deep sincere heart…..In order to produce a religious movie someone must, for the time, disguise his individuality and simulate that of another.  His actions must be judged fraudulent, and those who watch them with approval share in the fraud…’

Towards the end of Tozer’s essay he comments that, “play acting…embodies a gross moral contradiction in that it calls a lie to the service of truth”.

So what is the true agenda behind the star of Alternative Media, The Hagmann & Hagmann radio show?  And why are so many “professing” Christians hiding behind the masks of being Insider Intelligence sources?  Or do I have it backwards?  Perhaps Insider Intelligence sources are hiding behind the mask of a “Christian believer”.  Either way, to play with Truth when your heart is full of guile, is dangerous to your soul, and for many they have gone past the Point of No Return.

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