The Iniquity of the Shield of the Sixteen Point Star of Meroz

“The words of his mouth were smoother than butter, but war was in his heart:  his words were softer than oil, yet were they drawn swords.”  Psalm 55:21

CIA wallpaper

CIA wallpaper


Of late, I have been listening to The Hagmann and Hagmann Report on, and noting which guests are routinely rotated through their radio broadcasts.  Several of these are what are termed “deep sources” or ” the insider of insider’s”, and other guests also boast of access to insider information in the CIA, Homeland Security, and other government agencies.  Of course, the listener has no way of ascertaining the character of such individuals or such claims.

I have no such “secret insiders” in my life.  If there are any deep insights in my thoughts, they arose from reading the Bible.  Here is one such thought from Psalm 34:13, “Keep thy tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking guile.”

One of the most notorious forms of guile is associated with the Talmudic Day of Atonement, which recently took place in September. In Judaism Discovered, the author Michael Hoffman says, “The Kol Nidrei rite ‘is popularly regarded as the most ‘holy’ and solemn occasion of the Jewish liturgical year, attended even by many Jews who are far from religion…’  The popularity of Kol Nidrei is no wonder, since it allows Judaic participants to be absolved, of all contracts, vows and oaths they make and then break.  This corresponds to the Talmudic lesson that God rewards clever liars (BT Kallah 51a), and it testifies to the fact that Judaism would seem to be more of a crime syndicate than a religion:”.  Mr. Hoffman in his 1,102 page book, painstakingly documents his work,  siting sources, and producing photos of the original written works, so that the reader can investigate the truthfulness of his statements on their own.

American government and religious and commercial institutions have been taken over by men who operate under the principles of war by deceit, or guile.  “Wickedness is in the midst thereof: deceit and guile depart not from her streets” declares Psalm 55:11.  It should be recalled that Jesus Christ was described in I Peter 2:22, as a man “Who did no sin, neither was guile found in his mouth”.  The high priest guarding the riches of guile,  which I write about today is described in Mark 15:18, as just one of the crowd of mockers and scorners gathered at the feet of the cross, “And they began to salute him, Hail, King of the Jews!”

The High Priest which some call Yoda ( Knowing), is exalted in the same manner that some exalt that Ancient Bear, the defender of the Luciferian Priesthood, for his ability to weather the storms of War.  Yoda and his wife have a website called The Magnified View, which gives an analysis of the news.  From my personal background, I wonder if this is a Special Ops of Meroz.  Just who is this highly acclaimed warrior, called Yoda, of which we are not allowed to be given but a hint of his  background lest the Jihadists who hate him discover his true identity and location?

Now if I were truly hiding out from such enemies, I would not come on a national radio broadcast  if I had a distinctive, highly memorable deep voice, easily recognized in any public place.  Nor would I tell the world that I live in Oceanside, California with my wife Jan, and then give a house address that has had the same owner since 1989, 3346 Graybar Court.  On the internet, various sites that track personal information, show this address as owned by a J-A- with a phone number 760-433-…..  The co-founder of The Magnified View is shown as Janet Arrigo with a phone number of 760-505-0416/7.  The IP address of this site has a phone number of 760-433-8374.  So what this website displays is supposedly the safe house of Yoda?  Now the question is, does he really live there,and is Janet Arrigo his wonderful wife Jan?  Or is this a false cover?

When I typed in the phone numbers displayed on The Magnified View, up popped, Hibbard Engler’s website promoting false identifications.  The false ID’s he gives for these two phone numbers are a man and a woman, showing, I guess, false Social Security numbers, driver’s licenses,  and addresses.  One of the addresses is the middle of a street, but don’t worry, when you find that no one lives there, there is a restaurant nearby in which you can pout over a good British meal. in response to a complaint, quotes Hib Engler of Killer Cool Development, LLC, the owner of and as saying, ” I am doing my part to protect real people’s identity, by seeding the search engines with my fake set.  This makes it so any search on your phone number will bring up someone who is not you.” This response was made recently on June 4, 2012.  If I recall, he has claimed to have 75,000+ numbers on his website.  And if by accident, your info is on his site, well he is nice enough to say that he will change it.  The integrity and thoughtfulness of Guile is overwhelming.

Hib  Engler, if that is his real name, has ignored Revelation 14:5 which observes, “And in their mouth was found no guile: for they are without fault before the throne of God.”  Now I am sure that God does overlook some deceit, for some people have ex-spouses that would kill them on sight.  And there are certain situations in war and national security matters which require keeping your cards close to your vest.  But in general, humankind should be aware that Death awaits everyone, as does giving an accounting before a Holy God. And in the majority of situations, Guile is never a virtue. People can be forgiven a fearful heart at times in certain situations; but still one must ponder carefully the fact that the fearful and unbelieving end up in the lake of fire.

As Psalm 32:2 says, “Blessed is the man unto whom the LORD imputeth not iniquity, and in whose spirit there is no guile.”  The Iniquity of the Shield of the Sixteen Point Star of Meroz is nothing but the fruits of the Guardian of Deceit and Guile.  The High Priest Yoda is not so knowing, after all.