The Face of Sagittarius

“Now as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith.”  II Timothy 3:8

In William Cooper’s narration entitled,  Esoteric Keys to the Bible, he declares that he is a Christian, and that John F. Kennedy was a Bible believer.  The strange dichotomy of these sentences caught my attention.  JFK was a Roman Catholic fornicator.  So who is this man who published Behold a Pale Horse?

Both of these men died  violent deaths. The President of the United States of America was assassinated in broad daylight.  William Cooper died in a shootout with law enforcement officials who were loosely disguised as rowdy young men.  The occult signature of both deaths is the same.  In tracking the leopard Meroz, I  cannot help but notice the number of ritual assassinations of well known persons laying on either side of his path.



One  Assassin has been memorialized in the  constellation Sagittarius, “the Archer”.  In Babylon, Sagittarius was pictured as a centaur with two heads: one a panther and the other a man.  A scorpion stinger is raised above the tail of the horse.  This leopard man is firing an arrow from his bow and he is known as the god Nergal.

Sometimes this constellation is called The Teapot.  In esoteric lore, this constellation also represents Two Doves.  Now the symbol of two doves is associated with marriage, a strong unbreakable bond based on vows, or a covenant.  Doves also represent peace or the Holy Spirit, such as Jonah who warned Nineveh to repent, and when they did, God stayed his hand of judgment.  Columbia, the seat of the capitol of the United States of America, also means Dove.

Two Doves Constellation

Two Doves Constellation

About a week ago I was shopping at Walmart, when a sweet young girl came around a display and approached me as if she was looking for me.  She asked me if I wanted a sample of Dove body wash, and I accepted.  She gave me two samples, or Two Doves. I watched her leave and go back to work setting up a display.  There was no table set up with someone giving out free samples.  I was curious.

Now with most curious situations, there is usually a perfectly logical and innocent explanation.  But dealing with occultism, there are usually two sides; like the moon which glows in the sky with a comforting presence, there is a hidden dark backside.  The constellation of Sagittarius has the sweet look of two doves representing the perfect union of a covenant; the backside is the assassin sent in retribution for the breaking of vows.

In the Old Testament, we find that the Hebrew word “bow”, as in the bow of an archer, is used to represent a covenant of God made with Noah after the flood, the rainbow. The word “arrow” in the Bible has in at least one case been derived from the Hebrew,  the “son of the bow.” In analyzing “to execute the return blow of the son of the bow, Nergal”,  we discover that he is a master of cursing  double judgment.

Those high priests of Meroz,  Jannes and Jambres, having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof, withstood Moses.  We are warned to turn away from such.  Neither William Cooper, nor our President John F. Kennedy turned away from those who resist the truth; “men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith.” Neither man served the Holy God; in the end, the god these men yielded obedience to, set them up as blood sacrifices.  Both were assassinated by the Order of Intelligence of Special Operations: the Face of the Constellation Nergal.  While it is an honor to be martyred in the service of the true Jesus Christ; the Ruler Meroz also poses as Christ, and he is willing to commit the ritual murder of his own servants, as well as of his adversaries.  The tragic end of his disciples is disturbing:  Behold a Pale Horse: Death with Hell following.

Behold a Pale Horse published on December 1, 1991 by William Cooper

Behold a Pale Horse published on December 1, 1991 by William Cooper



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