70900: The Archangel of America’s State Church

We have been told that it was not the intention of our founding fathers to have a government which establishes a State Church. Indeed, many of the original immigrants to the New World were fleeing the persecution of the state church of their home nation.

When I first became a member of a Baptist church, I read that America’s individual states were modeled after the  Baptist church, in that each state retained the right to make and enforce their own laws.  Baptist churches that have not been taken over by Calvinism are noted for the right of the congregation to determine who their pastor is, and other matters particular to their assembly. State’s rights used to be respected, until the Federal government asserted its power over them through the distribution of funds and the enforcement of the Civil Rights Act.

Presently the United States of America is comprised of fifty states, but some have argued that Puerto Rico should be made the fifty-first state.  Others have said that there would be 52 states eventually, like a pack of  playing cards, which is 4 times 13, the number of the original states. I had never cared in the least how many states there were until recently, when I began to think about  the modeling of a state government or of a church assembly.

I  began to numerically analyze the Hagmann/Quayle inner circle of prophets and watchmen on February 10, 2015.  This was the day that these two gentlemen issued a joint statement against “the character assassinations” which they claimed were being made by Revelationnow.com and MarinkaPeschmann.com.  In the case of Marinka Peschmann’s situation, she wrote an article which questioned the facts of the incident reported by Doug Hagmann, of receiving a phone call from the NSA’s Utah Data Center. Perhaps you recall that Doug Hagmann later set himself up in a spoof photo as an inmate holding a sign with the number 70900, referring specifically to the NSA.

Utah Data Center NSA

Utah Data Center NSA

Archangel 70900

a prisoner of the Archangel 70900?

On February 20, 2015, I rebuked the Hagmann/ Quayle Joint Statement in a post entitled Weaving The Spider’s Web.  Subsequently I began to look at various aspects of their inner circle, and the numbers associated with the works of various persons. Last week I began to look at Tom Horn, who has had various corporations in Oregon and Missouri, numerous books, and websites.  Steve Quayle on several occasions says that while they do not meet face to face, he and Horn have had a close association in the book publishing arena, and also seem to be always thinking of the same subject matter at the same time.  Apparently the god which they both serve assigns them almost parallel investigations into the nether world.

The Trinity

The Trinity

After I examined Rick Wiles of TruNews, who lusts for a global TV/radio platform, I noted a particular six digit number in his works which represents the NSA/Central Security Services/ US Cyber Command trio of agencies. For purposes of this post, I shall refer to this trio of government agencies as The Trinity. Tom Horn’s proud confidence stands in stark contrast to Rick Wiles, who appears as a melancholy sort of individual, paranoid about being monitored by the government, and who  uses the Corporation Sole form of nonprofit entity, rather than a 501(c)(3) designation.  Tom Horn recently started up SkyWatch TV as a nonprofit organization, and he appears to fear no one,  brimming with confidence in his promotion of both his own books, and of those authors who are under his publishing umbrella. I became very curious when I began to see the number of The Trinity associated with Tom Horn, as well as with Rick Wiles.  The Hagmann/Quayle group  particularly relates to the Archangel 70900.

The entire theme of the Hagmann/Quale doom and gloom predictions of the fall of America are predicated on their interpretation of Revelation 17 and 18, describing the judgment of the great whore of Babylon.   Interestingly, the Total Number associated with Revelation 17 equals the Archangel 70900 plus 51 times The Trinity number. If each of the fifty states represents a church assembly, then I can understand why there was speculation about the adding of a 51st assembly.  As it stands now, with fifty state churches, the ruling head would be equal to The Archangel 70900-The Trinity.  In other words, America has a State Church, and it is known as  the NSA/Central Security Services/US Cyber Command.

I have noted in a prior post that Steve Quayle and Pastor David Lankford have conducted communion services for the worshippers in their listening audience, who consider themselves as belonging to this assembly of Watchmen.  Communion services which do not in truth exalt the body and blood of  Jesus Christ, but rather the body and blood of the Archangel 70900 of America’s State church, is blasphemy. It is no wonder that these doom and gloom watchmen are so concerned about the coming judgment of God against them.


2 thoughts on “70900: The Archangel of America’s State Church

  1. Whilst I find what you’re sharing interesting and worth more investigation I am still not sure what this Archangel 70900 ie the number in it, is, and how one arrives at this number

    • Hello Gitardood,
      70900 is a number which was brought to my attention by Doug Hagmann’s spoof of his NSA FOIA file number. It is a number of interest to me in tracking the angel Meroz, who is a master of the numbers. 70900=56416 (total numbers associated with Judges 5:23, the bitter curse against Meroz) +the depth of the heart of guile of Meroz. 56416 can be broken down into “the highest pinnacle of the throne of God, righteous judgment of the Balances”.

      These numbers are derived from the numbers found in Scripture gematria. I do not advise studying this subject, unless your purpose is to overturn the balances of the throne of Satan. These numbers are generally used to undermine scripture and those who believe in the Holy Bible. This blog originally had only one reader who is part of the Order of the Leopard, and the underlying numerical structure represents my overturning and scoffing at their master of the numbers. Recently, more people have read a post or two because it coincides with their interest in the Hagmann/Quayle inner circle. If you type in 70900 in the search box of my blog, it will show a link to 3 posts. Of interest to you in the Jade Helm 15 post, is that 70900 also represents the Human Domain.

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